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RealBareSoles – Willowy Wolf Collar Blonde

This girl was sitting at the top of the library, I had two stages of disbelief. First I was amazed to see her stunning shapely, approximately size 10 feet so OUT THERE. Like, people riding by on buses down Fifth Ave would just look out the window and SEE THIS! I imagined guys in our tribe struggling to get their phone camera on and then zooming, lol. So I sat down in front of her and then I noticed the SECOND amazing thing — she was literally wearing a wolf collar! Of course this is only a guess, but a wolf collar says submissive, it says, “my soles are so sensitive, so vulnerable, and they belong to you.” And that is DAMN SEXY. (Of course that’s purely a guess — it might just be a bold fashion statement.) Her black nails were also sending that same message. Sending that kinky sub message is total catnip to a person who loves to tickle soles. Incredibly hot, yet right out there in public.

She’s a gorgeous tall slender girl and her amused peeks suggest she’s used to getting attention from men who appreciate her exceptional beauty and edginess. It looks like she’s local as she had her metrocard stashed away in her phone case. LOVE THIS. Her soft smooth soles are utterly transfixing. I had to shidt position twice — because I’m always searching for the perfect angle — and this was a source of great amusement for her both times. Literal goddess, I can’t believe she’s even real.

Length: 13:03
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Willowy Wolf Collar Blonde

RealBareSoles – Milkmaid learns French

This girl reminded me of a milkmaid because of her old fashioned hairdo and her top. The nose ring kind of ruined the effect, lol, and she was learning French it seemed, so there was that too. Still “milkmaid,” right? Anyway she was on the fountain terrace in the late afternoon, and not in a great spot — hard to get to, and not in ideal light. But I just sat in front of her anyway! The little looks she gave me when I first sat down were so classic, I added them in the beginning of the clip. But she stayed and so did I! Actually I moved a bit more over to the right so try to block the un out a little more, as it was backlighting her. Hey, I couldn’t exactly ask her to move for a better shot!

So I sat and shot her for about 17 minutes, but some of it was sub-optimal footage, and other times she wasn’t moving around very much, so I edited it out. This is the best material. At one point (toward the end of this clip) and old couple came but and when they saw me shooting they told her about it. No kidding, seniors! Like she wouldn’t have noticed me right in front of her. She just sort of placidly looked down at me and went back to her book. LOVE HER!

Length: 9:10
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Milkmaid learns French

RealBareSoles – Mara is shy Alay’s Argentine Adevntures

Here’s the first of “Alay’s Argentine Adventures!” Alay is a friend of mine who used to work in NYC but then she returned to her native Argentina. She’s very adventuresome and openminded, and it eventually became known that I like feet, and that I film them! (Long story how that all happened.) Recently she asked me if I thought I would like content from her friends and acquaintances, who are from the population of beautiful girls in Argentina mostly of Italian ancestry.

The first girl is MARA. She started off very shy! She knows what the video is for (LOL!!!) and was a little reluctant at first to talk or look at the camera. She asked if it was ok if she just read a book as Alay filmed the bare soles of her feet. I got one look at Mara’s soles and said, “THAT’S FINE!!!”

Length: 16:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mara is shy Alay’s Argentine Adevntures

RealBareSoles – Tabby and her tickler COMPARED

Tabby sets down with her tickler and turns the tables! Now she compares her dainty tiny feet to her tickler’s much bigger ones. They were in New York and we all sat down to get you some amazing double sole exposure and foot comparison. Tabby talks a lot about her feet being so dainty and that’s very feminine of course, so she very subtly gets payback for the tickling embarrassment, hah hah.

These two are a wonderfully odd couple — the tickler bringing Kentucky Realness big time is such a contrast to Tabby, who is … well … from Planet Tabby! She’s such an irresistible, charming kook, and the Kentucky tickler listening and reacting to Tabby’s delightful mania is worth the price of admission ALL BY ITSELF! Tabby talked about comparing her tiny feet to a slice of New York Style pizza — and Tabby being Tabby, later that day … she did it! (The actual compare pic is not on the video of course! She posted that on her social later that day though lol. The slice looked like a Persian rug compared to Tabby’s sole….)

Length: 15:18
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tabby and her tickler COMPARED

RealBareSoles – Poor Little Mii’s Soles!

Oh no, poor little Mii! Mii is a Japanese girl with a vlog who did requests and so on, and just about right away she noticed most of her requests asked to see her feet, her feet tickled or otherwise tormented, or barefoot in bondage! So being eager to please, she complied! And now her YouTube vlog is almost entirely foot related. I’ve often watched it and enjoyed her stoically enduring sharp fingernails on her adorable sensitive little soles — the one thing I would have preferred to see different was a much better view of her bare soles, both in glamour posing and being tickled.

So I just decided to ask her to do it for me — and for you! She is Japanese so communications were often a bit halting, but we eventually came to an agreement and she delivered like a pro. The first five minutes is little Mii wriggling her size 24.5 (size 6.5 US) soles in your face —- at last so clearly visible! Then her devious friend tickles her soles for the second five minutes. Oh no! As a Japanese person she has a strong sense of duty and commitment and I had told her she had to keep her soles in frame the whole time, and she kept them there despite the agony of too much sensation! Actually the most ticklish feet I’ve ever stroked have been the soles of a Japanese girl, tied with a Jewish girl. Poor little Mii’s little Japanese soles are so vulnerable! Her YouTube is: I can’t post a link here but paste that in and you should find her cute face and her vlog. She’s got that cheerful spunkiness that is so endearing ….

Length: 10:01
Resolution: 406×720

Download – Poor Little Mii’s Soles!

RealBareSoles – Picnic Perfection — real sole tickle!

Ok i have finally restored this corrupted file — took months! It’s the part of “Picnic Perfection” at the very end, where I tickle her vulnerable sensitive little sole!!! She let out a startled little whoop when I did it. She thought it was funny though and said “ha ha, you got me!” She had noticed I was filming her bare soles. Also in the clip are a few minutes of the footplay on display by her curvy, beautiful little feet. Note this is REAL TICKLING OF A STRANGER so that part only lasts a second. When I enjoy that it’s usually via the pause button, imagining what that must have felt like in the ultra-soft bottom of her bare foot!

Length: 3:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Picnic Perfection — real sole tickle!