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IWantFeet – Super Succulent Stockings

You all have asked for it, well here it is!! A sexy stocking foot worship scene!! Come comes home looking just stupid sexy with her little dress and pantyhose with her strappy heels showing off her shapely legs and feet! God help us! She removes her shoes and rubs her feet a bit as she’s clearly tired from her day. She stands up to take her pantyhose off BUT in walks Lela. Dressed in hose herself she asks Honey what she’s doing. She states she’s going to remove her pantyhose and Lela says NO! She has a better idea. Both having tired sweaty feet, Lela thinks it’s the perfect time for some foot lovin’, pantyhose style! The girls being with a very sexy footsie as they talk about how good it feels and they love the sound of the pantyhose rubbing together. Then it’s foot worship time! The girls simultaneously devour each others’ silky stockinged feet! Taking pointed toes deep in their mouth and licking and sucking the soles to the point you can see the color difference as the saliva soaks into the hose! Lost in what they’re doing Lisa walks in unnoticed. She surveys the situation and then makes it known she wants to jump in. Lying on the floor she takes one of each girls foot on her face, worshipping and eating them. The girls each take on of her feet and continue their enjoyable task of worshipping sexy stockinged feet. The girls do a three way, only to end later as Lela’s evil streak kicks in. She tells Honey there’s another cool thing you can do with, now wet from saliva, stockinged feet. Tickle them! The girls dive in and tickle Lisa’s feet for a little bit before the fun ends!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 21:55

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IWantFeet – Sorority Snots Learn…. To Love Feet!!!

This one is HOT!!!! A sexy LONG CUSTOM you do NOT want to miss! Iliana is a good girl. A hard working college student that studies and pays attention in class. She’s very often asked for help from a struggling student. But it’s usually someone that WANTS to learn. In this particular case we have a few snotty sorority girls that basically just want to pass their exam and want to use her as quickly as possible and move on! They come in looking for answers treating her with a condescending tone and insults. Iliana has on confidence whatsoever so she takes it because she just likes being around sexy sorority girls, truth be told. Neither of them have brought a book along. Iliana decides that she could at least go grab some notes she has for them to use. While she’s gone she overhears them talking about how if they fail they’ll get kicked out and have to go home and miss out on all the parties and boys and maybe even get a real job, god forbid! Iliana knows now she’s in the driver’s seat and she’s going to take advantage. She goes in and confronts them. She tells them she knows they just want the answers and she can do that for them but they need to do something for her. Worship each others’ feet! The girls are shocked and not sure what to say but it’s not anything they had planned. She makes them worship feet passionately and deeply as she watches each of them. She even instructs them during it. After they each take a turn they have to do her. She insults the “high and mighty” sorority girls a few times enjoying her power position before she eventually gets what she really wants which is their feet! Iliana gets down with all four feet and goes crazy!!! She gives them an AMAZING AND DEEP WORSHIP that is just unbelievable and in the end the girls haven’t learned a damn thing about the subject the came to study but they did learn to truly LOVE feet!!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 1:02:49

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IWantFeet – Sorority House Mom Cuts A Sweet Deal

Danica and Lela want to have boys into the sorority house tonight but they know it’s against the rules. The girls decide to take a chance and take the high road by asking the “house mother” if she’ll allow it if they promise to be good. The girls agree that it’s their best shot to get what they want and stay out of trouble. They call to Sunshine, the house mother, to see if she’ll allow it. Sunshine’s initial reaction is one of total disbelief that the girls would even ask as it’s strictly forbidden. The girls promise to be good and to withhold any sex from the boys. They just want a night in with their boyfriends. As the girls desperately offer up all types of bribes to get her to agree, Sunshine realizes a golden opportunity. Imagine being a mature woman with a raging foot fetish living in a sorority house filled with beautiful girls and amazing feet. Sunshine has to supress her desires all the time but today it looks like it may be her lucky day. She asks the girls if they’ve been out walking on campus all day wearing out their feet and getting them nice and sweaty. The girls answer in the affirmative. She goes for broke. She tells the girls they can have their boys but they have to let her have her way with their feet. The girls are puzzled as to what that could even mean but if it gets them what they want then great! Sunshine has the girls roll over and line up their bare soles for her as she kneels on the floor and dives in. Sunshine gently takes Danica’s foot first and begins a long VERY SEXY, VERY SENSUAL, slow, passionate, foot DRENCHING worshipping! Sunshine is so loving and slow as she passionately devours the girls SOFT, WRINKLY BARE SOLES! She gets them nice and wet as she drags her tongue up and down their soles and tries to deep throat their feet. She even has them roll over so she can eat their toes before having them return to their stomachs and line up their soles for a four sole tongue bathing! In the end everyone gets what they want and by the sounds that the girls were making during their worshipping, Sunshine may appear to have carte blanche to do it any time she wants!!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 20:11

