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TheFootRoom – Kinky Chloes First Worship on Imelda!

So Imelda is ALREADY wildly horny from having Chloe tickle and worship her feet at the same time. WELL now its time for nothing BUT Foot Worship. Imeldas legs are literally shaking as Chloe is just GRINNING waiting for this. Now Chloe KICKS IT OFF WITH A HUGE WAD OF SPIT RIGHT ONTO IMELDAS FEET. Now I am not a saliva person but the way Chloe wastes NO time and goes in like that is just SEXY. She looks at the camera in this predatory HORNY way because she is WATCHING herself and getting turned on. So. quick fun fact about Imelda. When she gets REALLY horny she gets REALLY shy so she tends to make random comments and laugh at herself but when that happens WATCH her face, because in this clip she does than and then goes STRAIGHT to biting her lip. Now I know Imelda is turned on but ANOTHER fact about Imelda. ANYTHING that vibrates makes her CRAZY so I take a vibrating tickle tool and place it between her legs. Imelda is now 10/10 HORNY as Chloe makes her INSANE with easily the BEST female on female foot worship I have released since Perla and Tracy.

Length: 7:04
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Kinky Chloes First Worship on Imelda!

TheFootRoom – Imelda Worships Kinky Chloe!

So you saw Chloe worship Imeldas feet and get her first pair of feet to love but now Imelda is HORNY and wants to let it all out. She pulls off Chloes shoes and socks FAST and you can see how excited Imelda is in this. I told her to GO OFF and let it out. Chloe is so calm while being excited for Imelda to worship her toes. She LOVED when I did it but asked if a woman ever would and is hype we are now here! Now Imelda REALLY goes in and I am SO proud of her finally letting it out. She goes DOWN on Chloes toes and you an see in Imeldas face we are getting a TOTALLY different monster than usual. This is EASILY one of the best if not the best worship I have ever seen Imelda do.

Length: 6:28
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Imelda Worships Kinky Chloe!

TheFootRoom – Christinas Double Foot Worship!

Christina and her size 6.5 soles went through HELL at the hands of Imelda and Chloe. Well they wanna make it right while also getting themselves off a tad with some foot worship! They BOTH love feet and Christina NEEDS this. She is loving every moment as these ladies suck her toes and massage her soles. Imelda and Chloe are OBSSESSED with Christinas feet and I do not blame them. They tease her a little with light tickles but all in all they are one HORNY and EXHAUSTED bunch letting it all out!

Length: 5:34
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Christinas Double Foot Worship!

SkullCandyBri – Bri & Mia’s Foot Feast

Bri and Mia have an insatiable craving for the gorgeous feet of their three friends, Sally, Raven, and LeeCath. Mia’s teasing tongue intensely circles her friends toes, as they all find themselves becoming more and more aroused. Bri plays with Raven and Sally’s toes, using her nails to tickle and scratch them. They squirm and moan with pleasure. As these two girls worship all six of the feet before them feet with their mouths, Mia’s dominant personality is evident in the way she sucks and kisses every arch and wrinkle. Bri seductively licks and kisses the toes, heels, and ankles of the gorgeous tattooed women in front of her.

Length: 5:11
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Bri & Mia’s Foot Feast

MellemFootFetish – Worshipfeet between lesbians ft laya

Immerse yourself in our intimacy, a torrid moment between girls. Our sexy feet in our mouths we give each other pleasure. Sucking pretty feet and feeling a sweet tongue on hers at the same time.
It is so exciting… A video of a rare sensuality, our intense moans and the sight of our sublime feet will make you quiver and explode with pleasure…

Length: 8:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Worshipfeet between lesbians ft laya

MellemFootFetish – WORSHIP FEET & FOOTGAGGING with my submissive ft romy

The education of my subject is flawless. My pleasure has become her priority, she is gentle and docile. I teach her to adore me, dragging her on a leash as well as kneeling at my feet, kissing her soles with my speed as much as her voluptuous rump. Caress, kiss, lick, suck each of my toes! My goal is to enlarge her mouth, so that she excels in footgagging. Her jaw is narrow, but she puts a lot of willpower into it. I love it, making her salivate by digging all my toes deep in her throat, seeing her saliva flow gives me a lot of satisfaction. I do not hesitate to encourage him, as well as to use his leash to open his delicate mouth. Her moans of excitement, her praise of my beauty, and her indulgence give me immense pride. She is my little candy, my little sweetness, sensual and sexy exclusively for me

Length: 10:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – WORSHIP FEET & FOOTGAGGING with my submissive ft romy