IWantFeet – The Interview

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Hot, hot, hot. Tay and Stormy, two very sexy girls looking for a roommate to share the bills with. They’ve been searching for the “right girl” by interviewing them to see if they’re a good fit. By a good fit, they mean a girl with sexy feet who likes what they like, FEET! Sian comes in to be interviewed by the girls. They ask her some basic questions before they ask her about her foot size. Sian is confused. They girls go on to explain that they like feet and would like a closer look at hers. Sian is pretty cool and decides to let them have a look. Looking isn’t what they’re interested in and Tay and Stormy take to worshipping her bare foot. Lost in passion they can’t help but start mixing their foot kissing with some kissing of their own. These two lovely ladies are a sexy pair. Sian is enjoying herself and, as Stormy points out, is a quick learner as she reaches out to caress her sexy bare foot. The girls ravish her feet as well as each other making out passionately as they devour Sian’s sexy, wrinkly bare soles. The girls want her sexy toes too and have her roll over to make it easy for them to suck on them. After getting their fill of her toes, they tell her there’s more to the interview. They want to know if she can do the same. The girls lay across the bed as Sian gets on the floor to lick her bare, wrinkly soles. Sian takes to it like a fish to water as she runs her tongue all over their feet. The girls make out as Sian does her work, impressing the girls. The girls roll over so that Sian can lick and suck their sexy little toes. After long worshipping from her the girls basically tell her she did a good job but give her the old “we’ll let you know”. Sian tells them that before she goes she has a bit of an interview for them and asks them to roll back over. The girls are confused but oblige. Sian sits on the backs of their ankles and asks them her interview question, “Are you girls ticklish?”. Then she attacks their bare soles with a vicious nonstop tickling. She asks the girls while they’re being tickled, if she’s gets the spot as their roommate. Of course they agree.

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Duration: 39:43

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