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LesbianFootFetish – VANESSA SOARES – vol 01

Starring : Vanessa Soares Foot size 7 USA

Vanessa debuts here and it’s the first time that a woman has worshiped her feet, she has her toenails painted black and her feet have just come out hot from her sneakers with socks, she likes women and she also really liked this, She was embarrassed at first but then she enjoyed seeing and feeling how Ayla loved her feet and drooled a lot on her soles, Ayla does this masterfully, this girl really likes to worship the beautiful feet of beautiful women.

Length: 16:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – VANESSA SOARES – vol 01

LesbianFootFetish – JOYCE OLIVEIRA – vol 01

Starring : Joyce Oliveira
FootSize : 8

Joyce liked recording with me so much that she wanted to have her feet adored again, so I called Isabelle who, like me, loves to worship feet. Joyce arrived at my apartment, wearing sandals and her toenails painted pink.
Isabelle, seeing those feet, immediately knelt down and began to worship Joyce’s beautiful feet.

Length: 15:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – JOYCE OLIVEIRA – vol 01

LesbianFootFetish – DUDA FERREIRA AND ANNY COLLINS – vol 01

STARRING : Duda Ferreira (footsize:8), Anny Collins (footsize:7) and Little Jana

Double dose worship.

In this scene are these two beautiful girls, one called Duda Ferreira and the other Anny Collins.
They are in a motel with Little Jana who really likes to worship feet. Little Jana soon begins to worship the feet of these beautiful girls, leaving them full of pleasure.

Length: 15:22
Resolution: 1920×1080


LesbianFootFetish – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – vol 01

Starring : Anika size 9 USA
Starring : Kyana size 7 USA

These two beautiful girls decided to give Ayla a nice Christmas present, their soles so she could finish herself off, they put on their Christmas hats and went to show off their feet so that Ayla couldn’t resist and fell on their soles, and so it happened!

You can not lose.

Length: 15:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – vol 01

LesbianFootFetish – ISIS VIXEN – vol 01

Starring : Isis Vixen Foot size 10 USA

Another debut in this store with Isis Vixen, this girl is 19 years old and wears size 39 BR / 10 USA, her soles are very big and soft.

Isis’s feet came out of her sneakers and were hot because of her socks, so Ayla removed her socks so she could taste her sweaty feet, Isis really enjoyed having a woman at her feet for the first time.

Length: 15:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – ISIS VIXEN – vol 01

LesbianFootFetish – DUDA FERREIRA – vol 01

Starring : Duda Ferreira and Little Jana
Foot size : 8

Duda Ferreira is a very beautiful model with wonderful feet. I saw that she laughs very easily, and is very delicate. I invited her to go to the motel with Little Jana and she immediately agreed.
When we got there she was wearing a very sexy black dress, so we found Duda Ferreira, and soon she was on her knees worshiping Duda’s feet, licking and kissing her feet a lot.

Length: 16:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – DUDA FERREIRA – vol 01

LesbianFootFetish – ANNY COLLINS – vol 01

Starring : Anny Collins and Little Jana
Foot size : 7

New model
Anny Collins is a very beautiful model and has wonderful feet.
in this scene she is lying on the bed, wearing jeans and a black tank top and black heels.
little Jana gets down on her knees and starts loving those beautiful feet of hers.
she licks, smells and kisses Anny Collins’ feet a lot.

Length: 16:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – ANNY COLLINS – vol 01

LesbianFootFetish – YASMIN & ISABELLE – vol 04

Starring : Yasmin & Isabelle Marques
Foot size : 9

This time Yasmin is working on her computer, and then she puts her feet up on the table to rest, right after that Isabelle is already crazy to take off Yasmin’s high heels and adore her feet, Yasmin as always lets Isabelle do what she wants with your feet.
Don’t miss it.

Length: 14:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – YASMIN & ISABELLE – vol 04