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TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Onyx – “Gravitate to Feet” Sneaky Foot Worship

Ashlynn wakes up on a casual Sunday morning and is ready for some gaming! To her surprise, Onyx is fast resting and not budging. Immediately, Ashlynn’s eyes gravitate towards Onyx’s feet. She can’t help but wonder what they must feel like. After verbally trying to wake her, Ashlynn wanders down to Onyx’s heels and has a quick taste.. which turns into an uncontrollable urge to continue. Ashlynn deeply sucks Onyx’s heels and then runs her tongue up and down her soles and arches. Ashlynn gives into her urge even more, picking Onyx’s feet up and holding them whilst worshipping them all over. At one point, Ashlynn is even brave enough to turn Onyx on her back from easier access! She then goes back to sucking toes and worshipping soles until she eventually gets caught!

Length: 10:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Onyx – “Gravitate to Feet” Sneaky Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Nathalia – “Mesmerized by Foot Model” Mesmerize Worship

Foot model Nathalia has her feet up on the table, snapping feet pics for her fans. Ashlynn, who is staying with Nathalia’s, storms in bitching saying things like “we eat there” and “that’s disguising”. Ashlynn can’t understand what guys see in Nathalia’s feet, and Nathalia isn’t happy about it! After all, this is what pays the bills while Ashlynn pays ZERO! Insulted, Nathalia demands and apology and tells Ashlynn to kiss her feet! If she doesn’t, Ashlynn will have to find a new couch to crash! Ashlynn leans in for a single peck and is instantly entranced by Nathalia’s divine feet! Nathalia laughs at what a “stupid bitch” Ashlynn is and now she’s going to help pay the bills… for once! Nathalia commands Ashlynn worship her feet on the table (where they eat) while she snaps photos and videos for her fan site! Ashlynn has no choice but to obey. She licks all over Nathalia’s feet, not missing a single spot. Once her feet are clean and well shined, Nathalia claps in Ashlynn’s face, waking her from her daze. Ashlynn comes to confused and now smitten by Nathalia’s pretty feet. She’s feels so lucky to be in her presence, as so many men would give everything they own to have this privilege! Nathalia’s asks Ashlynn if she would like to take part in some foot content for the fans, and Ashlynn eagerly volunteers, going back to worshipping her feet once again!

Length: 15:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Nathalia – “Mesmerized by Foot Model” Mesmerize Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Elana Bunnz – “Brat Turned CEO’s Bitch!” Mesmerize Foot Worship

Ashlynn is a rich entitled brat meeting CEO Elana for a job interview. Ashlynn is right out of college and
believes she’s much more qualified than she is. Elana offers her the job at entry level and Ashlynn flies off the handle. Elana now puts Ashlynn in her place and reminds her who the boss is. Elana tells Ashlynn “Nobody talks to me that way”. She threatens to hire elsewhere unless Ashlynn fully redeems herself. She put her feet on the desk and instructs Ashlynn to remove her heel and sniff the CEO’s hard work! Ashlynn reluctantly complies and is instantly mesmerized by the strong stench of work! Elana laughs at Ashlynn’s misfortune. She will not be on obedient employee. Elana makes Ashlynn smell, kiss, and lick her foot in various positions, whilst stating her superiority. In the end, Elana wakes Ashlynn who is now a timid and obedient girl, willing to do ANYTHING for the boss.

Length: 13:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Elana Bunnz – “Brat Turned CEO’s Bitch!” Mesmerize Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ama & Ashlynn – “Gummy Soles PT 2” Toe Sucking & Sole Licking Worship

Ama and Ashlynn would be sitting down at a table or desk in bikinis with their feet in flip flops having a discussion about how their fetish careers have gone so far.

Ama would then reveal to Ashlynn that Mia told her about their lifesaver gummy “situation” and her and explain how she’s jealous that Mia was the one to experience it instead of her. Ashlynn embarrassed by this would would then agree to worship Ama’s feet in the same manner as she did Mia. Ama would then remove one of her flip flops and place LifeSavers gummies around each of her toes.

Ashlynn would then began to suck each LifeSaver gummy off of Ama’s toes one by one. Some sole licking in between eating the gummies would be appreciated. They would then do the same exact thing with the other foot until all of the gummies have been eaten. After all the gummies have been eaten off of Ama’s feet, Ama would then return the favor to Ashlynn by eating lifesaver gummies off of her feet in the same manner.

