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TheFootFantasy – Indica’s Pantyhose Soles Ignore For Xmas

It’s Christmas time and Indica is having a very busy holiday season, finally getting some time to rest her pantyhose encased feet when you come creeping in. Indica sees you but she’s not going to give you any attention as you gravel below her pantyhose soles and toes. You are pathetic so look and don’t touch while Indica plays on her phone, rolling her eyes at you the foot loser below her and flicking you off. This brat will let you pay to watch her perfect feet in the light nude nylons but don’t expect anything more because you aren’t even worth her breath to humiliate.

Length: 10:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Indica’s Pantyhose Soles Ignore For Xmas

TheFootFantasy – Macy Cartel’s Valentine’s Day JOI

Macy Cartel is ready to celebrate the Valentine’s holiday with you and she all dressed up in her sexy lingerie. Before Macy gives you her body to take she wants to tease you. Macy poses and models her feet, legs, ass and takes off her bra showing you her tits. Stroke for Macy Cartel, she wants you to cum once for her before she lets you take her body. This Valentine’s day, Macy really wants to make the fun last.

Length: 8:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macy Cartel’s Valentine’s Day JOI

TheFootFantasy – Roxie Bullies Dacey

Roxie is the worst bully at school and has been picking on the new nerd Dacey but its not enough for her. Roxie follows Dacey home after school and tell her if she doesn’t want her ass kicked again everyday then Dacey better kiss her feet while resting them on the edge of the table. Roxie tells Dacey to kiss heel to toe only and she laughs, constantly bragging about making Dacey do it everyday. Roxie decides she’s not just going to make Dacey kiss her feet but her friends and her boyfriends feet too. Just when Dacey thinks it can’t get any worse Roxie stands up and tells Dacey, now she has to kiss her ass. Roxie lifts her skirt and lets Dacey’s lips kiss her butt in her small thong panties. Roxie laughs more and brags about making Dacey do it everyday as well as her boyfriends and friends ass’s and then she’ll be kissing all their assholes and her asshole after their ass’s.

Length: 17:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxie Bullies Dacey

TAWorship – Real Estate Agent Jazmin Love

Jazmin is a real estate agent and has a night club to sell. Jazmin is showing it off to her client Sophie but she seems unsure about the price. Jazmin invites her over to her desk so they can go over some numbers. Sophie sits across for Jazmin as Jazmin types on her laptop. All of a sudden Sophie feels something silky go up her leg. Sophie looks up at Jazmin. Jazmin tells Sophie she knows she was staring at her legs and she knows what she wants. Sophie tries to play coy but cannot help but love the feel of Jazmins feet. Jazmin tells Sophie there is a deal to be made. Jazmin puts her feet up on the table and lets Sohie know she can have her feet if she agrees to buying the club. Sophie has no choice she goes after Jazmins feet and agrees to whatever she wants.

Length: 17:20
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Real Estate Agent Jazmin Love

TAWorship – Sophie’s Foot Smell

Jazmin loves Sophie’s shoes and asks to borrow them. Sophie tells jamin to try them on first since they are size ten. Sophie hands her shoes to Jazmin and immediately Jazmin notices the smell coming from them. Sophie is embarrassed but Jazmin tells her its kinda turning me on. Jazmin asks Sophie if she minds getting a taste of her smelly feet. Sophie loves her big feet getting worshiped and lets Jazmin have her way with them. Jazmin loves Sophie’s big smelly feet and gives them a sexy sloppy worship.

Length: 14:50
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Sophie’s Foot Smell

TAWorship – Too Hot

Ari and Sydney are trying to figure out what to do today but it’s Florida and it’s too hot to go outside. Ari has an idea, it’s hot alright but definitely something they can do indoors. She takes Sydney’s sexy foot in her mouth and the girls immediately know how they will be spending their afternoon.

Length: 15:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Too Hot

TAWorship – Bigger Than Yours

You may recognize this model who is now going by Phoenix. Phoenix and Ari are comparing feet and Phoenix’s feet are definitely a little bit bigger and she thinks she deserves some king of prize for having the winning feet lol. Well Ari doesn’t need much of an excuse to suck on feet so gladly rewards Phoenix with some hot foot worship.

Length: 15:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bigger Than Yours

TAWorship – Feet On The Job

Dacey is using Ari’s computer at her desk at work and happens to look through her browsing history and sees some shocking images. Turns out her coworker not only was browsing some foot worship websites but is actually in them’ Ari was up for a promotion but Dacey thinks she now has enough dirt on Ari to convince to give the promotion to her. In addition, Dacey is really curious about the foot worship and will only agree to keep Ari’s secret if she gives her a little worship.

Length: 15:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Feet On The Job