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IWantFeet – So, You Want To Be A Foot Model Too

Luminous wants to be a foot model for I WANT FEET and to do that you have to go through Danica. Danica is going to put her through the paces to see if she can cut the mustard. She lets Luminous know that basically she’s had her feet worshipped by many a sexy girl and that she knows good foot worship when she feels it so if she’s not satisfied then the chance of Luminous getting to worship many more feet is slim. Luminous wastes no time getting on the floor and taking Danica’s sexy bare feet into her mouth. She worships Danica’s feet intensely not wanting to disappoint. Licking her wrinkly soles and sucking on her toes, Luminous is quickly convincing Danica that she’s a genuine foot lover. Danica is duly impressed and turned on to boot. Danica decides that she needs to sample Luminous’ feet to be thorough as well as to find out if Luminous really and truly gets turned on by having her feet worshipped. Well….she does 🙂 Danica laps her sole and devours her toes as Luminous squirms on the desk with pleasure. In the end Danica is convinced and we have no doubt you will be too!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 24:33

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IWantFeet – Ryhannon Lovin Honey

Young little 18 year old Ryhannon is exploring her love of feet yet again as she sits straddling and facing the unmatched soles of the very sexy Honey! Ryhannon has a very sexy, passionate way with worshipping feet. Her soft loving kissing and long licks over Honey’s wrinkly, pointed soles is VERY sexy. She devours Honey’s bare feet with sensual, loving desire as she licks, sucks and nibbles her soles as well as sucking on Honey’s sexy little toes. Ryhannon’s brand of foot worship leaves no doubt that she has a genuine love of the sexy bare feet of girls!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 11:12

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IWantFeet – Run……Smell…..Worship!!

Unbelievably sexy scene!!! Amazing! Danica and Gia just got back from a grueling long distance run. They’re tired and collapse on the bed. Danica has something else on her mind and asks Gia if she wants to rest or if she wants to play? Danica knows that their feet aren’t going to get any warmer or more sweaty than they are right now! Gia is new to Danica’s “foot fun” activities but she’s ready to try. Danica is excited and has Gia roll over so she can climb on top and go to town. Gia’s long 6’2″ frame and therefore very long legs makes it easy for Danica to get Gia’s feet close to her face. Gia’s big (size 10) high-arched, flexible, pointy, soft feet are enough to drive anyone out of their mind! Danica removes her sneaker and takes a few deep whiffs before smelling her socks and then her warm bare feet! Then Danica dives in with her soft sexy lips and tongue licking, sucking and just devouring Gia’s wrinkly soles and sexy toes!!! Danica is really enjoying Gia’s sexy feet and Gia is loving the attention!! After a while Gia tells Danica that she wants to have a go at her feet! Gia removes Danica’s sneakers and socks, smelling all along the way. Then Gia passionately begins to worship Danica’s sexy, soft wrinkly bare soles and luscious toes! There is no doubt that Gia really and truly is turned on by Danica’s bare feet and is loving her first time getting to devour them!! Gia, like all girls, has her own “brand” of worship and we have to say that hers is definitely a genuinely sexy one at that! Every lover of sexy foot worship is going to love BOTH Gia’s feet and watching her worship!! Again, a VERY sexy scene!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 26:41

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IWantFeet – I Need Feet In My Life

