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RussianFetish – Mila enjoys bondage and foot worship with Madoka and Astrid

Tonight there’s a rare guest – Mila, a lover of bondage adventures, fetishes and soft BDSM, has fun with two girls who are also no strangers to her hobbies. You know them very well – Astrid and Madoka. Unlike Mila, who identifies herself strictly as a dominatrix, these two cuties are submissive. It’s a match!

It all starts with Mila tying Astrid into a hogtie and gagging her. Madoka, already with her hands tied, awaits orders from Mila. When Astrid finds herself fully bound, Madoka’s time comes. Mila leads her to Astrid’s feet and makes her suck Astrid’s toes and licks her soles. Madoka happily begins to do so.

Mila watches all this and, getting a desire for Madoka to lick her feet as well. Mila sits down on the bench next to the hogtied Astrid, putting Madoka on her knees, making her worship her feet. Mila has very pretty feet, and Madoka enjoys that too, foot-fetish is one of her favorite pastimes.

Length: 34:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mila enjoys bondage and foot worship with Madoka and Astrid

RussianFetish – Dark Ariel and her girlfriend – Racy New Year’s double Foot Worship

Dark Ariel will be with her girlfriend today, who is very modest but sexy, and the glasses give her more innocence look.
Dark Ariel will try to spoil her girlfriend. The girls settle against each other, take off each other shoes and massage each other’s feet.

Then they begin playfully kissing and licking arches each other’s feet. Then they undress each other and go topless. Dark Ariel is aroused by her friend and she settles under her feet to start licking her delicious toes. Her friend slightly dominates her and guides her feet to her mouth. Dark Ariel greedily caresses he friend’s feet.

The girl removes her glasses and enjoys sensations. Then the girls switch places and now Ariel enjoys caresses of her feet. Her friend kisses her soles and toes, moaning slightly.
Then the girlfriends sit down against each other again on the floor and lick their feet.
And toward the end, dark Ariel stands up and pushes her friend lightly toward the chair for one last pleasuring of her feet, she runs them over her friend’s breasts and then brings her foot up to her mouth making her lick it and moan even more.

Length: 19:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dark Ariel and her girlfriend – Racy New Year’s double Foot Worship

RussianFetish – Sara Bork eats and tickles Eva Barbies bare feet

In this clip, two rousing girlfriends have fun.
Eva Barbie is topless, she is strapped to a bench with belts and has a ballgag in her mouth, she sits with her bare feet forward.
Sara Bork is right there at her feet, having fun with them as she wants and as she can. Sara greedily sucks and licks Eva’s soles taking her entire foot deeply into her mouth, as much as her throat allows her to do.

She does it with mischievous madness in her eyes, what a wild thing she is! In addition to juicy and passionate foot licking, Sara also tickles the feet of her helpless victim intensely with a devious, charming smile.

Length: 12:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sara Bork eats and tickles Eva Barbies bare feet

RussianFetish – Astrid’s turn to tempt Olivia for some foot licking

In this clip, two barefoot beauties Astrid and Olivia have fun with each other again. This time it’s Astrid’s turn to lick her friend’s bare feet and she does it with pleasure and passion. Olivia’s feet smelled nice after a day in sneakers, which excited Astrid even more, as she loves the smell of feet.

At first, the two girlfriends kiss, Astrid takes the initiative and gets down to Olivia’s feet and starts kissing and licking them. Olivia isn’t far behind and taking advantage of Astrid’s position and the fact that her feet are close by, she also starts enjoying her bare feet. The girls are turned on and make pleasurable moans and grunts.

In the next scene Olivia settles down on the couch and Astrid is right there by her bare feet, continuing to lick them, making Olivia go crazy because her wet tongue wandering on her feet and toes feels about equal to a flight into space. All in all, during the filming of this clip, both girls got a huge dose of pleasure. Enjoy!

Length: 20:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Astrid’s turn to tempt Olivia for some foot licking

RussianFetish – Alla vs Lisenok – Tickling her half-naked body and foot worship

Time for a cheerful F/F tickle! Lisenok has her hands tied up to the ceiling and tries to get out. She is in the middle of the room and is dressed in jeans and a sweater over her naked body. Alla comes to her victim, walks around teasing her, and begins to tickle her. She flirts with Lisenok, then lifts her jacket and starts biting her tummy and sides, which makes the slender tiklee go crazy and laugh very loudly.
Alla stands in front of Lisenok’s belly and bites her navel.
“It tickles!” – Lisenok yells.

Alla has fun and torments her more and more. Alla makes Lisenok holds her sweater in her teeth, pulling it up. And then she her victim harder. Later, Alla leaves, but not for long.
When Alla returns, she released Lisenok and pust her on a sofa. Here she settles down near her ticklee’s bare feet and begins to lick them greedily and bite her toes a little. Lisenok reacts brightly and laughs.
Later, Alla uses a couple of tools to massage her feet and then proceeds to lick her friend’s sweet toes.

Length: 20:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alla vs Lisenok – Tickling her half-naked body and foot worship

RussianFetish – Foot-Fetish Lovers – Dark Ariel’s new victim Arcadia + Kissing each other’s feet

Arcadia stopped somewhere on the outskirts of the city to pee and when she returned to the car, she decided to dream a little. She took off her shoes and threw her bare feet out the open window. The rain wet her feet and Arcadia imagined her feet being licked. Yes, in this universe all girls love foot fetish 🙂
Dark Ariel passing by saw a girl’s bare feet sticking out of a car window. She decided to tickle her beautiful soles, and Arcadia, who was thoughtful, didn’t immediately understand what was the matter.

