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LesbianFootFetish – VICKY LEANS & SIMPLICIX – vol 01

Starring: Vicky Leans(footsize: 6), Simplicix(footsize: 9) and Isabelle

Isabelle Received the challenge to love feet from Simplix and Vicky Leans.
Isabelle agreed instantly.
Simplix has her toenails painted black and Vicke has her toenails painted Nude.
the two are sitting on the bed ready for Isabelle to love their feet.

Length: 15:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – VICKY LEANS & SIMPLICIX – vol 01

LesbianFootFetish – RAINHA ALICIA – vol 04

Starring: Rainha Alicia & Isabelle
FootSise: 7

Rainha Alicia arrived at my tennis apartment and in plain clothes.
she sat on my couch waiting for Isabelle to arrive.
When Isabelle arrived, Alicia took off her sneakers, and went to my bed so that Isabelle could do her job, which by the way she does very well.

Length: 15:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – RAINHA ALICIA – vol 04

KaylaJaneDanger – Rejected Date becomes Foot Slave

After dating you for a few weeks I made the mistake of fucking you last night, thinking you had to be good in bed the way you look, the money you make. I skipped on really testing you out first and I’m regretting it! You are terrible in bed, your dick is mediocre but your performance is even more lack luster. I probably won’t ever fuck you again, but you are worth keeping around as my arm candy and benefactor, and in the meantime I will put you and your mouth to work teaching you to worship my feet, to make my feet the center of your sex life for now, I want you dripping and aching for more of my feet happy to to be a sexless foot slave for me while I get my rocks off elsewhere.

Length: 17:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rejected Date becomes Foot Slave

KaylaJaneDanger – Pre-Date Foot Cuckold Ritual

Our relationship is so special, it fulfills both of our needs so well, after all you never thought you would find someone who enjoys and indulges your extreme foot fetish, and would agree to an open relationship with a little cuckold play. Then you found me, and our pre-date ritual is one of your favorite things … I show off my cute little date night outfit and before putting on my heels for the date, you get to worship my feet while we talk about the evening to come. Communication is key in this kind of relationship, so I do all the talking and keep your mouth full of my precious feet! I know you can’t wait until I get home for our post date ritual!

Length: 11:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pre-Date Foot Cuckold Ritual

KaylaJaneDanger – Lucky Pool Boy-Toy

I see you looking at me while you should be cleaning the pool. If you’re going to be that obvious about watching the lady of the house while she lounges by the pool, I’m going to at least put you to work! First I offer my sexy wet bare feet to you, at first just to rub them with your hard working hands. I’ll be quiet so the house keeper doesn’t hear us, I’ll whisper instructions to you as you work my pretty feet and once I see I’ve got you wrapped around my little finger I whisper new instructions, you may now lick and kiss my feet, and when I say so you can even suck those delectable toes but you’ve got to be discrete, quiet, and of course you aren’t allowed to touch yourself while you worship my feet!

Length: 9:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lucky Pool Boy-Toy