Dre and Jasmine thought it a good idea to open an urgent piece of mail for Katie. It turns out they were right. While the details are not disclosed you can tell by their reaction while reading that it’s something pretty shocking and something that Katie would likely want to keep quiet. They are a bit bummed lately as Katie’s new fiance has kept her away from them. He doesn’t like her “getting feet” with the girls. So abiding by his wishes she’s not been worshipping their feet anymore nor have they had access to hers. Dre sees this as an opportunity to “persuade” Katie into getting a little foot action with the girls. Furthermore, Dre wants her boyfriend to videotape it for “memory’s sake” LOL! Katie shows up and the girls drop the bomb. Katie is shocked but not as much as when they tell her what it’ll take to keep her mouth shut. She asks about the “cameraman” and Dre explains that with the new fiance this will likely be their last chance together and she wanted a memory of it. Yeah right! With a little pushing Katie agrees to one last fling with the girls and their feet. They have her lay down and Jasmine and Dre go to town tagteaming one foot at a time. The girls devour her getting her feet SOAKED in the process. They give her an amazing worship session and Katie is all worked up and ready to eat their feet. Jasmine is first and Katie goes off!!! She eats her feet with an amazing passion remembering what she’s been missing. Dre coaxes her and while in near delerium she admits “I need sexy feet in my life!” while she’s worshipping. The girls are breaking her will to swear it off. It’s not done yet though and the girls aren’t going to play fair. Katie next begins to totally consume Dre’s feet with wreckless abandon while Jasmine pulls out the vibrator. Combined with Dre’s sexy feet the vibrator pushes her over the edge reminding her how much she absolutely loves feet! Katie eats and eats Dre’s feet and has a huge orgasm. Exhausted at the end she knows in her hear that what she said was true. She NEEDS sexy feet in her life.

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 48:48

Download – I Need Feet In My Life

IWantFeet – Two Sniffers And One Licker!

Note, this this the complete video containing both foot smelling as well as foot worship. We have supplied it in two parts as well for those that are only interested in one or the other. Buying the whole video is cheaper as always but if you prefer just smelling or just worship you have the option!!*** Honey comes in to see Nadia with two containers of her old shoes that she wants Nadia to take with her to the 2nd hand store. Honey gives them to her and then leaves. Nadia immediately has an idea. It’s an opportunity for her to get as much of Honey’s sweet scent as she can! Nadia waits to see that Honey is gone and then she begins to pick out a shoe and smell it. Nadia seeing that her options are endless she gets up and dumps Honey’s shoes out on the bed so she can roll around in them, grabbing shoe after shoe and smelling them!! Nadia is having quite a good time and doesn’t see Danica come into the room. Danica with a devious smile asks her what she’s doing. Nadia doesn’t try to hide it she admits to her love of foot odor and tells Danica exactly what she’s doing. Danica’s reply, however, is unexpected as she tells Nadia she likes smelling too! Danica climbs on top of Nadia and buries her nose in Nadia’s toes and rubs her face on her soles taking it all in while Nadia continues to smell Honey’s shoes. Eventually Nadia says that she really wants to smell Danica’s feet and they change places. Nadia takes her time smelling Danica’s sweet scent as Danica smells Honeys’ shoes. The girls are so wrapped up in it that they dont’ see Honey enter the room!! Honey asks what they’re doing. “Are you guys smelling my shoes?”, Honey inquires in disbelief. The girls tell her yes. Honey tells them that while she’s not in to smelling she is a “foot girl” herself and actually likes to lick feet! She asks if she can worship their feet and the girls agree. Honey tells them she loves wrinkly soles and asks them to point their toes for her. Honey licks, sucks and basically devours their feet as they continue to smell her old shoes! Everyone’s happy. Two sniffers and one licker!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 26:35

Download – Two Sniffers And One Licker!

