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TMFFantasies – Goddess Elektra – “GF’s BFF’s Feet” POV Mesmerized by Divine Feet

You, your girlfriend, and her bestie, Elektra, have come home after brunch and one too many bellinis. With your girlfriend sick and taking a rest, Elektra comes out the lounge to chat with you. She notices you glancing at her feet in sexy heels and take a seat. She mentions that she was talking with your GF the other day who revealed that you have a foot kink. Unfortunately, Elektra also says that your girlfriend thinks it’s “repulsive” and doesn’t even want you to massage her feet anymore because your kink makes her so uncomfortable. On the other hand, Elektra thinks it’s HOT! She loves men with foot kinks, especially for the massages. Elektra is prepared to swiftly steal you away from her “BFF”. She teases you with her high heels, dangling them until they fall, exposing her beautiful bare feet. She’s already entranced you with her sweet relaxing voice and her mesmerizing dangling. You can’t take your eyes off her soles. Your hers now, her soon-to-be foot slave – forever devoted to HER feet. You’re such a sweet guy and exactly what Elektra has been searching for. You deserve better than your now ex-GF who doesn’t understand you. Elektra will take care of you now under her soles.

Length: 10:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goddess Elektra – “GF’s BFF’s Feet” POV Mesmerized by Divine Feet

TMFFantasies – Bella Luxx & Greasy Rose – “Cleaning Feet” Stinky Sock Accidental Mesmerize Worship

Greasy is cleaning and smells something rank. She notices Bella’s sock on the sofa and leans it to smell and investigate. Suddenly, Greasy falls silent as she becomes mesmerized by the stink and falls to the sofa! Bella comes in and tries to wake Greasy but it’s no use. She snaps her fingers and Greasy opens her eyes. She is totally incoherent. Bella can’t believe it… she knows one thing that Greasy would NEVER do and would surely wake her. She makes Greasy smell kiss and worship her feet. To Bella’s astonishment, Greasy does not break. She is fully entranced! Bella is certainly going to take advantage. She makes her friend fondle and caress her feet with her mouth. After Bella is feeling fully satisfied, she claps right in Greasy’s zombified face and is able to wake her up with a foot in the mouth!

Length: 11:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bella Luxx & Greasy Rose – “Cleaning Feet” Stinky Sock Accidental Mesmerize Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Stevie Moon – “Flix Feet” Sleepover Sneaky Worship

Best friends Ashlynn Taylor and Stevie Moon are kicking it back in bed watching some flix when Stevie falls resting. Ashlynn opens her eyes and peeks at her friend. She has a devious smile as she plays with her resting hand for a moment and then wanders down towards Stevie’s feet. There Ashlynn begins to indulge in her beautiful soft feet. She starts with a subtle smell before carefully and gently caressing and licking. Ashlynn almost gets caught a few times but manages to get her fill of Stevie’s feet while she rests peacefully.

Length: 10:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Stevie Moon – “Flix Feet” Sleepover Sneaky Worship

TMFFantasies – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Stinky Condition” Shoe Smell Mesmerize Worship

Ama and Ashlynn have returned from a full on workout at the gym this morning. They kick off their sneakers to relax when Ashlynn gets a whiff of a strange smell. She tries to ignore it but it’s driving her mad. Finally she jumps up and is determined to figure out where it’s coming from. She wanders near Ama’s feet when Ama begins to confess there’s a problem and Ashlynn needs to stop right now. Ashlynn picks up Ama’s shoe to investigate as Ama begins creaming “No, Ashlynn don’t do it”… but Ashlynn puts the sneaker to her nose and takes a deep breath. She becomes entranced by Ama’s stinky foot condition. The stench was just too powerful for Ashlynn to withstand and her mind is now broken. Ama sighs as this happens to everyone who smells her beautiful feet. She tried to warn her friend, but now she’s nothing but a mindless obedient foot slave. Ama puts Ashlynn to work fulfilling her one sole purpose… to worship feet. Ama makes herself comfortable as Ashlynn smells and worships her stinky post-gym feet from all angles, making sure to clean them up nice.

