TheFootFantasy – Step Sister Sneaky & Sleepy Foot Worship

MANDY CANDY has a new step SISTER, MORGAN ROB, and the girls have been getting along really well. MANDY hasn’t come to tell her new STEP-SISTER that she has a FOOT FETISH yet and loves her SISTERS FEET. Instead MANDY waits until MORGAN is resting and comes in her bedroom. MORGAN is on top of the covers with her FEET in SOCKS. MANDY gets down by MORGAN’S FEET, the moment she’s been waiting for making sure MORGAN is in a deep rest. MANDY peels off MORGAN’S SOCKS and gets a good look at her SISTERS sexy SOLES. MANDY can’t hold out any longer and LICKS up MORGAN’S SOLES, KISSING and SUCKING her FEET and TOES. MANDY has been waiting to FOOT WORSHIP her new step SISTER for a long time and now she’s getting MORGAN’S virgin FEET. Hopefully, MORGAN will stay resting so MANDY doesn’t get caught as she LICKS and WORSHIPS her SISTERS FEET.

Length: 8:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TheFootFantasy – Roxie’s Mesmerizing Pantyhose Reward

ROXIE RAE loves that she has you in a sate of SUBMISSION, under, and MESMERIZED by her perfect PANTYHOSE LEGS and FEET and now since you have obeyed ROXIE is going to reward you and let you CUM. Finally, you have held out and waited so long for this and ROXIE is going to snap you out of it and let you stroke as she TEASES and POSES her sexy LEGS and FEET in her HOSE while letting you CUM when she tells you! Listen to ROXIE’S commands because she’s going to take you in and out for her own benefit.

Length: 5:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TheFootFantasy – Macy & Stefania Karate Foot Grinding

Macy and Stefania are in the dojo, Macy had Stefania come ready in just her gi top and panties today. Instead of fighting today Macy has an exercise for her and Stefania to work out their feet and make them stronger. Macy tells Stefania to spread her legs. Macy puts her foot right on Stefania’s panties and starts rubbing and grinding making Stefania moan. Stefania loves it but it’s also making Macy’s karate feet nice and strong, Macy rubs with her right foot, left foot and both feet until she works Stefania up so much that Stefania cums. Now it’s Stefania’s turn. Macy’s feet are feeling strong and she spreads her legs for Stef. Stefania rubs Macy’s panties and pussy just like Macy did to her, making her blonde friend moan. Stefania rubs, grinds, and toe wiggles working out her karate feet on Macy until Macy cums in her panties. These girls are ready for their next fights now!

Length: 10:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TheFootFantasy – Lesbian Foot Worship Cheaters

Porn Stars, CLEO and ROXANNE RAE love to get away from their boyfriends for girls night. What the boyfriends of these girls don’t know is, exactly what ROXANNE RAE and CLEO are doing on girls night. These sexy FOOT lovers are in bed in their LINGERIE ready to have their girls fun as CLEO climbs down to ROXANNE’S SIZE 9 BARE FEET and LICKS them. Both CLEO and ROXANNE have a severe FOOT FETISH and love to get together for WET FOOT WORSHIP fun behind their boyfriends backs. ROXANNE and CLEO LICK each others FEET and SUCKS each other TOES making them SHINY and WET with their MOUTHS and SPITS as they MOAN in pleasure. Watch CLEO and ROXANNE RAE have sexy GIRL-GIRL, LESBIAN FOOT WORSHIP fun.

Length: 9:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TheFootFantasy – Janine Closes The Deal

Your real estate agent Janine Jericho knows you like this house she just showed you and she is ready to close the deal. Janine doesn’t know why you’re hesitating when you love the house but she’s noticed how you have been watching her legs and feet in pantyhose as she has taken you out on showings. Janine uses this to her advantage, teasing you with the paper work in hand. You can’t resist as Janine takes off her shoes, telling you she will let you stroke and cum to her feet in pantyhose if you sign. The way Janine teases you and how she looks in her hose has you completely weak and stroking for her nylon encased feet. This blonde’s plan worked and in just a few short minutes she will close this deal and get what she really wanted, the commission.

Length: 10:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TheFootFantasy – Brandon & Roxie Foot Worship & Riding

ROXIE RAE and BRANDON are in their LINGERIE in ROXIE’S bed having girls night without their boyfriends around. BRANDON has her little FEET exposed and BARE and ROXIE comments but BRANDON already knows ROXIE likes FEET and before she can say anything else ROXIE is at her SIZE 6’s LICKING and WORSHIPING them with her BAREFEET in BRANDON’S face. BRANDON starts to SUCK ROXIE’S red painted TOES and the girls WORSHIP each other FEET MOANING from the sexy pleasure. BRANDON tells ROXIE she really wants to get off and climbs on one of ROXIE’S FEET, RIDING it while she WORSHIPS the other. ROXIE rubs BRANDON’S CLIT with her SOLE making it WETTER and switches FEET to feel BRANDON’S PUSSY on her other FOOT. When BRANDON is ready to CUM, ROXIE puts both her FEET under BRANDON, letting BRANDON FUCK her SOLES while she WIGGLES her TOES on BRANDON’S CLIT. BRANDON CUMS all over ROXIE’S tiny FEET and then WORSHIPS ROXIE’S SIZE 5 SOLES again, LICKING up all her CUM from ROXIE’S FEET. Girls night with no boyfriends really needs to happen more often!

Length: 12:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

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