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TMFFantasies – Goddess Elektra – “GF’s BFF’s Feet” POV Mesmerized by Divine Feet

You, your girlfriend, and her bestie, Elektra, have come home after brunch and one too many bellinis. With your girlfriend sick and taking a rest, Elektra comes out the lounge to chat with you. She notices you glancing at her feet in sexy heels and take a seat. She mentions that she was talking with your GF the other day who revealed that you have a foot kink. Unfortunately, Elektra also says that your girlfriend thinks it’s “repulsive” and doesn’t even want you to massage her feet anymore because your kink makes her so uncomfortable. On the other hand, Elektra thinks it’s HOT! She loves men with foot kinks, especially for the massages. Elektra is prepared to swiftly steal you away from her “BFF”. She teases you with her high heels, dangling them until they fall, exposing her beautiful bare feet. She’s already entranced you with her sweet relaxing voice and her mesmerizing dangling. You can’t take your eyes off her soles. Your hers now, her soon-to-be foot slave – forever devoted to HER feet. You’re such a sweet guy and exactly what Elektra has been searching for. You deserve better than your now ex-GF who doesn’t understand you. Elektra will take care of you now under her soles.

Length: 10:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goddess Elektra – “GF’s BFF’s Feet” POV Mesmerized by Divine Feet

TMFFantasies – Bella Luxx & Greasy Rose – “Cleaning Feet” Stinky Sock Accidental Mesmerize Worship

Greasy is cleaning and smells something rank. She notices Bella’s sock on the sofa and leans it to smell and investigate. Suddenly, Greasy falls silent as she becomes mesmerized by the stink and falls to the sofa! Bella comes in and tries to wake Greasy but it’s no use. She snaps her fingers and Greasy opens her eyes. She is totally incoherent. Bella can’t believe it… she knows one thing that Greasy would NEVER do and would surely wake her. She makes Greasy smell kiss and worship her feet. To Bella’s astonishment, Greasy does not break. She is fully entranced! Bella is certainly going to take advantage. She makes her friend fondle and caress her feet with her mouth. After Bella is feeling fully satisfied, she claps right in Greasy’s zombified face and is able to wake her up with a foot in the mouth!

Length: 11:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bella Luxx & Greasy Rose – “Cleaning Feet” Stinky Sock Accidental Mesmerize Worship

TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Stevie Moon – “Flix Feet” Sleepover Sneaky Worship

Best friends Ashlynn Taylor and Stevie Moon are kicking it back in bed watching some flix when Stevie falls resting. Ashlynn opens her eyes and peeks at her friend. She has a devious smile as she plays with her resting hand for a moment and then wanders down towards Stevie’s feet. There Ashlynn begins to indulge in her beautiful soft feet. She starts with a subtle smell before carefully and gently caressing and licking. Ashlynn almost gets caught a few times but manages to get her fill of Stevie’s feet while she rests peacefully.

Length: 10:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Stevie Moon – “Flix Feet” Sleepover Sneaky Worship

TMFFantasies – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Stinky Condition” Shoe Smell Mesmerize Worship

Ama and Ashlynn have returned from a full on workout at the gym this morning. They kick off their sneakers to relax when Ashlynn gets a whiff of a strange smell. She tries to ignore it but it’s driving her mad. Finally she jumps up and is determined to figure out where it’s coming from. She wanders near Ama’s feet when Ama begins to confess there’s a problem and Ashlynn needs to stop right now. Ashlynn picks up Ama’s shoe to investigate as Ama begins creaming “No, Ashlynn don’t do it”… but Ashlynn puts the sneaker to her nose and takes a deep breath. She becomes entranced by Ama’s stinky foot condition. The stench was just too powerful for Ashlynn to withstand and her mind is now broken. Ama sighs as this happens to everyone who smells her beautiful feet. She tried to warn her friend, but now she’s nothing but a mindless obedient foot slave. Ama puts Ashlynn to work fulfilling her one sole purpose… to worship feet. Ama makes herself comfortable as Ashlynn smells and worships her stinky post-gym feet from all angles, making sure to clean them up nice.