Length: 17:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Stinky Condition” Shoe Smell Mesmerize Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Sasha – “Foot Slave Training” Mesmerize Foot Smelling Worship & Gagging

Sasha gets home from a long shift and finds Ashlynn being her usual mooching self. The two bicker for a moment until Ashlynn says something that offends Sasha. Sasha strong arms Ashlynn by telling her to smell her “hard work” smelly shoe or else she’ll kick her out since her name is not on the lease. Ashlynn smells Sasha’s shoe and becomes entranced and obedient. Sasha now turns Ashlynn into her obedient foot slave as it’s all she’ll ever amount to anyway. Ashlynn kneels for her new “master”, inhales her smelly socks, and then gets to work heavily worshipping Sasha’s tired soles. She kisses, licks, sucks, and gags on Sasha’s goddess feet before lying on the floor entranced eternally.

Length: 16:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Sasha – “Foot Slave Training” Mesmerize Foot Smelling Worship & Gagging

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Misty Meaner – “Twelve Hour Shift” Mesmerize Foot Smell & Worship

When Ashlynn comes home from a long shift at the hospital and Misty tells Ashlynn to remove her shoes, Ashlynn refuses. She’s exhausted and just wants to chill. Misty insists on removing Ashlynn’s shoes herself. When she finally pulls them off, she is overpowered by the stench! She’s suddenly mesmerized and seems incoherent. Ashlynn takes full advantage of this moment as she tells Misty to remove her top, kneel down before her, and worship Ashlynn’s tired feet. Ashlynn transforms into a full on sadistic bitch, making Misty sniff, suck, worship, and even gag on her feet. Once she takes out all of her frustration, she wakes Misty to a foot in the mouth!

Length: 14:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Misty Meaner – “Twelve Hour Shift” Mesmerize Foot Smell & Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Mandy Wolf – “Blind Date” Bound Foot & Sock Worship

Ashlynn arrives at the location for her blind date. As she settles in eager to meet this person a stranger blinds her from behind.
About 1 Minute

Scene 2. Ashlynn wakes up blindfolded with her wrists and ankles bound. Ashlynn tries to escape her binds as Mandy removes her shoes. (Could you get Ashlynn’s pov here) She tickles Ashlynn’s arches and smells her feet. Then she rubs them while kissing and licking on her socked feet.
About 4 or 5 Minutes

Scene 3. Mandy sniffs Ashlynn’s spread toes in the socks slowly peels them off as Ashlynn protests. (Could you get Ashlynn’s pov here). Mandy is tired of Ashlynn’s talking and stuffs her socks in her mouth. She worships her barefeet all over. Licking her soles and sucking her toes. Mandy leaves her struggling as camera zooms on her feet.

Length: 10:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Mandy Wolf – “Blind Date” Bound Foot & Sock Worship

TMFFantasies – Ama & Ashlynn – “Sweat Princess” Brat & Nerd Turn Lesbian Lovers

Ama gets home from school with her feet sweaty from being in high heels all day. Ama sits on the coach snapping her fingers and yells for her nerdy roommate Ashlynn. She asks Ashlynn if her Thesis is ready, Ashlynn says yes and hands it over to Ama. Ama warns Ashlynn that she better get an A* this time. Last time she got an A- which is unacceptable.

Ashlynn asks Ama if she is able to get her an A* this time if can she hang out with Ama and all the cool girls in college. Ashlynn really wants to sit with Ama and her girlfriends at the cool table at lunch time. Ama thinks it’s hilarious that a nerd such as Ashlynn would even think Ama would ever consider this. As a punishment for thinking this Ama attaches a collar and leash to Ashlynn’s neck. Ama sits back down on the couch and holding Ashlynn’s leash orders her onto her knees.

