Help Finding Clips

When you have request, it is desirable to specify it: 
– The studio;
– The name of the videos;
– A link to the official source for these clips.

If your request is deleted – I do not have these videos

6 thoughts on “Help Finding Clips

  1. Karam Sh

    Charlotte stokely
    Edge knowing your denied :
    Permanent pathetic identity :
    Foot gagging perv :

  2. LazyChemist

    Hello Admin,

    My requests if possible are from the studio ‘Lesbian Foot Fetish’ at clips4sale. They are as follows:


    TAINA COSTA – vol 06 – (wmv)

    BARBARA & YARA (wmv)

    YASMIN & YARA – vol 02 – (wmv)

    ISABELLE MARQUES – vol 03 – (wmv)

    BIA MASSARATI – vol 04 – (wmv)

    Thank you


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