RealBareSoles – Milkmaid learns French

This girl reminded me of a milkmaid because of her old fashioned hairdo and her top. The nose ring kind of ruined the effect, lol, and she was learning French it seemed, so there was that too. Still “milkmaid,” right? Anyway she was on the fountain terrace in the late afternoon, and not in a great spot — hard to get to, and not in ideal light. But I just sat in front of her anyway! The little looks she gave me when I first sat down were so classic, I added them in the beginning of the clip. But she stayed and so did I! Actually I moved a bit more over to the right so try to block the un out a little more, as it was backlighting her. Hey, I couldn’t exactly ask her to move for a better shot!

So I sat and shot her for about 17 minutes, but some of it was sub-optimal footage, and other times she wasn’t moving around very much, so I edited it out. This is the best material. At one point (toward the end of this clip) and old couple came but and when they saw me shooting they told her about it. No kidding, seniors! Like she wouldn’t have noticed me right in front of her. She just sort of placidly looked down at me and went back to her book. LOVE HER!

Length: 9:10
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Milkmaid learns French

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