Length: 30:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama & Ashlynn – “Gummy Soles PT 2” Toe Sucking & Sole Licking Worship

RFStudioProduction – Pandora passionately worships Liza Lush’s feet

In this clip, naked cutie Liza Lush enjoys how naked Pandora carefully and predatory worships her bare feet with a tons of saliva. Pandora loves to lick delicate feet and she enjoys doing it, despite the fact that she does it very hot and sexy. For Liza, this is the first experience when her feet are licked so thoroughly and it seems she has come to the taste and will soon need it again and again. Both cuties moan in pleasure.
There are three poses in the video:
First Liza Lush sits on a bench with her legs stretched forward
Second she lies on her belly
Third she is in ‘the pose’, and Pandora is always next to her bare feet.

Length: 13:36
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Pandora passionately worships Liza Lush’s feet

RFStudioProduction – Olivia rushed to worship Astrid’s feet when she started doing yoga

One day, Astrid decided to do some yoga and stretching at home when suddenly her neighbor and friend Olivia came over to visit. Word by word, Olivia began to show Astrid how to properly do a stretching exercise.

Upon seeing Astrid’s bare foot and feeling its pleasant scent, Olivia can’t help herself and begins to eagerly worship Astrid’s feet. At first, Astrid felt a little uncomfortable since it was a bit weird, but then she got into the process, relaxed, and began to enjoy it.

Olivia, seeing and feeling this, continues to carefully lick Astrid’s feet and suck each toe with even greater passion and enthusiasm. All of this happens for a long time and in various positions.

Length: 32:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Olivia rushed to worship Astrid’s feet when she started doing yoga

RFStudioProduction – Madoka worships feet of bound and gagged Leya – Tickling and licking

In this clip, the predator is teasing its prey, namely the fetishist Madoka who is enjoying Leya’s feet.

At first, Madoka approaches Leya, who is tied to a bench with straps and ropes with a big ballgag in her mouth, and playfully teases her before taking off her dirty sweaty socks. Yes, Leya had a long day before she fell into Madoka’s hands.
Madoka wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t make Leya smell her sweaty socks by shoving them directly into her nose. Leya’s discontent only amuses Madoka.

Afterward, Madoka begins to tickle and lick Leya’s bare feet, and at one point, she takes her own black socks off and puts them in Leya’s mouth, securing them with tape. So the ball gag in Leya’s mouth is replaced with a sweaty sock gag.

Madoka continues to tickle Leya’s bare feet in the same way, mixing tickling with worshipping them and sucking her toes. Leya is overwhelmed, as no one has ever done this to her mouth before. Her tightly sock-gagged mouth emits muffled squeals…

Length: 23:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Madoka worships feet of bound and gagged Leya – Tickling and licking

RFStudioProduction – Liza Lush passionately worships Pandora’s feet

This clip features two naked beauties having fun, or more precisely, Pandora sitting on a bench while Liza Lush passionately and eagerly worships her bare feet with her tongue and lots of saliva. As it turns out, Liza loves it a lot and she does an excellent job with Pandora’s feet. Pandora is in heaven from the bliss; it really turns her on.

At first, Pandora is just sitting on the bench, then she lies on her belly, and then she assumes the pose (it’s when legs are bent towards her buttocks while lying on the stomach), and Liza Lush is always there actively licking and sucking her beautiful big feet, creating this fetish masterpiece. Enjoy!

Length: 14:52
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Liza Lush passionately worships Pandora’s feet

RFStudioProduction – Arina and Foxy lick Astrid’s feet

The clip is displayed on a poly-screen, with a close-up shot on the left and a wide shot on the right.

Well, Arina and Foxy attentively worship Astrid’s feet. Arina is lying on a table in ‘the pose’, while Foxy is kneeling with her hands tied behind her back and bare feet bound. Foxy also has to keep her toes pointed as much as possible.
One could say that they are doing this as considerate slaves for Astrid, but she is also bound. Her hands are tied behind her back with rope, and her feet, bound at the ankles, are fastened to a stand where her bare feet are positioned.

In this case, it would be more accurate to say that all three girls are submissive and are doing this for your pleasure, as they are also enjoying it themselves.

Length: 16:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Arina and Foxy lick Astrid’s feet