IWantFeet – The Interview

Hot, hot, hot. Tay and Stormy, two very sexy girls looking for a roommate to share the bills with. They’ve been searching for the “right girl” by interviewing them to see if they’re a good fit. By a good fit, they mean a girl with sexy feet who likes what they like, FEET! Sian comes in to be interviewed by the girls. They ask her some basic questions before they ask her about her foot size. Sian is confused. They girls go on to explain that they like feet and would like a closer look at hers. Sian is pretty cool and decides to let them have a look. Looking isn’t what they’re interested in and Tay and Stormy take to worshipping her bare foot. Lost in passion they can’t help but start mixing their foot kissing with some kissing of their own. These two lovely ladies are a sexy pair. Sian is enjoying herself and, as Stormy points out, is a quick learner as she reaches out to caress her sexy bare foot. The girls ravish her feet as well as each other making out passionately as they devour Sian’s sexy, wrinkly bare soles. The girls want her sexy toes too and have her roll over to make it easy for them to suck on them. After getting their fill of her toes, they tell her there’s more to the interview. They want to know if she can do the same. The girls lay across the bed as Sian gets on the floor to lick her bare, wrinkly soles. Sian takes to it like a fish to water as she runs her tongue all over their feet. The girls make out as Sian does her work, impressing the girls. The girls roll over so that Sian can lick and suck their sexy little toes. After long worshipping from her the girls basically tell her she did a good job but give her the old “we’ll let you know”. Sian tells them that before she goes she has a bit of an interview for them and asks them to roll back over. The girls are confused but oblige. Sian sits on the backs of their ankles and asks them her interview question, “Are you girls ticklish?”. Then she attacks their bare soles with a vicious nonstop tickling. She asks the girls while they’re being tickled, if she’s gets the spot as their roommate. Of course they agree.

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 39:43

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IWantFeet – The Bitchy Prima Ballerina

The glorious return of Honey!! This is an incredible scene! Having Honey return required a LONG, detailed and very involved scene. There is something here for nearly every foot lover no matter what you like! As you all know Honey is a real life prima ballerina with feet that are unmatched in power and beauty. Well Honey is casting for an understudy for her next show. She’s definitely a little bit full of herself and knows that she’s a cut above most girls. She’s upset with her two finalists that she has to choose from as they’re clearly not worthy but, alas, they’re the best of what she had to work with. So she brings them to her private studio for a final analysis so she can decide who wins. Lea and Tay come in and stand in front of her as she tells them basically they suck but they’re the best of the rest. She has them lay down and show their feet to her as she berates them and points out there shortcomings. After that she says she’ll evaluate them one on one. Tay is first and Honey begins to have her fun. She asks Tay if she’s willing to do anything to get the part. Tay says, yes anything. Honey tells her to get on her knees as Honey sits down and puts her feet up. She tells tay to first kiss her shoe which Tay reluctantly does. She then tells her to remove her shoe. When Tay reaches for it Honey stops her, “Don’t touch it! Never touch my feet, you’re not worthy.” She has Tay remove it with her teeth. When Tay does she makes a face. Honey asks Tay if her foot has an odor? Tay says yes. Honey tells her that’s the smell of perfection and she should get in close and get a good look at her perfect foot. Then she makes her smell it “Bury your nose in there and get a good whiff, I want to hear you smelling it!”, Honey commands. Then Honey tells her to worship it. Honey says she needs to do a good job if she wants this part. Tay worships Honey’s feet as Honey sits and enjoys for long time. She then sends her away and it’s Lea’s turn. She does through the same basic evaluation, making Lea do the same things to her other foot. She then calls them both in and says that she can’t decide and they both have a chance at the same time to prove themselves. Honey lays on the floor and they devour her soles. This is interrupted by a phone call in which Honey receives the news that the show has been cancelled. She informs the girls that the part is now gone and it was a waste of Honey’s time but at least the girls got to be around her feet! The girls are PISSED!!! They went through all that abuse for no reason. They attack Honey getting her on the floor. They spend a long time forcing her to smell their feet, yelling at her, making fun of her “what’s the matter princess? You don’t like to smell our feet?”. They are REALLY MEAN to her and when she talks they shove their feet in her mouth, pinch her nose, foot-gag her and just basically abuse the hell out of her as she wimpers! They eventually make her admit that their feet are better but Honey isn’t quick to give in. She does give in eventually after she’s totally broken. This is an amazing scene with super hot action and we worked really hard on it for you guys so we hope that you LOVE it!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 45:49

Download – The Bitchy Prima Ballerina