Length: 17:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Stinky Condition” Shoe Smell Mesmerize Worship

RFStudioProduction – When spying a friend is not ashamed – Liana licks Annika’s feet and then they play with each other

Annika came into a room and sat down to watch TV. But what did she looking at? Moans came from the TV and Annika reached for a vibrator. She put it between her legs and turned it on while looking at the TV and rested her bare feet on a coffee table.

Meanwhile, her friend Liana was spying on her and she was getting turned on by watching Annika. The spying girl began to caress herself under her skirt. Then Liana knocked the door.
“What are you doing here without me?”, she asked and Annika immediately shuddered and removed the vibrator.

Liana sat down closer and took her friend’s feet, saying that she wants to play with them. She began to massage Annika’s feet and then began to greedily lick them, suck her heels and toes. She moaned and Annika got excited and laughed a little from tickling.
Annika lifted her shirt and touched her breasts and nipples. Liana handed her a vibrator and offered to continue.

Then Liana took off her friend’s T-shirt and sat higher so that she could caress Annika’s body with her feet. And rubbed her face with her feet. Annika was really excited and began to lick her friend’s swarthy feet. She did it with enthusiasm. Later, the girlfriends sat opposite each other and began to lick their feet at the same time. They moaned, smiled, and caressed themselves. In the end, they got tired and stopped for a while…

Length: 25:37
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – When spying a friend is not ashamed – Liana licks Annika’s feet and then they play with each other

RFStudioProduction – Alla, Aksinja and Ariel and Foot Fetish Stone

The story
Aksinya knew that somewhere nearby there was a hidden artifact – a strong foot-fetish stone that gathered the power of all the beautiful legs licked by the Witch.
Aksinya almost found the cherished place as she felt a strong noise in her head. Not understanding what was happening, she continued to walk forward. A dark figure appeared behind her with raised hands. The figure became even closer, completely behind the girl. A sharp pain stunned Aksinya and she collapsed on the shoulders of the Foot-Fetish Witch.

Alla, who couldn’t find her friend, went in search of her. She had already reached the place, at the ruined hut. The coveted stone in the form of a skull was already visible. Alla picked it up and shook off the cobwebs. The witch was right there and raised her hands to stun Alla. The girl screamed in pain and dropped the stone.

The wicked Witch dragged both girls into her car and took Alla’s shoes off. She eagerly licked Alla’s bare feet and really liked it, she gained her strength again. The Witch licked the most delicious spots between toes and sucked them. Then she switched to Aksinya in the back seat – she took off her shoes and realized that her feet are very similar to Alla’s, also big and sexy.

After a while, the Witch decided to lead them to her lair. Arriving there, the Witch put napping Alla on the table and then did the same with Aksinya. Then she stripped down both girls to underwear and enjoyed the view. She proceeded to lick their feet for a long time. First, she licked Alla’s feet. Then she licked the feet of both girls.

Aksinya suddenly woke up and the Witch put her to rest again so that she wouldn’t interfere. She did the same with Alla.
In the end, smacking her lips, she sucked and licked their big feet. Then the Foot-Fetish Witch left full of power, leaving the girls alone.

Length: 35:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Alla, Aksinja and Ariel and Foot Fetish Stone

PleasuresOfTheSole – KISS MY FEET!

Age: 24

Foot Size: 9.5



Now it’s Korean hottie Onyx Kim’s turn to have her feet worshipped by equally hot Krystal, an 18-year-old Asian bombshell. Onyx puts her feet right in Krystal’s face and tells her to start kissing them immediately. “Kiss my feet. KISS. MY. FEET!” she demands.

Krystal reluctantly begins worshipping her feet, hesitantly licking and kissing her silky soles, but pretty soon Onyx’s moans make her more eager. She firmly sucks on her soles, making her gasp with a mixture of surprise and arousal. She sucks on her toes HARD, making loud *POPS* every time she releases, making Onyx jerk with shocks of pleasure. She LOVES how Krystal’s soft lips and warm mouth feel on her sensitive soles.


