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TAWorship – Tutor Aiden compromises With Feet

Aiden is here to tutor Sophia however Sophia does not seem to want to be taught today. Sophia a rich brat has lots of money and offers cash to Aiden to let her go out to party with her friends. Aiden does not want cash and Sophia asks what it is that she wants. Aiden does not want money but she has noticed Sophies big sexy feet and will take that instead. Sophia likes this is idea and happily gives her feet up to worship as payment.

Length: 16:35
Resolution: 4096×2160

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TAWorship – The Informant

Campaign adviser Rachel Cavalli is waiting in a hotel room to meet with a Russian informant Sandra Luberc. When Sandra arrives, she hardly looks credible as an informant but Rachel is really eager to make an impression at the campaign and asks what information she may have. Sandra is willing to share but first Rachel must do a little something for her first!

Length: 17:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – Sophias borrowed heels

Jazmin has had a long night of clubbing and stumbles in back home to the sofa to Jazmins surprise Sophia is still up and sitting on the couch. Jazmin asks Sophia why she is still up and Sophia tells her because she has been waiting all night to get her heels. Jazmin embarrassed lets Sophia know she is sorry and will buy her a new pair Sophia is still angry that Jazmin didnt asks to borrow her heels and demands for Jazmin to give them back. Jazmin explains to Sophia that she has been dancing all night and they are super sweaty and stinky. Sophia stills asks for them back and wants to see for herself. Jazmin takes off Sophias heels and hands them to her. Sophia grabs them and takes a big whiff. Jazmin begins to apologize but Sophia stops her. Sophia tells Jazmin the combination of her foot smell mixed with Jazmin is amazing and she must have more. Sophia tells Jazmin if she lets her smell and taste her after club feet she will forget anything happened. Jazmin surprised but happy with this agreement immediately agrees to those terms.

Length: 17:25
Resolution: 3840×2160

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TAWorship – Lick The Scent Off

Nika takes off her converse and sits in her socks and man her foot scent is filling the room. Ari jokes about how stinky they are but what she is really thinking is that she would like to lick the scent of those sexy feet. Nika’s scent is intoxicating and Ari has to admit to her friend that her feet are turning her on. Nika thinks its a little crazy but lets Ari have her way with her feet.

Length: 15:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lick The Scent Off

TAWorship – Aidens hurt ankle

Aiden is on the sofa With Andi. Aiden is complaining her ankle hurts. Andi being a concerned friend, asks Aiden if she can take a look at it. Andi explains to Aiden she has nurse training and can probably make her feet better. Aiden hands Aiden her foot. Andi begins to lick Aidens soles. Aiden is confused but Andi tells her there is nothing to worry about as she licks up and down her feet. Aiden has to admit her ankle is feeling better and even gives her other foot Andi to since that one is a bit sore too.

Length: 15:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

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KaylaJaneDanger – The Value of My Feet

I caught you staring at my sandaled feet. I know you think you are being slick, all foot guys think they’re being slick. You prey on the women who don’t know the value of their feet in the eyes or hands or mouth of a foot boy. Empty your wallet for me, while you watch, it’s only fair after all, since you will walk away with a lifetime of jerk off material from this on encounter. Men like you who try to lurk feet for free, really don’t deserve to enjoy and indulge in feet like these, you deserve dry, cracked, blistered, calloused feet, not these soft supple high arched feet of legends ! I will reprogram you to pay my feet, beautiful women’s feet before ever opening your mouth, before a compliment leaves your lips. You will pay for the perfect feet in your life, its what you’re programmed for now (Mesmerize – foot slave training – financial domination – foot tease – dangling)

Length: 15:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Value of My Feet

KaylaJaneDanger – Oily Sweet-Feet JOI

My feet are your ultimate fantasy, your dream come true and it is your honor to follow instructions on how and when to stroke and cum for my feet while they are dripping in oil. Get ready with a handful of lube because you are going to want to feel every oily stroke these feet have to give! This is a HOT – Sensual – Positive – Foot Fetish Jerk off Instruction and Oiled Foot Tease … it will be nearly impossible to make it to the end … but it’s certainly a goal to aspire to!

Length: 12:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Oily Sweet-Feet JOI

KaylaJaneDanger – Leg Warmer Ankle Warmer Foot JOI

You love stroking to my feet, so stroke to my feet in these cute leg warmers / ankle warmers that cover my high arches but still allow you to worship and gaze upon my cute little toes while they point, flex and wiggle! I give verbal jerk off instruction and encouragement as I show off my gorgeous feet …so just try lasting until the end!

Length: 6:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Leg Warmer Ankle Warmer Foot JOI