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TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Onyx – “Gravitate to Feet” Sneaky Foot Worship

Ashlynn wakes up on a casual Sunday morning and is ready for some gaming! To her surprise, Onyx is fast resting and not budging. Immediately, Ashlynn’s eyes gravitate towards Onyx’s feet. She can’t help but wonder what they must feel like. After verbally trying to wake her, Ashlynn wanders down to Onyx’s heels and has a quick taste.. which turns into an uncontrollable urge to continue. Ashlynn deeply sucks Onyx’s heels and then runs her tongue up and down her soles and arches. Ashlynn gives into her urge even more, picking Onyx’s feet up and holding them whilst worshipping them all over. At one point, Ashlynn is even brave enough to turn Onyx on her back from easier access! She then goes back to sucking toes and worshipping soles until she eventually gets caught!

Length: 10:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Onyx – “Gravitate to Feet” Sneaky Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Nathalia – “Mesmerized by Foot Model” Mesmerize Worship

Foot model Nathalia has her feet up on the table, snapping feet pics for her fans. Ashlynn, who is staying with Nathalia’s, storms in bitching saying things like “we eat there” and “that’s disguising”. Ashlynn can’t understand what guys see in Nathalia’s feet, and Nathalia isn’t happy about it! After all, this is what pays the bills while Ashlynn pays ZERO! Insulted, Nathalia demands and apology and tells Ashlynn to kiss her feet! If she doesn’t, Ashlynn will have to find a new couch to crash! Ashlynn leans in for a single peck and is instantly entranced by Nathalia’s divine feet! Nathalia laughs at what a “stupid bitch” Ashlynn is and now she’s going to help pay the bills… for once! Nathalia commands Ashlynn worship her feet on the table (where they eat) while she snaps photos and videos for her fan site! Ashlynn has no choice but to obey. She licks all over Nathalia’s feet, not missing a single spot. Once her feet are clean and well shined, Nathalia claps in Ashlynn’s face, waking her from her daze. Ashlynn comes to confused and now smitten by Nathalia’s pretty feet. She’s feels so lucky to be in her presence, as so many men would give everything they own to have this privilege! Nathalia’s asks Ashlynn if she would like to take part in some foot content for the fans, and Ashlynn eagerly volunteers, going back to worshipping her feet once again!

Length: 15:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Nathalia – “Mesmerized by Foot Model” Mesmerize Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Elana Bunnz – “Brat Turned CEO’s Bitch!” Mesmerize Foot Worship

Ashlynn is a rich entitled brat meeting CEO Elana for a job interview. Ashlynn is right out of college and
believes she’s much more qualified than she is. Elana offers her the job at entry level and Ashlynn flies off the handle. Elana now puts Ashlynn in her place and reminds her who the boss is. Elana tells Ashlynn “Nobody talks to me that way”. She threatens to hire elsewhere unless Ashlynn fully redeems herself. She put her feet on the desk and instructs Ashlynn to remove her heel and sniff the CEO’s hard work! Ashlynn reluctantly complies and is instantly mesmerized by the strong stench of work! Elana laughs at Ashlynn’s misfortune. She will not be on obedient employee. Elana makes Ashlynn smell, kiss, and lick her foot in various positions, whilst stating her superiority. In the end, Elana wakes Ashlynn who is now a timid and obedient girl, willing to do ANYTHING for the boss.

Length: 13:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Elana Bunnz – “Brat Turned CEO’s Bitch!” Mesmerize Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ama & Ashlynn – “Gummy Soles PT 2” Toe Sucking & Sole Licking Worship

Ama and Ashlynn would be sitting down at a table or desk in bikinis with their feet in flip flops having a discussion about how their fetish careers have gone so far.

Ama would then reveal to Ashlynn that Mia told her about their lifesaver gummy “situation” and her and explain how she’s jealous that Mia was the one to experience it instead of her. Ashlynn embarrassed by this would would then agree to worship Ama’s feet in the same manner as she did Mia. Ama would then remove one of her flip flops and place LifeSavers gummies around each of her toes.

Ashlynn would then began to suck each LifeSaver gummy off of Ama’s toes one by one. Some sole licking in between eating the gummies would be appreciated. They would then do the same exact thing with the other foot until all of the gummies have been eaten. After all the gummies have been eaten off of Ama’s feet, Ama would then return the favor to Ashlynn by eating lifesaver gummies off of her feet in the same manner.

