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Perverstage – Fetish Secretary obsessed with Manager’s Feet

She is a demanding manager, she urgently demands the financial reports of the company from her secretary, the demanding manager begins her online meeting when she is interrupted by her secretary, the secretary has long fantasized about the feet of her chief manager, the secretary captivated by The elegant heels that she usually wears, imagine that there will be inside those exquisite stockings and heels, the secretary can’t take it anymore and takes advantage of the distraction of her chief manager who is in the middle of a video conference, the secretary crawls under her desk to play and adore the feet of her boss manager who tries to stay focused on her online meeting, but the fetish secretary takes off her boss manager’s shoes to kiss, smell and kiss her feet in stockings, then she will have her boss completely barefoot to continue distracting with Tickle and pacifier on the sexy feet of the demanding manager.

Length: 35:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fetish Secretary obsessed with Manager’s Feet

TheFootFantasy – Sushii Earns Her White Karate Belt

Mandy and Sushii are in the dojo and Mandy has Sushii’s white belt, if she wants it she’s going to have to improve the strength in her feet. Mandy knows Sushii wants the belt and she tells Sushii to worship her own feet. Mandy takes Sushii’s left foot and licks it, worshiping, Showing Sushii how to do it. Sushii grabs her right foot bringing it to her mouth, she licks her soles and sucks her own toes just as Mandy is doing to her left foot. This will surely get Sushii’s feet strong and make this karate girl white belt ready.

Length: 10:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TheFootFantasy – Jae Lynn Earns Her Karate White Belt

ROXIE RAE is in the dojo at ROXIE’S KARATE ACADEMY awaiting her new student JAE LYNN’S arrival. JAE LYNN comes in excited in her white gi ready for her white belt from ROXIE. ROXIE has JAE LYNN’S belt and tells JAE LYNN in order to get it she will have to prove her dedication to the academy. JAE LYNN says she will do anything as ROXIE has her sit. ROXIE sits too and puts her SWEATY FEET right in JAE LYNN’S nose, making her SMELL them and reminding JAE LYNN she said she will do anything. ROXIE tells JAE LYNN to LICK and SUCK all the SWEAT and DIRT from her FEET, cleaning them with her MOUTH if she wants her belt. JAE LYNN does not want to FOOT WORSHIP ROXIE’S STINKY and SWEATY FEET but she really wants her belt as she takes a LICK. ROXIE instructs JAE LYNN to WORSHIP her FEET and make them WET with her SPIT, swallowing down all the salty SWEAT. Will JAE LYNN earn her white KARATE belt?

Length: 8:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jae Lynn Earns Her Karate White Belt

RussianFetish – Lisenok, the relaxed gamer Part 2 – Keep licking my feet while I’m playing

Lisenok continues to play her favorite video game, while her friend Annika sneaks up on her and slowly licks her sexy feet. She tickles them with her lips and fingers and licks them with her tongue, and Lisenok continues to play, laughing a little.

Then Lisenok settles into a different position and her divine feet are on top of Annika. The brunette continues to enjoy her friend’s feet. Later, Annika lifts Lisenok’s feet and caresses them with her lips and tongue at the same time.

In the end, Annika lays down on the floor and continues kissing and licking soles and toes of her game-focused friend.

Length: 15:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lisenok, the relaxed gamer Part 2 – Keep licking my feet while I’m playing

RussianFetish – Leya and Tonya – Old friends have some foot worship fun

Two girlfriends Leya and Tonya are lying on a sofa and reading a book. A bit bored, Tonya takes the initiative and takes an interest in Leya’s feet. She takes off her socks and starts licking her entire foot and also sucking her toes. Leya is surprised and gets pleasure, barely holding back her moans. Her cute reaction motivates Tonya to lick her feet with even more enthusiasm.

When Tonya finished the worship, Leya decided to do the same, and with no less pleasure begins to lick Tonya’s feet. They both love it, Tonya flexes in pleasure as Leya’s tongue runs over her bare foot and her lips take her plump toes into her mouth. Enjoy!

Length: 21:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Leya and Tonya – Old friends have some foot worship fun

RussianGirlsInDistress – I’ll make you cum from foot worship

This young beautiful girls love foot fetish.
Olivia lies dressed in sexy lingerie. Maya comes to her, standing on the knees near to her feet. She takes off Olivia’s shoes. Olivia watches curios. Maya teases her and licks the shoe in her hand. Aww, why the shoe?- thinks Olivia. Maya puts it again on this beautiful foot. It’s too early, she leaves the dessert for a later. She starts to lick the shoe, while Olivia still wearing it. She is so gentle and excited to do it. Oh the way how she sucks the heel.. we hear first moaning from Olivia. After Maya finally takes this shoes off. She starts to treat the feet, lick them with her warm tongue, sucking her toes. She do it with so passion, what makes Olivia so excited. Most of the video we can see Olivia’s fit body, how she flexes with waves of excitement, sexual desire makes her body tremble, her face shows the real pleasure.

Length: 22:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I’ll make you cum from foot worship

RussianGirlsInDistress – Alice in the WonderFootLand

The evil Queen, who has very beautiful feet, rules the world here. She is a self-confident bitch who has prepared a lot of miracles for Alice. She sits her on her knees in front of her, indicating her place. She orders her beige pumps to be tongue and lips worshiped. Alice tries very hard, she licks her soles with her tongue and sucks on a thin heel with her small mouth. She does it so well that the Queen decides to give her the honor of treating the royal feet. The Queen makes sure that Alice does this carefully, verbally teasing and humiliating her. She makes Alisa a slave to serve her feet. She must learn how to handle the feet in perfection. Queen sometimes helps her by putting her on her feet, putting all her fingers into her mouth and pushing her head up and down, up and down…

Length: 28:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alice in the WonderFootLand