Ashlynn is reluctantly made to remove and inhale Ama’s stinky high heels and describe the sour vinegary smell to Ama who is laughing. Ama informs Ashlynn that she hasn’t washed her feet in weeks. Ama makes Ashlynn inhale her stinky socks then remove them with her teeth. Ama places the socks on Ashlynn’s head to make a Tiara and calls Ashlynn her “Sweat Princess”. Ama orders Ashlynn to rub and massage her sweaty bare feet whilst wearing her Tiara. Ama takes some videos of her Sweat Princess Ashlynn with her Tiara massaging her feet to upload to TikTok. Ama makes Ashlynn rub inbetween her toes then reluctantly smell her own hands which now stink of Ama’s sweaty feet whilst Ama videos her laughing at the poor nerd.

Ama tells Ashlynn not to refer to her as Ama but as Miss Rio or Ma’am. Ama’s social status is a lot higher than Ashlynn’s and Ashlynn really should get to know her place. Ama sticks her feet in Ashlynn’s face and makes Ashlynn inhale them then Ama rubs them all over Ashlynn’s face whilst Ashlynn is crying/whimpering. Ama hopes that her sweaty smell will stick to Ashlynn’s face like a perfume. Whilst Ashlynn is whimpering Ama is teasing her saying things like “Awww you poor thing”.

Ashlynn tries to resist so Ama threatens to take Ashlynn to the bathroom and flush Ashlynn’s head down the toilet like Ama and her friends usually do to Ashlynn at school. Ashlynn is afraid of Ama so she stops resisting an begins to comply with Ama but she still cries, whimpers and begs Ama to stop. Ama sadistically tells Ashlynn that she is adorable when she is whimpering.

Next Ashlynn is reluctantly made to inhale and worship Ama’s feet whilst massaging them. Ashlynn is crying and whimpering whilst Ama is seductively and sadistically teasing Ashlynn about being her Sweat Princess. Ama videos Ashlynn wearing her sock-Tiara some more during the foot worship and uploads the videos onto TikTok.

Ama grabs Ashlynn’s leash and makes Ashlynn stand up. Ama walks Ashlynn to her bedroom whilst being made to hold Ama’s sweaty high heels in her hands. Ama lies on the bed and makes Ashlynn lick and kiss her sweaty bare feet whilst describing the vinegary taste to Ama. Ama makes Ashlynn stick her fingers in between Ama’s toes then inahale her own fingers and suck the sweat off them. Then Ama makes Ashlynn lick the toe jam inbetween her feet. Ama asks Ashlynn what her toe jam tastes like and Ashlynn replies that it’s very bitter and sour, very vinegary.

Ama is so impressed with Ashlynn’s dedication that she stops being mean and teasing Ashlynn. Ama starts to kiss and make out with Ashlynn. Ama removes the leash from Ashlynn’s collar then then Ama and Ashlynn undress eachother whilst making out until they are wearing nothing except their sexy lingerie.

Ama removes and inhales Ashlynn’s high heels then inhales and worshipping Ashlynn’s sweaty bare feet whilst Ashlynn is inhaling Ama’s high heels. Ama and Ashlynn make out. Ama seductively lies Ashlynn down and sensually kisses Ashlynn from her feet to her head, removing Ashlynn’s bra and worshipping her breasts. Ashlynn and Ama make out then Ashlynn kisses Ama all over her body. Whilst making out Ashlynn removes Ama’s bra and worships her breasts then Ama rubs Ashlynn’s feet all over her breasts then worships Ashlynn’s feet some more.

Ama and Ashlynn passionately make out then worship eachother’s sweaty feet at the same time continously switching between inhaling eachother’s feet, worshipping eachother’s feet and making out with eachother.

