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KaylaJaneDanger – Whisper Blackmail-Fantasy

I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at my feet, and you finally made your move, you asked me to come inside away from our significant others so you could have a taste of my pretty feet. The thing is I’ve been planning what I’m going to do for some time, once I got you into this position and you are such a horny little bastard that you can’t resist the temptation. By the time you are licking my soles and sucking on my toes its too late, I could be loud and attract everyone’s attention to you worshiping my feet with a big boner, or you can stay quiet while I point out the cameras and tell you exactly what to do so I don’t show the real you to your wife! You’re going to empty your wallet and your balls for me and you’ll be in my pocket for as long as I’m entertained. Listen carefully because I whisper all my instructions, you know, so they don’t hear us!

Length: 7:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Whisper Blackmail-Fantasy

KaylaJaneDanger – Home wrecking Nylon Mind FUCK

I meet a man at a bar, he buys me a drink, but little did I know he was married until he introduced his wife. I don’t care what is plan was because he’s fallen into my web. The husband is fixated on my legs and feet as I dangle my heels. I mesmerize the husband with my nylon legs in feet while explaining to the wife why women hate me. I’m shocked that she isn’t slapping her husband and running him out of the bar. But alas women are just as mesmerized by my beauty and allure as their dumb husbands and boyfriends. I explain to the wife that basically you steal husbands, because it’s just too easy, and it’s a fun game for me at this point, turning other’s husbands into my slaves. I used my nylon feet to tease and mesmerize before making the husbands stroke for my feet in public, knowing full well that cumming for my feet will mean relinquishing his marriage & wife in exchange for slavery forever

Length: 11:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Home wrecking Nylon Mind FUCK

KaylaJaneDanger – Thigh High (Stocking) JOI

I start out in high heels, thigh high stockings and a very sexy little black dress, I know you’re already hard for me, your ultimate Goddess, looking so sexy, so sleek, I tease you with my stilettos, before slowly removing them baring my high arched, stocking encased feet. You get peeks up my dress throughout the video as I guide you on a sensual JOI for my stockings, my legs, my feet and the entire experience of being under my control. Your cock aches for me, the anticipation builds, will you make it until the end when I give you permission to cum for me?

Length: 10:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Thigh High (Stocking) JOI

KaylaJaneDanger – Ruin It For Foot Goddess Kayla

You love to watch me dangling high heel slides from my gorgeous high arched feet, there is just something so hot about me teasing you in shoes that already show off so much of my shapely soles and toes! I tease your dick to attention, and instruct you to stroke along from the time I remove my shoes, to the time they go back on. I will have you so worked up you almost forget this exercise was futile, because you won’t be allowed to cum. This Goddess’s feet are too good for you, but you know you deserve denial, and that ruined orgasm feels so good to your soul!

Length: 10:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ruin It For Foot Goddess Kayla

KaylaJaneDanger – Friend Zone Forever Part 3 Stroking to Denial

You’ve been my roommate long enough, I’ve noticed your quirks and you’ve lost your ability to keep your cool around me, which is becoming a bit annoying. Here’s the deal, it’s never going to happen, no matter what you think, what you see, how desperate you are for me, its never going to change.

Length: 9:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Friend Zone Forever Part 3 Stroking to Denial

KaylaJaneDanger – Blackmailed-fantasy by Fitness Coach

I’ve noticed you lurking outside my classes, I’ve seen the way you eye me and particularly my feet. And now my sneakers have gone missing, after a few classes where my socks have gone missing … Im catching on to you, and there’s nowhere for you to hide. You see I have this job for 2 reasons, to keep my body looking this hot, and to root out and use boys like you who need discipline, training and someone like me to take control of their cocks so they stay out of trouble. I don’t need this money so I have nothing to lose but you have everything to lose. You will hand over my shoes before the end of my next class, and you will hand over all your paychecks to me in order to stay in my good graces, and after each paycheck, well I’ve got a special treat for you that you will not want to miss. So be a good bitch for me and these sweaty, smelly socks and you will find out.

Length: 11:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blackmailed-fantasy by Fitness Coach

KaylaJaneDanger – Vacation Arrangement

I keep catch you lookin at me, like you are going to make a move, or you would if you weren’t so intimidated by me. Its hard not to be, I’m hot, clearly out of your league, at this fancy resort and you just can’t imagine where to begin so lucky for you I make the first move. While we chat i get a feel for you, and know exactly what buttons to push to get you to agree to my proposition. You know that you don’t have a chance to fuck me, but you do have the opportunity to be a good little foot boy while my husband fucks me properly! I’m just extra and I crave the extra stimulation and the power from controlling another man at my feet, trust me you will love it too!

Length: 8:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vacation Arrangement

KaylaJaneDanger – Stocking Slavery is Forever

These legs are incredible, you can’t stop looking at them, thinking about them, you are drawn to them. My legs steal your complete attention, arouse your desire, and you can’t take your eyes off of them. Every second you spend drooling over my stocking encased legs and lace covered booty you become more and more addicted, as you stroke for my luscious legs you are putting yourself in debt to me, to my legs, you stroke yourself into stocking slavery … your 10 minutes of pleasure for a lifetime of slavery to my stockinged legs!

Length: 9:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stocking Slavery is Forever

KaylaJaneDanger – Jerk off to Dangling Leather Flats

You get so hard when you see me wearing and dangling leather flats. The way they squeak on my feet heighten your senses, and your cock throbs as I pop my arches, and expertly dangle these shoes from my cute little toes. I’m so sweet and so encouraging, as I tell you how to you to pump your hand for my feet, You are so weak and horny it doesn’t take long to work you to the edge and make you desperate to cum for me and my dangling flats over and over again!

Length: 6:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jerk off to Dangling Leather Flats