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LesbianFootFetish – DUDA FERREIRA AND ANNY COLLINS – vol 01

STARRING : Duda Ferreira (footsize:8), Anny Collins (footsize:7) and Little Jana

Double dose worship.

In this scene are these two beautiful girls, one called Duda Ferreira and the other Anny Collins.
They are in a motel with Little Jana who really likes to worship feet. Little Jana soon begins to worship the feet of these beautiful girls, leaving them full of pleasure.

Length: 15:22
Resolution: 1920×1080


LesbianFootFetish – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – vol 01

Starring : Anika size 9 USA
Starring : Kyana size 7 USA

These two beautiful girls decided to give Ayla a nice Christmas present, their soles so she could finish herself off, they put on their Christmas hats and went to show off their feet so that Ayla couldn’t resist and fell on their soles, and so it happened!

You can not lose.

Length: 15:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – vol 01

UmiliatiOffesi – Lo strano sogno di Ammalia – The strange dream of Ammalia

Nina comes back home and she finds Ammalia already in bed, napping soundly. The girl takes the opportunity to dedicate herself to her feet. Nina loves to adore Ammalia’s feet, she licks them well by sucking each toe, wrapping them between her soft lips. She’s careful not to wake up Ammalia, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t go lightly, her tongue wets them thoroughly, thrusting between her toes and running along the soft soles. When Nina gets into bed next to Ammalia, she gets up and confesses that she has just had a strange dream: someone was tickling her feet. Nina hugs her and invites her to go back to rest, what a strange dream…

Length: 10:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lo strano sogno di Ammalia – The strange dream of Ammalia

UmiliatiOffesi – A wonderful worship session for Ariane’s big soles

Ariane is lying in bed, wearing very refined underwear and making herself comfortable by taking off her heels which reveal her soft and large soles. Eleonore runs immediately eager to give them the right attention. A smile and a determined sight from Ariane are enough for Eleonore to kneel at the foot of the bed and start licking the woman’s soles thoroughly. Ariane relaxes feeling Eleonore’s tongue slide up and down her feet, between the toes that Eleonore sucks with sweetness and passion. The worship becomes more and more sensual, Eleonore’s tongue passes every centimeter of Ariane’s large soles and she turns over, belly down, letting the woman lick her feet thoroughly, without respite, now completely addicted to their flavor and eager to suck those beautiful feet properly

Length: 26:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A wonderful worship session for Ariane’s big soles

TicklZone – Beautiful sweaty feet of Russian students!

Young Kitty returned home after a hard day at school.

She came to the living room sofa, took off the smelly socks she had been wearing all day and turned on the TV.

Anasteysha was preparing dinner at this time, but decided to also see what Kitty was watching there.

She sat down next to her and smelled her feet, which made her excited and wanted to tickle them.

Young Kitty liked tickling her feet so much that she decided to tickle Anasteysha herself

The girls are very excited by each other’s sweet legs.

Length: 18:57
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Beautiful sweaty feet of Russian students!

TheFootInfatuation – Footbitch Zombie Boy Controlled

My footbitch zombie boy- controlled by your masters feet and stentch. Who owns you? Let’s hear it, ” MASTER TAY” … you’re owned. Me and my friends are using you to fund our dinners and pedicures. I tell them all about you, my human credit card and we laugh at you. The mind melting chemicals of my foot stench permeate your brain and make you more addicted to me. I dispose my footdust and nail clippings in your mouth. You’re my garbage disposal. Get my foot stink up your nose! You’re mine, all mine. Are you going to spoil your master? Prove your worth? Who do you live to spoil? Who has the best feet in the world?

Length: 3:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Footbitch Zombie Boy Controlled

SolesScreamExperience – What Are Y’all Up To – Lilith’s Curiousity

Lilith arrives home early and is looking for her roommates. She eventually finds them engaging in various kinds of foot worship. Puzzled and intrigued she asks if she can watch and eventually decides to participate.

You’ll see two girls worshipping a pair of feet, and the ladies trade off with each other in some hot exploration.

Note: This is the only clip that you’ll see Lilith giving foot worship

Length: 16:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – What Are Y’all Up To – Lilith’s Curiousity