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KaylaJaneDanger – Nylon JOI

What is it about nylons that arouse you so? Is it the way they look, how they feel when you touch them, is it the way I wear them so well? Does it really matter when I’m inviting you to stroke to my perfect legs and feet in these sheer black nylons, to deepen your admiration of me and your obsession with nylon stockings? I make sure you stroke slowly so you can make it to the end, but is there ever really an end, when you deepen your nylon dependency with every stroke?

Length: 13:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

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KaylaJaneDanger – How many strokes

My feet are the ultimate aphrodisiac, one look and your cock is throbbing to attention, twitching with anticipation and desire. You’ll be instructed to sit on your hands while I put your mouth to work, worshiping my feet exactly as instructed. I’m going to get you so worked up worshiping my feet you’ll barely be able to control yourself when I tell you to start stroking, then it’s only a matter of counting out those strokes to find out how many it takes to extract that jizz?!

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

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KaylaJaneDanger – Foot Fetish Therapy-Fantasy for Old School Men

This is a specialty kind of therapy-fantasy, and I am a special kind of counsellor.You come to me to come to terms with your fetish and to construct safe and sane experiences for you to explore your kinks. But the thing is you’re a specific kind of ‘old school’ foot guy. You think you’re a big man, you think you’re in charge, you think My feet are an object for your arousal and pleasure and don’t consider the woman attached to the feet. That is all about to chance, you are going to submit, to relinquish all control and heed my commands if you want these stockinged feet, and you are DESPERATE for these feet! So you will give in …you will submit.

Length: 13:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Fetish Therapy-Fantasy for Old School Men

KaylaJaneDanger – Coffee Break JOI

work is such a pain, but our little secret keeps you coming back day after day and puts more pep in your step than the coffee breaks we share. But that’s because I fill your coffee breaks with your ultimate fantasy, the fantasy that has you giving me most of your salary. You arrived late today so we don’t have as much time as usual, but I know you’re already hard and ready to stroke for me while I dangle my high heel pumps effortlessly from my nylon encased toes. You will stroke as long as you’ve got, until I give you a little countdown so I can get back to my desk and no one finds us out! Securing this coffee break JOI is the highlight of your career

Length: 10:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

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KaylaJaneDanger – A night to remember

The WHOLE NIGHT It’s date night and you caught me motioning my legs, making us late as always, but it’s so worth it isn’t it. See how shiny and silky my legs look, just think of how they’ll feel rubbing up against you under the table while we dine. Think of the way all the men and women will stop and stare when I walk into the restaurant… in that little new dress you bought me! It was going to be a surprise but since you’re already distracted I may as well take off my robe, and show you the new lingerie I got on your credit card, and get you even more worked up, stroking for my legs and the power they have over you … will we even make it to dinner, through dinner? Dinner was perfect, and so exciting, feeling my soft legs made keeping your erection throughout the whole dining experience easy, now that we’re home you’ll finally get to worship these silky supple legs, with your hands and your mouth, as you wait for my instructions to stroke again. You will surrender so completely to these legs that there’s no going back. You’ll be my leg slave for life.

Length: 20:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

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CharlotteStokely – Foot Loser Beta Vibes

You just have this vibe that gives off VERY strong beta energy and uh, I think that’s makes you one of the biggest losers I know so just sit back while I show you you’re true self.

Oh no…. Are my feet in your face now? Is this too much to handle for you? If you’re not a stupid little beta then you should have no problem staring at my smooth sexy feet.

It’s gonna be so much fun telling everyone you bow down at my feet.

Stroke it faster beta boy! You’re gonna look so much better locked up, but for now I want you to spray your load all over my perfect feet.

Length: 7:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Loser Beta Vibes

CharlotteStokely – Foot Gagging Perv

My videos have turned you into a foot gagging perv and there’s no going back now haha…

Since you clearly enjoy gagging yourself while you fuck your hand you’re gonna have to send me an email thanking me…

I want everyone to know that I’m the person who broke down your little brain until you are nothing but a foot perv…

Go on perv, start writing that email to me telling me how dedicated you are hahah…

Length: 7:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Gagging Perv

CharlotteStokely – Edge Knowing Your Denied

You’re only good when you’re balls are full of cum and your brain is so clouded with lust that you’ll do whatever I say….. even if I say you’ll edge for an entire week LOL.

Oh are you about to cum? Are ya gonna cum all over these pretty fucking feet? We’re not done here, I feel a loser like you needs to edge again before you’re ruined for the night LOL. An edging session isn’t worth it if I don’t make you have at least two failed orgasms.

Length: 11:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Edge Knowing Your Denied