Whilst making out Ashlynn asks Ama if she is her girlfriend now and Ama says yes. Ama tells Ashlynn that on Monday in school she will introduce Ashlynn as her girlfriend to all her cool friends. At lunch time Ashlynn will be sitting with Ama and the other girls at the cool table. If any girl tries to bully or be mean to Ashlynn they’ll have to deal with Ama who is the leader of the girl-gang.

Ashlynn is worried about the TikTok videos but Ama tells her not to worry as no one will be mean to Ashlynn once they realize Ama is dating Ashlynn. In fact Ama suggests making some more videos and selling them online. Ashlynn agrees with Ama and they continue to make out. Ama and Ashlynn video eachother taking turns putting gummy sweats on eachother’s toes and eating them off whilst describing the taste of the sweets mixed with eachother’s toe jam.

Ashlynn tries to tell Ama something but then hesitates. Ama asks Ashlynn what it is. Ashlynn says it’s nothing…Ama wouldn’t be interested anyway since it’s so geeky. Ama probes Ashlynn some more and she tells Ama that she has two tickets to Comic-Con and was wondering if Ama would want to cosplay with her. Before Ama can answer Ashlynn interrupts Ama and tells her it’s a stupid idea and to forget that Ashlynn mentioned it. Ama presses her finger against Ashlynn’s lips to stop her from talking and tells Ashlynn she’d love to go to Comic-Con and cosplay but only on the condition that she gets to go with her girlfriend Ashlynn.

Ashlynn and Ama make out some more then worship/inhale eachother’s feet and kiss eachother all over their bodies. Ama tries to remove Ashlynn’s collar but Ashlynn stops her and tells Ama to leave it on as it signifies Ama’s ownership of her and she loves being a submissive for Ama. This turns Ama on so she grabs Ashlynn and passionately makes out with her.

Finally both ladies get into bed under the covers and make out. Ashlynn is really happy to be one of the cool girls now. Whilst making out Ashlynn tells Ama she doesn’t know how to be tough or bully other girls. Ama kisses Ashlynn and tells her to relax, from now on Ama will protect Ashlynn from the other mean girls but it would help if Ashlynn could find a nerd who she could pick on and bully for herself. Ashlynn suggests that girl Indica from her maths class who is such a nerd. Ama tells Ashlynn that Indica would be perfect for Ashlynn’s first victim.

Ama and Ashlynn passionately make out then fall resting snuggled together under the covers as the scene fades out.

Length: 32:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama & Ashlynn – “Sweat Princess” Brat & Nerd Turn Lesbian Lovers

TMFFantasies – Britteni & Misty – “Worship My Resting Soles” Sneaky Foot Worship

Britteni & Misty are watching a recommended movie but it’s a bore. Britteni looks drowsy and apparently closes her eyes for a rest. Thinking she’s out, Misty uses this opportunity to sneak over to Britteni’s sexy feet for some fun. She begins indulging in Britteni’s HOT long toes and gorgeous soft soles. Britteni pretends to rest, keeping her eyes shut but enjoying every moment of Misty licking and sucking. Misty even gets so turned on, she strips nude, rubs her pussy, and cums to Britteni’s delectable feet. What are the odds that both these sext women have a foot fetish?!

Length: 10:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Britteni & Misty – “Worship My Resting Soles” Sneaky Foot Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Blondi & Marcy – “Entry Level Foot Bitch” Amazon Mesmerize Foot Worship

Ashlynn is applying for a marketing position with a high-end shoe designer that specializes in women’s XL Plus shoes. Part of the interview process is to inspect a shoe and smell it. Ashlynn does this and falls into a trance. The smell was too overpowering for her weak mind. Looks like she won’t be starting off in her marketing position. Instead, she will have to start at entry level as a foot slave and work her way up the corporate ladder! Blondi and Marcy have their way with their new foot bitch before sending her off to get them coffee.

Length: 15:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Blondi & Marcy – “Entry Level Foot Bitch” Amazon Mesmerize Foot Worship