Krystal devours Onyx’s slender feet by CRAMMING HER ENTIRE FOOT DOWN HER THROAT, GAGGING AND TEARING UP FROM THE EFFORT! The sight of Krystal gagging on her feet has Onyx throwing her head back and moaning as waves of pleasure shoot up her legs.


Krystal worships her feet until her soles are covered in her saliva, and she makes wet sucking sounds while continuing to aggressively lick and suck on Onyx’s gorgeous peds. After driving her wild with intense foot worship, Krystal’s looking for a bit of gratitude, but Onyx isn’t in a thankful mood – she wants more foot worship. NOW. Well, Krystal has another idea – she TICKLES HER BARE FEET INSTEAD! Onyx explode into peals of hysterical laughter, desperately admitting that she enjoyed Krystal’s technique just to make her stop the tickling!

Length: 10:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – KISS MY FEET!

PleasuresOfTheSole – Honey Dew’s Hot Feet

Age: 25

Foot Size: 10


Honey Dew is a tall gorgeous hottie with long legs and big sexy size 10 feet. Her toes long slender toes and her wrinkled silky soft soles are very sensitive… especially to soft lips and a warm tongue, and it just so happens that Courtney Cummz is on-hand to worship her bare feet.

Courtney starts off by massaging Honey’s big feet on the bed. She apologizes for some harsh treatment she just put Honey’s feet through (custom-related) and asks what she can to make it up to her. At first Honey doesn’t know, but after feeling how good Courtney’s fingers feel on her sensitive soles, she has an idea…

“How about you kiss my feet ‘till I forgive you?” says Honey.

Courtney flashes a secret smile before diving into Honey’s bare feet, kissing, licking and sucking every inch of her big soles and long toes. She breathes in deeply, taking in her aroma, before declaring how good her feet smell. She licks between the toes, up and down the soles, and sucks on her heels. Then Courtney sucks on all five of her toes all at once, and as if that wasn’t enough, she takes ALL TEN OF HONEY’S LONG TOES IN HER MOUTH , causing her to gasp and moan with a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

Courtney worships Honey’s hot feet until her soles are dripping with saliva and her toes are twitching with pleasure. Then she cradles her feet in her arms and asks if she’s been forgiven, but Honey wants to feel her lips on her soles again, so she says no – BIG MISTAKE! Courtney’s cradle becomes a headlock and she tickles Honey’s sensitive soles with her fingernails until she agrees to forgive her!

Length: 10:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Honey Dew’s Hot Feet

KaylaJaneDanger – Taking over the Company

Thank you for calling me in for this interview, it’s not often I get to interview for a Husband & Wife business partnership. You can see I’ve got a very unique track record, it’s so impressive, that your wife has thrown hesitation out the window. As I cross and uncross my legs & dangle my stilettos while talking about what makes me the best candidate for the job one of you is already in a daze and can’t stop staring at at my legs & dangling heels. You see …No man can resist, you can’t look away, it makes you weaker and weaker. Watch what happens as I make you just as aroused as you are mesmerized, and as soon as one shoe is off you are worshiping at my feet with no regard for your wife, she has faded away. You give in completely worshiping my feet and at the snap of my fingers you are stroking slowly then feverishly and the only way you’ll be allowed to cum is by handing over the company

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Taking over the Company

KaylaJaneDanger – Sweet Serendipity

You see me at the coffee shop , you are awestruck by my feet, the way they move in my sandals, the shoes I wear. I catch you staring but I don’t mind, I know the power my feet have and have been waiting for the moment I find the right man watching my feet, the one who can’t wait to hold them, to massage them, to worship them, exactly the way I like. I know you feel the same way, I can tell by the way you ogle my feet that you’ve been searching far and wide for the perfect feet to worship, for a gorgeous receptive woman who knows the power of her feet, and enjoys you licking and sucking them to your hearts content…. This is just the beginning for us and you’ve never been so excited.

Length: 10:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sweet Serendipity