TheFootFantasy – Misty Meaner’s First Foot Worship

Kitty Quinn has her new friend Misty Meaner barefoot and in her bed, of course Kitty’s face is at Misty’s feet as the blonde ask her friend about her feet. Kitty watches as Misty toe spreads and points, wrinkles her soles and answers questions about her feet. Kitty runs her nails up and down Misty’s soft and sensitive soles asking her if she’s ticklish as Misty giggles and squirms. Kitty can’t resist any longer and asks Misty about foot worship, if she likes it but Kitty finds out Misty hasn’t done it before. Kitty loves a first and she immediately starts to lick and kiss on Misty’s bare feet, toes and soles. It turns out, Misty loves the foot worship as Kitty makes her soles wet, she moans in pleasure, letting Kitty fully have her feet.

Length: 15:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Misty Meaner’s First Foot Worship

TheFootFantasy – Honey’s Honey Toes

Nika has a sexy little surprise for her girlfriend Honey and she had Honey get all sexy ready for her. Nika sits with Honey and tells her she has a new little 4play idea in mind, getting down to Honey’s feet. Honey is ready to try anything as Nika removes her size 9 high heels. Nika starts to kiss and lick Honey’s feet, sucking her toes and making her girlfriend moan. Honey is really enjoying feeling the foot worship when Nika brings out some hone sauce for her girlfriend Honey. Nika drizzles sauce on Honey’s bare toes and soles, watching it drip, then licking and sucking it off. This is really hot new 4play Honey’s girlfriend brought into their sex life and Nika is really enjoying it too. Making sure to lick up and down getting all the Honey, Nika tells her lover she’s ready to take it up another notch and go to the bedroom.

Length: 16:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Honey’s Honey Toes

TheFootFantasy – Head To Toe Foot Worship

Bailey Paige and Slyyy are in bed together laying head to toe already in the middle of some sexy and hot foot worship foreplay. Bailey and Slyyy lick and suck on each others feet as they worship mutually at the same time, rubbing on themselves and moaning from the hot and wet worship they are both receiving on their feet. Bailey and Slyyy change places half way through as they continue to please and tease one anothers feet as they lick, suck, worship making each other feel so good.

Length: 12:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Head To Toe Foot Worship

TheFootFantasy – Foot Worship Orgasms

Adara and Courtney are in bed with Adara at Courtney’s sexy and bare feet. Adara can’t help herself but to lick and her warm wet mouth get Courtney all hot and horny. Adara licks, sucking and foot worshiping making Courtney moan and touch herself. Adara worships one foot the other and both until Courtney gets off but it’s not over when Adara is done with Courtney’s fee. Now Courtney wants to treat Adara going down by Adara’s soles and giving Adara the same treatment Adara just gave her. Courtney worships Adara’s soft and sexy toes and soles, licking and sucking until her hot girlfriend Adara cums.

Length: 21:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Worship Orgasms

TheFootFantasy – Cheerleader Natasha’s Pantyhose JOI

Cheerleader Natasha is in the gym all alone with you, she knows you like the view of her in her uniform, sneakers, socks and pantyhose. You are hard as she removes her shoes, get close and smell the scent of her feet after practice. Natasha takes off her socks, revealing her size 8 pantyhose feet and you are rock hard for her soles and toes in nylons. Natasha is going to let you stroke, take it out and follow her hot jerk off instructions as she encourages you with her sexy pantyhose foot play and dirty talk. Smell the hose and stroke your dick, building a big load to impress this cheerleader with when you explode.

Length: 10:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cheerleader Natasha’s Pantyhose JOI

TAWorship – Slyyy Worshipping Garnet’s Feet

Garnet is doing the dishes, so much work, standing there, barely dressed, washing a single plate…I think it’s break time. Slyyy is very helpful, picking her up and putting her on the counter top, and she makes sure that the lovely Garnet gets a break she won’t soon forget.

Length: 15:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slyyy Worshipping Garnet’s Feet

TAWorship – New To The City

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Natalie is new to the big city and trying to make friends with Naomi and her crowd. Natalie is bit naive and doesn’t know much about living in the city and what city girls like to do. Naomi however is quick to teach her and immediately takes off her shoes to see what her new friend’s feet smell like. They smell amazing so the socks come off and Naomi devours her bare feet. Natalie is almost orgasmic as Naomi slobbers and turns her on.

Length: 15:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – New To The City

TAWorship – Juniper Helping a Bored Valentina with an amazing foot worship

Juniper is fast becoming one of my favorite models when it comes to foot worship. She’s just so…good at it, from the first sniff, to the deep licks, and the sucking. Nothing is better than watching her go after a beautiful set of feet and Valentina is the one to supply those feet this time around.

Length: 15:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Juniper Helping a Bored Valentina with an amazing foot worship