Length: 30:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama & Ashlynn – “Gummy Soles PT 2” Toe Sucking & Sole Licking Worship

TMFFantasies – Sunshine & Mandy – ” Soles” Smelling Gym Feet Entrancement & Worship

Sunshine Tampa and Mandy Wolf return home after a workout class and are wiped. The girls start to take their shoes off when Sunshine mentions how stinky hers are. Mandy runs with it and starts insulting Sunshine’s stank soles despite her continuously mentioning how self conscious she is about them. After a few insults, Sunshine tells Mandy she needs to make amends by smelling her foot with one nice long deep whiff. Mandy rolls her eyes but does it to make nice. She takes a deep breath followed by another and another. Sunshine suggests that Mandy “worship” her feet to which Mandy does not protest. Seemingly, somewhat entranced by Sunshine’s soles, Mandy indulges in sniffing and licking her bare stinky feet. Once Sunshine is happy with Mandy’s hard work, she magically wakes her from her trance. Sunshine tells Mandy she was just sucking on her smelly feet and is clearly amused by Mandy’s disgusted reaction.

Length: 13:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sunshine & Mandy – ” Soles” Smelling Gym Feet Entrancement & Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Sasha – What are Friends for Bound Sock & Foot Worship & Smelling

Ashlynn and Sasha are catching up with each other. Ashlynn keeps asking Sasha feet and sock related questions. Sasha is uncomfortable and tries to leave but Ashlynn knocks her out. About 1 Minute Scene 2. Sasha wakes up wrists and ankles bound. Confused she pleads before Ashlynn covers her mouth with duct tape. Ashlynn unties Sasha’s shoes and sniffs them (Could you get Sasha’s pov for one of the shoes coming off here). She tickles Sasha’s feet. Ashlynn fondles Sasha’s feet as she struggles. Then she kisses and licks on her socks. About 4 or 5 Minutes Scene 3. Ashlynn sniffs Sasha’s spread toes in the socks. She slowly peels them off as Sasha struggles to keep them on(Could you get Sasha’s pov here again both feet). She worships Sasha’s barefeet all over. Licking her soles and sucking her toes. Ashlynn says, “I’ll be back for more later.” Sasha hopelessly struggles as camera zooms in on her feet. End. About 4 or 5 minutes

Length: 12:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Sasha – “What are Friends for?” Bound Sock & Foot Worship & Smelling

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Indica – “Rivals Turned Lovers” Sensual Lesbian Foot Worship

The script is that you (Ashlynn) come home after a hard days work and sit on your couch resting your high heel feet on the table. Your step-brother’s Fiancé Indica walks into the room having just got home from work and you greet each other. You are not happy to see each other since you are always a bitch to Indica and think that your step-brother could do much better than a skank like her. You make this clear to her and also that you can’t wait until they are married so they can get a place of their own. Indica tells you that she thinks you are lazy and never do anything round the house. Indica notices your high heel feet are up on the table. She is shocked and tells you to take your feet off the table, it’s disgusting and that’s where you all sometimes eat. You refuse in a super bitchy/sarcastic way and tell Indica that you’ve had a long day at work and you want to relax. Indica waves her hand in the air to clear your foot stench, complaining that she can smell your feet from where she’s standing. You tell her that you’re feet have been sweating and marinating all day long. After a little back and forth you tell Indica if she wants your stinky feet off the table she’ll need to take them off herself. Indica hesitantly gets on her knees and grabs one foot, as she lifts it to take it off the table the foot is closer to her face and she accidently breaths in your foot stench. Indica is a little taken aback and takes a couple more whiffs then looks at you whilst holding your high heel foot in her hand. She tells you that your feet stink so bad but she feels confused because she kind of likes it? You are intrigued and convince her to remove one of your shoes and inhale it. She is very hesitant but she complies. Indica is entranced and turned on by the smell of your high heel shoe and after a few more whiffs she puts your shoe down and grabs your bare foot and rubs it telling you that it’s still damp and sticky from the sweat. Indica surprises you by starting to smell your sweaty foot taking deep whiffs and rubbing it all over her face and lips. Then she removes your other shoe, inhales it and then sniffs and rubs your other bare foot against her face and lips. She is totally smitten by your scent describing the stinky cheesy smell to you. Indica starts to kiss your feet continuously switching between kissing them and sniffing them whilst you let out moans of pleasure, Indica is slowly, seductively rubbing your feet over her face, mouth and lips whilst inhaling them. She inhales in-between your toes and continues to kiss your feet all over and gently nibbling your feet. Indica licks up and down your feet describing the cheesy taste to you. Next she takes both her hands and sticks her fingers in-between all your toes and rubs them, telling you how wet and sweaty in between your toes are then removes both her hands and inhales her toe jam infused fingers ecstatic by the stench. Next she slowly and seductively sucks the sweat off her fingers as if she is licking cream off them whilst maintaining eye contact with you whilst describing the cheesy taste. This turns on you on majorly and you tell Indica that you love her, she responds that she loves you too. You grab her hands and gently pull her onto the sofa next to you and passionately make out with her. You apologize to Indica for always treating her like garbage and being such a bitch to her and she also apologizes for always being so mean back to you, after you both apologize to each other you continue to make out whilst fondling each other’s breasts, kissing each other’s necks pausing only for you both to declare your love for each other then resuming making out. You have an intense make out session with each other making out for around 5 minutes. Indica tells you that her feet are also super sweaty and have been marinating all day long. This really excites you and turns you on. Next Indica puts her high heel feet up on the table and you remove her shoes one by one inhaling them before moving to rub and inhale her damp sweaty feet describing the vinegary smell to her. Next you begin to sniff, kiss and nibble her feet whilst Indica moans with pleasure. You slowly rub her sweaty feet all over your face and lips whilst inhaling them and telling Indica her feet smell like vinegar. You lick her salty feet describing the taste as both salty and vinegary. You inhale and lick the sweaty, vinegary toe-jam in-between her toes. Indica grabs your hands and gently pulls you onto the couch next to her and you both passionately make out again. You hold Indica’s hand and guide her to the bedroom whilst kissing her neck and cheeks whilst each of you carries each other’s high heels in your hands. In the bedroom you both make out whilst removing each other’s clothes until you are both fully naked. Whilst on the bed your kiss each other all over your naked bodies, necks, faces, breasts, make out with each other and worship each other’s feet.

