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TheFootFantasy – Willow’s Pantyhose Ignore

Hot, newbie, Willow Lansky looks super hot in her pantyhose with her big size 8.5 feet up on the table in front of you. Willow doesn’t have any time to pay you any attention in fact the way you creep on her feet in nylons, makes you pathetic. Willow wiggles her toes in the hose as she naturally foot plays while on her phone texting and catching up with friends. You are such a loser at Willow’s feet and this brat girl lets you know by flicking you off and giving you the loser sign every once in a while to remind you of your place. Tip this brat every time she gives you the middle finger or loser sign if you want to remain at her feet and legs in pantyhose.

Length: 10:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Willow’s Pantyhose Ignore

TheFootFantasy – Taylors Sexy & Powerful Karate Feet JOI

Sexy BLONDE KARATE girl, TAYLOR KNIGHT is in the dojo and she’s seen you watching her and following her back and forth, peeping in the windows of the KARATE ACADEMY. TAYLOR has seen you looking down, hard in your pants and she assumes you are turned on by her KARATEKA FEET. Today, TAYLOR is going to find out as she invites you in. TAYLOR sits on the dojo mats in her white gi with her white belt and BARE FEET and SOLES right in front of you! Wouldn’t you love to get beat up and taken down by her strong and powerful FEET? TAYLOR is going to see just how much you want it as she TEASES you WRINKLING her SOLES, and SPREADING her TOES as she gives you JOI and encourages you to stroke to her FEET. This KARATE girl is a little impressed but can you hold out your CUM for TAYLOR KNIGHT until her COUNTDOWN? If you do, maybe this BLONDE will let you CUM all over her STRONG FEET.

Length: 8:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Taylors Sexy & Powerful Karate Feet JOI

KaylaJaneDanger – Your Ultimate Office Fantasy

Your super hot new co-worker draws your attention in like a tractor beam and you can’t help but gawk at her slack jawed like you’ve never seen a woman before. It doens’t help that she is dressed in a gauzy romper with no bra, and stilettos. You can’t help but get caught staring, and she knows just how to manipulate men like you. Using those long legs, the temptation, the fantasy, this Goddess of a woman can get you to do anything – you will worship her feet stroke for her through your pants and she will control the office from now on … *surprise ending

Length: 14:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Your Ultimate Office Fantasy

KaylaJaneDanger – Yoga Teacher turned Jerk Off Instructor

I noticed the analytics for my instructional yoga videos that my viewers were mostly men, and I can see when my videos are paused, which sections are most replayed and it wasn’t a surprise that you guys are taking advantage of my bare feet and tight leggings. But Ive decided instead of stopping and taking down my content, I will just monetize it, you’ll still tune in and instead of wasting my time sweating it out doing yoga I will make you train your jerk off stamina, turn you from a dripping early ejaculator, to a stroke warrior with my instruction, tease and orgasm control, you’ll be aching for more, and returning weekly for these incredible sessions … your lady won’t know the difference!

Length: 12:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yoga Teacher turned Jerk Off Instructor