After prolonged caresses with her tongue and lips, Ariel moved away. Arcadia woke up and thought that she had dreamed it all as if raindrops were licking her feet. She decided to sneak into the back seat flashing her beautiful soles. She took off her outer clothes and stretched out her legs, she was hoping that sweet dreams would come true.

Ariel at that time was watching the girl and got into the car to tickle and lick the soles greedily again. She smirked as the girl laughed from the tickling and moaned from kisses.
Ariel decided to move closer to Arcadia and then she realized that the stranger was real and began to undress Ariel. “What a sexy stranger,” she whispered languidly. Arcadia took off her shoes and began to kiss her toes and feet. The girls were excited and happy.

In the end, Ariel couldn’t just leave her new girlfriend, and while she was in ecstasy, she tied Arcadia’s hands, tickled her beautiful breasts and went out into the cold rain. Poor Arcadia got alone, excited, with no idea what was going on. She struggled in vain to get out while Ariel, leaving, looked after her…

Length: 25:49
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Foot-Fetish Lovers – Dark Ariel’s new victim Arcadia + Kissing each other’s feet

RussianFetish – Astrid is hogtied and has fun while Olivia plays with her feet

Lovely Olivia tickles Astrid’s bare feet, licks them thoroughly with her tongue, sucks her cute toes, bites her soles, tickles her with combs, her nails, and other devices, and slaps Astrid’s feet with a paddle.
Olivia is happy that she finally got to the tender and sexy feet of her bound friend Astrid and has fun with her victim to the fullest.

Length: 12:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Astrid is hogtied and has fun while Olivia plays with her feet

RussianFetish – Young goddess Olesya in catsuite allows you to lick her feet

Olesya is really a devastating beauty, if you will fall in love with her you will suffer… Or maybe this is what you lack? In general, she is not very perverted, but if you insist she allows you to lick her fragrant sexy feet, and suck every toe.

The babe sits on the bed in a sexy black catsuit and looks at you with her beautiful eyes. No doubt, at this moment she is thinking about how you lick her sexy little soles, high arches, a bit rough heels, and small, cute toes…

Length: 23:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Young goddess Olesya in catsuite allows you to lick her feet

RussianFetish – Kristina and Mary Sole – Hogtie, Tickling, and Foot worship

Two girlfriends Mary Sole and Kristina are topless, they are having fun with each other. They both look amazing. Young and daring Kristina with big and slightly dirty feet, and her older friend Mary, a charming and well-groomed beauty with neat soles and toes.

Kristina is tightly hogtied with ropes while Mary sits so that she can tickle her bound friend’s feet and that her feet are near Kristina’s face and mouth.
Mary is having fun, she tickles Kristina’s feet and laughs, licking her toes, deep arches, and heels of her ticker.

In general, Mary has super sensitive feet and therefore Kristina distracts her from the tickling by licking and sucking her toes and making Mary moan with pleasure. Kristina likes her position, she is a real kinkster who loves tight bondage and foot fetish.

Length: 14:10
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Kristina and Mary Sole – Hogtie, Tickling, and Foot worship

RussianFetish – Madoka worships the feet of Headmistress Kristina to not get kicked out of school

The story
Kristina is a private school principal. At the end of the day, she sits in her office. A knock is heard at the door of her office, and Madoka , an unlucky student and truant, enters the office.
Kristina was waiting for her to talk about her systematic absenteeism and, as a result, academic failure. But Madoka was silent and shy. The headmistress informs her student that she will most likely be expelled from school because of her situation. Madoka, realizing what’s happening, said that she is ready to do anything to stay in school.

Kristina liked Madoka’s offer and readiness, and she decided to take advantage of the plight of her student and help her, but on the condition that Madoka will have to work out and try hard.
Then, the headmistress walked up to the modest Madoka and strips her down to her panties. Madoka was very embarrassed but didn’t dare to contradict her. Moreover, she always secretly admired Kristina’s beauty.
The headmistress took out a pair of handcuffs and chained Madoka’s hands behind her back. As a result, Madoka was on her knees, her ankles were also handcuffed and her big toes were chained with small toe-cuffs.

Kristina made her lick her big bare feet properly. Madoka kneeled by the couch on which her headmistress lied and dutifully fulfilled her part of the contract – she worshipped the fragrant and slightly sweaty feet of her school principal. Kristina moaned and got very excited because Madoka did it great. Over time, Kristina takes out a Magic Wand and started helping herself to cum while Madoka sucked her toes. Kristina got a perfect orgasm and became very pleased, but she didn’t hurry to forgive Madoka so quickly…

For next, Madoka was hogtied tightly and ballgagged on the director’s desk, and Kristina tickled her bare petite feet. Having played enough with her student, the headmistress assured her that she won’t be expelled because she has paid off her debts completely. But instead of untying Madoka she simply left her alone. Topless hogtied Madoka had to learn her lesson.

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Length: 31:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Madoka worships the feet of Headmistress Kristina to not get kicked out of school