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TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Taylor Reagan Lush – “Party of two” Foot Domination Worship

Reagan let’s Ashlynn in for the Halloween party. However, there are no decorations or anyone else. Ashlynn is confused/concerned but Reagan assures that the party will go on before subduing her.

Ashlynn wakes; her wrists and ankles are bound and she is gagged. Reagan unties her shoes and smells them. Reagan fondles her feet as she struggles. She tickles Ashlynn’s feet. Tickling her arches and toes. Then she kisses and licks Ashlynn’s socks.

Reagan sniffs Ashlynn’s spread toes in the socks before slowly peeling them off. (Could you get Ashlynn’s pov for this particular moment) Reagan worships her barefeet all over. Licking her soles and sucking on toes. Reagan leaves Ashlynn struggling taking her socks. Last shot is of Ashlynn as camera zooms in on her feet.

Length: 12:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor Reagan Lush – Party of two Foot Domination Worship

TMFFantasies – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Having Ama’s Feet” Bound Lesbian Sock & Foot Worship

Scene 1: Ama argues with Ashlynn that her foot fetish is why she doesn’t have friends. Ashlynn rebuttals that it wasn’t a big deal until Ama told everyone. As Ama’s leaving Ashlynn knocks her out.
About 1 Minute

Scene 2. Ama wakes up bound and gagged. Ashlynn unties her shoes and smells them.
(I like toe spreading and wiggling) She tickles Ama’s feet as punishment. Ashlynn fondles Ama’s feet as she tries to get away. Then she takes it a step further kissing and licking Ama’s socks to her dismay.
About 4 or 5 Minutes

Scene 3. Ashlynn sniffs Ama’s spread toes in the socks before slowly peeling them off. (Could you get Ama’s pov for this particular moment) Ashlynn worships her barefeet all over. Licking her soles and sucking on toes. Ashlynn leaves Ama struggling. Last shot is Ama as camera zooms in on her feet. End.
About 4 or 5 minutes

Length: 12:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – Having Ama’s Feet Bound Lesbian Sock & Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Taylor & Rachel Adams – “Bestie in a Bind” Bound Foot Worship

Rachel and Ashlynn made a silly bet that Ashlynn has taken WAY too far. Rachel wakes up nude and bound on the lounge floor. Ashlynn is SO excited to see her friend awake and eager to explain that Rachel had lost the bet and now she has to hold up her end of the deal. Ashlynn reveals her sock covered soles that have been marinating in her STINKIEST sneakers! She removes her white socks and tells Rachel to kiss them if she wants to be released. Rachel is extremely reluctant but bound so tightly in a hogtie that she has no other option. She kisses Ashlynn’s feet and is then told to suck her toes. Rachel continues to do as Ashlynn says until she is full blow sucking and licking every part of Ashlynn’s smelly soles and toes!

Length: 12:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor & Rachel Adams – Bestie in a Bind Bound Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Taylor & Nikki Brooks – “Bitchy Rich Model’s Mesmerizing Feet”

Nikki Brooks is a well traveled world class model who is passing through a small town and in dire need of a reflexology session. She stumbles across a dingy business run by Ashlynn Taylor. Ashlynn happily accepts Nikki in hopes of getting some five star reviews and social media publicity. Nikki rudely enters the room, criticizing the establishment as she sits down. Ashlynn offers to remove Nikki’s toe rings for the session and Nikki is appalled. She pulls her feet away and demands Ashlynn apologize according by kissing that Italian gold. After some threats, Ashlynn agrees and gives her ring one peck with spirals her into a trance. Suddenly, Ashlynn is silent and staring straight ahead awaiting commands from her new master. Nikki giggles as Ashlynn, her new pet. The real apology begins now with Nikki instructing Ashlynn to kiss, smell, and lick her gorgeous feet all over. Certainly, this is beyond and an appropriate apology and an above average reflexology appointment. A two star establishment at best.

Length: 10:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor & Nikki Brooks – Bitchy Rich Model’s Mesmerizing Feet

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Taylor & Misty Meaner – “Smelly Sock Stoned” Mesmerize Foot Worship

Ashlynn and Misty have a lot of resentment and tolerate each other at best. It’s Misty’s turn to do laundry and Ashlynn inconsiderately litters her room with dirty and clean clothes, causing Misty to have to smell test each piece of clothing. She naively smells one of Ashlynn’s dirty sock and cannot manage to stop! The more she smells, the more she falls into a trance. When Ashlynn arrives hours later, Misty is sitting in her bed, eyes crossed, with Ashlynn’s sock pressed against her nose. Ashlynn giggles at Misty and realizes she’s unresponsive. She gets the sadistic idea to use this to her advantage and snaps her fingers at Misty along with a command. To her surprise, Misty obeys and smells Ashlynn’s socked feet. In hysterics, Ashlynn decides to get more comfy and thoroughly enjoy this moment. She commands Misty to remove her smelly socks, kiss her feet, and eventually lick them clean! Misty obeys ALL of Ashlynn’s foot worship commands and is subject to worshipping and gagging on Ashlynn’s smelly feet!

Length: 14:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor & Misty Meaner – Smelly Sock Stoned Mesmerize Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Taylor & Lil Mizz Unique – “Office Nylon Slut Destroyed”

Lil-Mizz Unique and Ashlynn Taylor are co-workers. Ashlynn and some of the other employees have noticed Mizz Unique is favorited by the boss and seems to be getting bonuses and other perks left and right. He’s even mentioned a promotion on the down low. Ashlynn realizes the boss has a pantyhose fetish and Mizz Unique has been entertaining his kink. Ashlynn loses her cool, ties Mizz Unique up and worships her pantyhose until soaked before destroying them. She tells Mizz Unique never to wear pantyhose again or else!

Length: 16:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor & Lil Mizz Unique – Office Nylon Slut Destroyed

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Sasha – “Smelly Sole Apology” Sneaky Taboo Foot Smelling & Worship

Ashlynn has taken a liking to Sasha’s smelly shoes and keeps them nearby on the sofa for frequent sniffing. Today, Ashlynn is caught off guard when Sasha comes storming around the corner looking for her missing sneakers. Quickly Ashlynn drops the shoes and pretends that she doesn’t realize they’re there, but Sasha is suspicious. She reminds Ashlynn to “stay out of her room!” and walks off. Feeling guilty, Ashlynn goes to Sasha’s room to apologize and finds her deep resting. Instead of trying to wake her, Ashlynn eyes Sasha’s socked feet and images how amazing they must smell. This is her chance! She carefully joins Sasha on the bed and smells and removes her socks. Sasha’s socks and feet smell heavenly and Ashlynn can’t resist a tongue touch. Once she gets a taste, Ashlynn can’t stop sucking and licking Sasha’s goddess feet even when she’s almost caught on a few occasions. Ashlynn continues to worship Sasha’s feet clean.

Length: 11:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Sasha – Smelly Sole Apology Sneaky Taboo Foot Smelling & Worship