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RFStudioProduction – When spying a friend is not ashamed – Liana licks Annika’s feet and then they play with each other

Annika came into a room and sat down to watch TV. But what did she looking at? Moans came from the TV and Annika reached for a vibrator. She put it between her legs and turned it on while looking at the TV and rested her bare feet on a coffee table.

Meanwhile, her friend Liana was spying on her and she was getting turned on by watching Annika. The spying girl began to caress herself under her skirt. Then Liana knocked the door.
“What are you doing here without me?”, she asked and Annika immediately shuddered and removed the vibrator.

Liana sat down closer and took her friend’s feet, saying that she wants to play with them. She began to massage Annika’s feet and then began to greedily lick them, suck her heels and toes. She moaned and Annika got excited and laughed a little from tickling.
Annika lifted her shirt and touched her breasts and nipples. Liana handed her a vibrator and offered to continue.

Then Liana took off her friend’s T-shirt and sat higher so that she could caress Annika’s body with her feet. And rubbed her face with her feet. Annika was really excited and began to lick her friend’s swarthy feet. She did it with enthusiasm. Later, the girlfriends sat opposite each other and began to lick their feet at the same time. They moaned, smiled, and caressed themselves. In the end, they got tired and stopped for a while…

Length: 25:37
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – When spying a friend is not ashamed – Liana licks Annika’s feet and then they play with each other

RFStudioProduction – Alla, Aksinja and Ariel and Foot Fetish Stone

The story
Aksinya knew that somewhere nearby there was a hidden artifact – a strong foot-fetish stone that gathered the power of all the beautiful legs licked by the Witch.
Aksinya almost found the cherished place as she felt a strong noise in her head. Not understanding what was happening, she continued to walk forward. A dark figure appeared behind her with raised hands. The figure became even closer, completely behind the girl. A sharp pain stunned Aksinya and she collapsed on the shoulders of the Foot-Fetish Witch.

Alla, who couldn’t find her friend, went in search of her. She had already reached the place, at the ruined hut. The coveted stone in the form of a skull was already visible. Alla picked it up and shook off the cobwebs. The witch was right there and raised her hands to stun Alla. The girl screamed in pain and dropped the stone.

The wicked Witch dragged both girls into her car and took Alla’s shoes off. She eagerly licked Alla’s bare feet and really liked it, she gained her strength again. The Witch licked the most delicious spots between toes and sucked them. Then she switched to Aksinya in the back seat – she took off her shoes and realized that her feet are very similar to Alla’s, also big and sexy.

After a while, the Witch decided to lead them to her lair. Arriving there, the Witch put napping Alla on the table and then did the same with Aksinya. Then she stripped down both girls to underwear and enjoyed the view. She proceeded to lick their feet for a long time. First, she licked Alla’s feet. Then she licked the feet of both girls.

Aksinya suddenly woke up and the Witch put her to rest again so that she wouldn’t interfere. She did the same with Alla.
In the end, smacking her lips, she sucked and licked their big feet. Then the Foot-Fetish Witch left full of power, leaving the girls alone.

Length: 35:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Alla, Aksinja and Ariel and Foot Fetish Stone

RFStudioProduction – Brittany and Pandora – Proper fun for two beauties – Bondage and footworship

Two sexy kittens were bored, and I immediately came up with an activity for them. Their bodies are perfect for being bound, and the beautifully laid ropes enhance their charm and sensuality.

In general, in this video, Brittany will diligently worship Pandora’s feet, while both girls will be in shibari. Let’s start with Brittany’s bondage. It’s quite simple: her hands are tied behind her back with the takate-kote technique, and she has a ball gag in her mouth until it’s needed in the plot of this video. She sits on her knees, waiting for the moment when I make her lick Pandora’s feet. As for Pandora, this fiery redhead had quite a challenging method of being tied up. Her hands are also in a takate-kote position like Brittany’s, and her legs are tied at the ankles, pulling her calves towards her thighs. Pandora is kneeling, with a rope attached to her hair tied to the ceiling using the same technique. In Pandora’s mouth, there is a huge black ball gag, and since I don’t need her mouth in this plot, it means it will remain sealed until the end.