Length: 30:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Indica – “Rivals Turned Lovers” Sensual Lesbian Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Cassidy Luxe – “Bound Pornstar Feet” Foot Worship & Grinding

Models Cassidy and Ashlynn are filming trade content. Cassidy asks what Ashlynn wants to shoot for hers. Ashlynn reveals a secret that she likes feet. Cassidy is repulsed by Ashlynn’s kink and tells her that she won’t be filming that type of content. Ashlynn says she’ll tie Cassidy up and “play with her”. Cassidy agrees and says that’s cool. Ashlynn ties Cassidy and starts teasing her from head to toe stopping at her feet and deeply inhaling the smell of them. Cassidy shrieks and protests but Ashlynn begins to worship Cassidy’s feet while interchangeably grinding her pussy with Cassidy’s feet until she cums!

Length: 12:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Cassidy Luxe – “Bound Pornstar Feet” Foot Worship & Grinding

TMFFantasies – Goddess Blondi & Little Luna – “While She Rests” Sneaky Amazon Foot Worship

Little Luna finds her roommate Goddess Blondi taking a snooze… a deep, deep snooze. She’s tries to wake her with no luck. She then smiles and walks down towards Blondi’s socked-soles. Luna is bursting with excitement as if she’s been patiently waiting for this moment. She proceeds to kneel next to Blondi’s feet, smell them in her socks, and snap some photos. Luna then mentions “how much money” these feet are going to make her. Phone in hand, she removes Blondi’s socks and begins to smell and worship her friend’s Amazonian size 14 feet. She takes selfies as she worships with the obvious intent of selling the content. She smiles and laughs happily as she licks Blondi’s resting feet from various angles.

Length: 10:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goddess Blondi & Little Luna – While She Rests Sneaky Amazon Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Sexy Slyyy – “Movie Night” Mesmerize Nylon Foot Worship Roleplay

Ashlynn is up late, in sexy lingerie and pantyhose, watching a movie when Sly pops in, also dressed in a sexy nightie and pantyhose, to say good night to Ashlynn and Sara (Kendra’s step-daughter) before heading up to bed. Ashlynn and Sara have been watching a movie marathon, sort of a tradition from their . They chat a bit. Sara is off on the phone with a college guy she likes, leaving Ashlynn to watch by herself. As Sly turns to leave, she notices the movie and watches a moment. Ashlynn begins to softly caress Sly’s back, and then Ashlynn takes her fingertips and thumb to run gently up and down the back of Sly’s neck. A few moments of this and Ashlynn has coaxed Sly to sit back and watch a bit of the movie with her. The caressing continues as does the conversation, before Kendra says she needs to get to rest. “Good idea,” Ashlynn replies, and gently guides Sly to lay her head in Ashlynn’s lap. Ashlynn caresses under Sly chin with one hand while the other massages Sly head, and before long Ama has once again induced a mesmerizing spell on her slave Sly, and the foot worship and lesbian seduction begin again.

1-2 minutes to set the scene.

2-3 minutes of mesmerizing induction (This could happen at the beginning or later in the scene.)

5 minutes or more on foot massage followed by 12-15 minutes of pantyhose foot worship.

10 minutes on kissing the first time (My preference is around 10 minutes of kissing whenever there’s kissing, for the record!

10 minutes of kissing the next time.

5 minutes of foot massage followed by 12-15 minutes of pantyhose foot worship. Another 2 minutes or so of conversation here and there.

Length: 1:12:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Sexy Slyyy – “Movie Night” Mesmerize Nylon Foot Worship Roleplay