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KaylaJaneDanger – Under your neighbor’s heels

So… you’re my new neighbor, younger than I expected you to be, not that it’s a problem. I see the way you look at me, and I know you’ll be easy to seduce, easy to control. It doesn’t take long, while I’m dangling my stiletto pumps, to solicit all your attention, and make you smitten, eager to obey from morning til night and even in your dreams. You will wash everything from dishes, laundry and my car, to dildo, hosiery and my shoes. You will run errands, and be my bag boy while I’m shopping. You will massage my feet every day after work and if you’re a good boy the biggest honor of all will be chastity – the day I lock you up in a cage only to wear your key around my neck until I tire of you.

Length: 11:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

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KaylaJaneDanger – The Smelliest Foot Worship & JOI

I’ve got a treat for you today, your favorite, extra smelly socks and feet, fresh from a workout. There is nothing you love to indulge in more than the pungent scent of my soft moist feet, in and out of socks, lucky for you I offer my feet to be sniffed and worshipped, I allow you to express your desire for those smelly feet in every way, stroking to a breathy full body orgasm for my silky stinky feet!

Length: 11:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Smelliest Foot Worship & JOI

KaylaJaneDanger – Setting your Intentions

You can’t start your day without first kneeling at my feet, worshiping them and stroking for them setting your intentions for the day. There is nothing that draws your focus more than worshiping and stroking for my feet, nothing makes you as present, as purposeful, as whole as licking and sucking, tonguing and pumping to my pretty high arched feet. Let all your distractions fade to the background, focus on these feet and then drain your urges and desires from your body through the perfect meditative orgasm before you get on with your day!

Length: 11:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

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KaylaJaneDanger – Off limits to you!

You are but a lowly pervert on the internet consuming videos of women way out of your league, and I am definitely way out of your league, and off limits to you entirely if you only do the bare minimum. How much does it hurt, your head, your heart, your cock, that no matter how many videos you buy, how many hours you stroke or serve on the internet, you will probably never have what it takes to earn the honor of serving me in the flesh. There are men and women who make it to my feet, wrapped up in my ropes, lubing my latex, taking me shopping, but it’s not just expensive, they are opportunities that need to be earned. Something that a lowly bottom feeder like you could never, but you can dream, you can live vicariously, or you can step up, you can do more, you can start serving ME instead of yourself and maybe one day you’ll earn more than a raised eyebrow … until then I am off limits for you!

Length: 9:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

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KaylaJaneDanger – Beta for your BF’s Step-Sister

You are such a simp for your best friend’s step-sister, the way you get lost looking at her, and forget to talk when you’re around her, it’s not a secret. Today, I sees perfect opportunity to use your attraction to my advantage, to turn you from simp to slave. You will go from just pining over me and doing random things for me when you’re hanging out with my step-brother to living to serve me, to worshiping my feet and becoming my little slave forever. You will literally DO ANYTHING for me, so let’s make it real, forget about chasing pussy, you will never be able to get a woman like me, so you may as well cut off the chase, and settle into your submissive position at my feet, it’s the greatest honor your beta life could ever wish for!

Length: 12:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Beta for your BF’s Step-Sister

KaylaJaneDanger – Seeing Red

This festive yet timeless quickie JOI will trigger you into an instant erection for my long glossy pantyhose legs and high arched feet dangling these stiletto slides from the tips of my toes, my nipples topped with glittering pasties and you’ll be lucky if you can last the duration of this short stroke session, it’s all so hot you’re seeing RED in the best way!

Length: 5:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Seeing Red

KaylaJaneDanger – My Foot Sub

Every morning – every night you’re at the foot of my bed to worship my gorgeous feet. You get to sniff, kiss and lick them to your hearts content, as you worship your way deeper into service for my feet, into a complete fetish for my feet alone, you worship yourself deep into subspace, pulsing with pleasure, no touching and somehow you’re more turned on , you’ve known no greater pleasure than completely giving in to the power of these feet.

Length: 11:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My Foot Sub

KaylaJaneDanger – Her mindfucked boy toy

You’ve been caught watching me again, it’s truly gross. I’m going to teach you a lesson on consent by taking away your free will, I mind fuck you with my wiggling toes, bringing you into a deeply relaxed state where you’re nothing more than an obedient drone, driven by my commands. While you’re under I will reprogram that twisted mind of yours and make you a better roommate, a respectful, worthy, productive, useful roommate who can contribute to our dynamic and serve ME as I deserve. It’s only right … You’ll seal the deal by worshiping my pretty feet making the bond unbreakable, your mind is completely controlled by ME now!

Length: 13:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Her mindfucked boy toy

KaylaJaneDanger – The AfterHours Tutor part 1

You really must think I’m not paying attention, because you know I’m very smart. But I’m not a fan of subterfuge, and I can see right through why you’ve really hired me. You’re not the first to try to make a move, or look at me in an inappropriate way, and I offer a special service for married men like you. All you have to do is admit that you’re desperate for my feet, and a whole new world will open up for you!

Length: 10:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The AfterHours Tutor part 1