I position Brittany on her knees next to Pandora’s bare feet, remove the gag from her mouth, and ask her to diligently worship Pandora’s feet and suck her toes. During the process, I command Brittany to take Pandora’s big toes into her mouth and manipulate her head in a back-and-forth motion. Furthermore, Brittany’s task doesn’t end there. While she licks Pandora’s heels, I whip her, delivering strikes to her buttocks, and a few even land between her legs.

At some point, Pandora started feeling discomfort from the bondage, so I slightly loosened it by untying her from the ceiling rope. This position is the most comfortable for Pandora and doesn’t hinder her from enjoying how Brittany sucks on her toes.

At one point, I simply observe this process from the sidelines, and damn, it’s incredibly sexy. One bound beauty crawled on her knees, worshipping the other bound beauty with a huge gag in her mouth. Enjoy!

Length: 21:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Brittany and Pandora – Proper fun for two beauties – Bondage and footworship

RFStudioProduction – Bad Security Guard and Domineering Agent – Kristy makes prisoner Ariel licks her feet

Cunning Agent Kristy is once again wandering through notorious places in search of villains. She comes across a suspicious basement and decides to investigate it. Suddenly, the lights go out, and she screams.
It turns out that at that moment, Dark Ariel was on guard duty, and upon discovering Kristy, she decided to set a trap for her. Ariel turned off the lights and went to check on the agent.
She turned the lights back on but didn’t find anyone. She went back.
At that moment, Kristy was ready and pounced on Ariel, knocking her out on the floor.

Fortunately, there was a cell nearby. And Kristy had a plan.
Sometime later, Ariel was lying in the cell, looking very pathetic. Kristy tapped on the bars of the cell. Now she took off her pants, revealing her slender legs. “You will obey me,” Kristy said, pressing Ariel’s face against the bars.
Now Kristy took off her socks and made the girl lick her beautiful feet. It seems the girl enjoyed it too.
She worshipped Kristy’s feet in different positions, and drool ran down Kristy’s soft, sun-kissed toes.

Now the agent threw the key near the cell and gave the girl a chance to escape. Ariel hastily opened the cell, and Kristy pulled her along on a leash. Ariel obeyed, and the dominant agent pushed the girl onto the cell, sat on the throne, and presented her feet for further licking and indulgence.

Later, Kristy climbed onto the cell and, as a true dominatrix, stretched her legs downward for Ariel to continue licking them. Then Kristy sat at the feet of her submissive and extended her feet for pleasure. Both girls enjoyed it immensely. They both moaned… But in the end, when Kristy got bored, she descended, fastened the leash with a chain to the cell, and left Dark Ariel alone…

Length: 22:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bad Security Guard and Domineering Agent – Kristy makes prisoner Ariel licks her feet

RFStudioProduction – Arina and Foxy – Seductive lesbian foot worship – Part 1

In this clip, we have two lovely friends, Arina and Foxy, playing with each other, playfully worshipping their bare feet. And they’re doing it with gusto, enthusiasm, and energy! Both girlfriends are topless.

In the first half of the clip, Arina lies on her stomach, licking cute Foxy’s feet, who sits behind and, in turn, lovingly worshipping Arina’s feet. Then the girls switch places. They are so engrossed in the process, and it’s incredibly exciting to watch them.

Length: 11:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Arina and Foxy – Seductive lesbian foot worship – Part 1

RFStudioProduction – Guzel delivers thrilling pleasure to bound Pandora

In this clip, gorgeous Pandora is restrained in a straitjacket with a ring gag in her mouth, fixed to a bench with her feet in stocks. Each of her bare toes is individually tied with a string.

