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TheFootFantasy – Indica’s Pantyhose Soles Ignore For Xmas

It’s Christmas time and Indica is having a very busy holiday season, finally getting some time to rest her pantyhose encased feet when you come creeping in. Indica sees you but she’s not going to give you any attention as you gravel below her pantyhose soles and toes. You are pathetic so look and don’t touch while Indica plays on her phone, rolling her eyes at you the foot loser below her and flicking you off. This brat will let you pay to watch her perfect feet in the light nude nylons but don’t expect anything more because you aren’t even worth her breath to humiliate.

Length: 10:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Indica’s Pantyhose Soles Ignore For Xmas

TheFootFantasy – Macy Cartel’s Valentine’s Day JOI

Macy Cartel is ready to celebrate the Valentine’s holiday with you and she all dressed up in her sexy lingerie. Before Macy gives you her body to take she wants to tease you. Macy poses and models her feet, legs, ass and takes off her bra showing you her tits. Stroke for Macy Cartel, she wants you to cum once for her before she lets you take her body. This Valentine’s day, Macy really wants to make the fun last.

Length: 8:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macy Cartel’s Valentine’s Day JOI

TheFootFantasy – Roxie Bullies Dacey

Roxie is the worst bully at school and has been picking on the new nerd Dacey but its not enough for her. Roxie follows Dacey home after school and tell her if she doesn’t want her ass kicked again everyday then Dacey better kiss her feet while resting them on the edge of the table. Roxie tells Dacey to kiss heel to toe only and she laughs, constantly bragging about making Dacey do it everyday. Roxie decides she’s not just going to make Dacey kiss her feet but her friends and her boyfriends feet too. Just when Dacey thinks it can’t get any worse Roxie stands up and tells Dacey, now she has to kiss her ass. Roxie lifts her skirt and lets Dacey’s lips kiss her butt in her small thong panties. Roxie laughs more and brags about making Dacey do it everyday as well as her boyfriends and friends ass’s and then she’ll be kissing all their assholes and her asshole after their ass’s.

Length: 17:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxie Bullies Dacey

TheFootFantasy – Roxie Worships Meiko’s Feet In Pantyhose

Roxie Rae has Meiko Jane in her bed with Meiko’s big size 9 feet encased in pantyhose. Roxie tells Meiko to lay back and relax while she has some fun with Meiko’s feet. Roxie loves how the nylons encase Meiko’s soles and toes as she rubs, tickles and plays. Roxie can’t resist an longer and she has to taste the pantyhose feet in front of her. Roxie licks up and down Meiko’s soles, sucking her girlfriends toes and making the pantyhose so wet with her mouth. Roxie could enjoy worshiping the feet in front of her all day so hopefully Meiko doesn’t have anywhere else to be!

Length: 10:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxie Worships Meiko’s Feet In Pantyhose

TheFootFantasy – Foot Worship Sex Ed Class

MISS BRANDON has her 2 students in front of her, LIZZY LAMB and STEFANIA MAFRA she is not amused about having to teach them a private lesson on sex ed. MISS BRANDON tells her girls not to have sex that she is going to offer a solution to sex and when they feel that tingle in their pussy they will know a better technique to satisfy it, that wont get them pregnant. TEACHER BRANDON has her SCHOOL GIRLS, REDHEAD LIZZY LAMB and CHEERLEADER STEFANIA MAFRA take off their SHOES and SOCKS and grab each others FEET as she informs the girls about FOOT WORSHIP. LIZZY and STEFANIA think she is weird but they do as they are instructed. STEFANIA and LIZZY are told to SNIFF each other TOES and LICK one another SOLES all the way up. BRANDON teaches the girls to LICK and SUCK and enjoy FOOT WORSHIP on each other. Once TEACHER MISS BRANDON thinks the girls have perfected the technique she has the each take one of her FEET straight from her HIGH HEELS and she tests them on her. BRANDON tells the girls to WORSHIP their FEET and if they have learned right they will pass SEX ED class.

Length: 10:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Worship Sex Ed Class

TheFootFantasy – Feet Insecurity

Britteni Bank and Ama Rio are sitting with their feet out in conversation about their feet. Britteni comments how Ama has such big feet and pretty toes and Ama tells Britteni she has been insecure about her feet for as long as she can remember. Britteni is determined to change this for Ama, her size 9’s are sexy! Britteni wants to show Ama how sexy her feet are and she gets down by the table and starts to show Ama. Britteni kisses, licks, and sucks on Ama’s bare feet, soles, and toes. The foot worship feels so good to Ama and Britteni tells her your feet are pretty enough to worship and entice her. Maybe this will make Ama most secure about her sexy feet!

Length: 16:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Feet Insecurity

TheFootFantasy – Sisters Foot Comparison

Sisters Nika Venom and Scarlett Venom are both barefoot with their feet up in front of them as they start to talk about and compare their feet. Sole by sole the girls compare everything, measuring the size they get the exact difference of their feet before moving on to talking about and comparing their wrinkles, toe spread, arches, toe wiggle and more. Watch as real Sisters compare and contrast the similarities and differences of their feet.

Length: 10:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sisters Foot Comparison