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TAWorship – The Cure for Sore Feet – Podiatrist Slyyy

Podiatrist Slyyy has the busty Emma on the table and she’s listening to her complaint of sore tired feet. How often I had thought, Podiatry, why didn’t I think of that sooner in life? Oh well, so now we’ll just all have to enjoy watching Slyyy cure those tired feet with things I don’t think they teach you in medical school…

Length: 15:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Are those my socks? Repayment for a stolen pair of socks

Are those my socks? That’s what she asks and her friend quickly admits the theft. That starts a chain of apologies, I didn’t have a pair, I went to the gym, and all the time Emma is just looking at those feet knowing exactly what she’ll want as repayment.

Enjoy how a little petty theft leads to some really enjoyable foot worshipping.

Length: 16:53
Resolution: 4096×2160

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Obedient Foot Servant

I often like to unwind while taking a bubble bath. It feels so nice to just relax and let the warm soapy water soak and sooth my soft skin, making it even softer. Today is a little different because Krissy is spending the day with me. She’s such an obedient little hottie who will do anything I say. And since right now I’m in the mood to have my feet tended to with her pretty mouth, I call her over to worship my little feet while I lounge in my bubble bath. Without missing a beat, my sexy little obedient foot servant comes to me and gets on her knees while my wet feet rests on the edge of the tub. Krissy runs her tongue all over my soles and even takes my toes into her mouth. OMG that was so sexy!!! I love when she nibbles on my soles because it makes me giggle since I have very ticklish feet! Watching Krissy worship my small feet and the feeling of her mouth on them was REALLY turning me on. For real!!

Length: 5:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Secret Foot Admirer

Lately I’ve been getting these anonymous letters talking about how sexy my feet are and how much of a turn-on they are. So much that it makes them wet. I thought, hmm, that sounds like a girl. It just so happens that I started getting these letters soon after this super hot girl named Dacey moved into the apartment complex. Turns out, Dacey was going to be stopping by so we can sort of get to know each other, and I have an idea that will help me learn if she’s the actually the one who’s sending me these letters!

After she arrives, we engage in a little small talk, and then I bring up these letters. She plays dumb about the whole thing, but I have strong suspicions. I decide to mesmerize her so that she’s completely under my control. Once she’s under my spell, I have her smell my feet and worship them. I have her lick my soles and suck on my toes. I have to say, her mouth and tongue felt so good on my bare feet. It was turning me on too! I then bring her out of being under my spell. Once she was out, I got her to admit that it was in fact her who was sending me those letters! I knew it! I let her worship my feet some more, but this time, while not mesmerized. She loved kissing and licking my amazingly soft bare tootsies. It was turning me on even more. So much, that we even started to make out. I think Dacey needs to come over more often. We need to further explore this infatuation she has with me and my feet!

Length: 19:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Couldn’t Resist Her Big Feet

Ama is tired after having been on her feet all day. Her legs and calves were really tight and her feet were very sore. So as the masseuse, I was going to provide her with some relief by giving her a rubdown. As I was finishing up, Ama asked if I could spend a little more time on her feet. I was very happy to do so, because the entire time, I really couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Her feet are so soft and curvy. They’re quite large too, yet very elegant. Her feet are really beautiful and I found myself having difficulty resisting the urge to worship them. I’m ordinarily very professional, but this time I just couldn’t help myself. I knew I was taking a big risk, but I lifted up one of her feet and began kissing and licking her sole and toes. I wasn’t exactly sure how Ama was going to react. But after only a minute, she said “I like that” with a smile on her face, and that was my green light to really worship her feet. I was so thrilled inside. I loved kissing and licking every inch of Ama’s big beautiful sexy feet. Ama said that she never knew she would like having her feet licked, so I knew she was enjoying this very sensuous foot fetish moment we were having.

Length: 11:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

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