Next to her feet is Guzel – our rare guest, who is eagerly inclined to have some fun with Pandora. Guzel is full of energy and she sensually licks Pandora’s soles, tickles them, licks them again, and then repeats the process, fully engrossed in this activity.

Tickling and foot worship go hand in hand here. Pandora is enjoying herself; she adores everything that is happening to her right now. Guzel also derives great enjoyment from everything happening here. It’s difficult to determine who among them experiences more pleasure.

Length: 15:44
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Guzel delivers thrilling pleasure to bound Pandora

RFStudioProduction – Pandora passionately worships Liza Lush’s feet

In this clip, naked cutie Liza Lush enjoys how naked Pandora carefully and predatory worships her bare feet with a tons of saliva. Pandora loves to lick delicate feet and she enjoys doing it, despite the fact that she does it very hot and sexy. For Liza, this is the first experience when her feet are licked so thoroughly and it seems she has come to the taste and will soon need it again and again. Both cuties moan in pleasure.
There are three poses in the video:
First Liza Lush sits on a bench with her legs stretched forward
Second she lies on her belly
Third she is in ‘the pose’, and Pandora is always next to her bare feet.

Length: 13:36
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Pandora passionately worships Liza Lush’s feet

RFStudioProduction – Olivia rushed to worship Astrid’s feet when she started doing yoga

One day, Astrid decided to do some yoga and stretching at home when suddenly her neighbor and friend Olivia came over to visit. Word by word, Olivia began to show Astrid how to properly do a stretching exercise.

Upon seeing Astrid’s bare foot and feeling its pleasant scent, Olivia can’t help herself and begins to eagerly worship Astrid’s feet. At first, Astrid felt a little uncomfortable since it was a bit weird, but then she got into the process, relaxed, and began to enjoy it.

Olivia, seeing and feeling this, continues to carefully lick Astrid’s feet and suck each toe with even greater passion and enthusiasm. All of this happens for a long time and in various positions.

Length: 32:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Olivia rushed to worship Astrid’s feet when she started doing yoga

RFStudioProduction – Madoka worships feet of bound and gagged Leya – Tickling and licking

In this clip, the predator is teasing its prey, namely the fetishist Madoka who is enjoying Leya’s feet.

At first, Madoka approaches Leya, who is tied to a bench with straps and ropes with a big ballgag in her mouth, and playfully teases her before taking off her dirty sweaty socks. Yes, Leya had a long day before she fell into Madoka’s hands.
Madoka wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t make Leya smell her sweaty socks by shoving them directly into her nose. Leya’s discontent only amuses Madoka.

Afterward, Madoka begins to tickle and lick Leya’s bare feet, and at one point, she takes her own black socks off and puts them in Leya’s mouth, securing them with tape. So the ball gag in Leya’s mouth is replaced with a sweaty sock gag.

Madoka continues to tickle Leya’s bare feet in the same way, mixing tickling with worshipping them and sucking her toes. Leya is overwhelmed, as no one has ever done this to her mouth before. Her tightly sock-gagged mouth emits muffled squeals…

Length: 23:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Madoka worships feet of bound and gagged Leya – Tickling and licking

RFStudioProduction – Liza Lush passionately worships Pandora’s feet

This clip features two naked beauties having fun, or more precisely, Pandora sitting on a bench while Liza Lush passionately and eagerly worships her bare feet with her tongue and lots of saliva. As it turns out, Liza loves it a lot and she does an excellent job with Pandora’s feet. Pandora is in heaven from the bliss; it really turns her on.

At first, Pandora is just sitting on the bench, then she lies on her belly, and then she assumes the pose (it’s when legs are bent towards her buttocks while lying on the stomach), and Liza Lush is always there actively licking and sucking her beautiful big feet, creating this fetish masterpiece. Enjoy!

Length: 14:52
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Liza Lush passionately worships Pandora’s feet