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TMFetish – Elara Wren & Mia Hope – “Loser Gets Feet” Mesmerize Smelling & Foot Worship

Mia Hope and Elara Wren are at home, bored. They’ve agreed to stay home on the weekends since everything is so expensive lately. One girl suggests a game or bet where the loser has to do whatever the other one wants. Elara ultimately wins and tells Mia to do something humiliating, to smell how stinky her slippered feet are. Mia gags but complies and after on sniff, becomes completely entranced by the smell. Elara is shocked to see her friend like this but laughs at the idea of controlling her. Elara makes Mia her mesmerized foot cleaner. Having her worship her feet in three different positions. She then tries to wake Mia up and has the idea to use coffee beans. Mia smells the beans and comes to. She notices a strange taste in her mouth but Elara will never admits what happened.

Length: 12:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Elara Wren & Mia Hope – “Loser Gets Feet” Mesmerize Smelling & Foot Worship

TMFetish – Ashlynn Taylor & Mandy Wolf – “Stinky Sock Puppet Shenanigans” Mesmerize Foot Worship

Ashlynn Taylor has been dumped by her fiancé so her friend, Mandy Wolf, playfully puts a sock puppet on her foot and starts pretending that it has a funny voice. She convinces Ashlynn to kiss the sock puppet, leading to a hilariously stinky surprise that puts Ashlynn into a trance. Now entranced she is no longer upset, but instead follows the commands of Mandy. Mandy ultimately decides mental domination will certainly be the remedy for her heartbreak… but not before having some foot worshipping fun with her! Ashlynn is made to worship her friend’s feet in various positions, to Mandy’s liking. In the end, Mandy tells her once she awakens, “she will no longer be in love with any man, only her ‘beautiful feet”.

Length: 19:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor & Mandy Wolf – “Stinky Sock Puppet Shenanigans” Mesmerize Foot Worship

TMFetish – Ama Rio & Sexy Slyyy – “Foot Worship Loop” App Mesmerizes Girls to Worship Feet

Ama Rio and Sexy Slyyy are lounging around talking about life when Ama remembers a mindfulness app she’s been wanting to try. Slyyy is open to the idea so the girls open a video and stare into the center. Within a few moments, they slip into a trance before hearing a voice that puts them into a resting state. From there, the voice then commands Slyyy worship Ama’s feet. Slyyy sits up dazed and gets to work worshipping Ama’s feet in different positions before being put to to rest once again. Now, it’s Ama’s turn. She rises and goes down on Slyyy’s feet in various positions. After a while, the girls are woken and can’t remember a thing. They notice a strange taste in their mouths and then remember they were going to try out Ama’s mindfulness app…

Length: 13:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio & Sexy Slyyy – “Foot Worship Loop” App Mesmerizes Girls to Worship Feet

TMFetish – Alexis James & Ashlynn Taylor – “From Step-sis to Sole Slave” Lesbian Mesmerize Foot Worship

Ashlynn is living with her step-bro and his gf. She is a total slob and throws her dirty clothing everywhere. Ashlynn is taking videos and pics for socials when Alexis walks in and is very frustrated. She insists Ashlynn pick up after herself, but Ashlynn just calls Alexis a “bitch” and refuses. Alexis grabs one of Ashlynn shoes or socks and shoves it into Ashlynn’s face – putting her in a trance. Alexis uses Ashlynn’s state to her advantage – stripping Ashlynn of her clothes, making her engage in some humiliating tasks before smelling and worshipping Alexis’s feet. Alexis can get used to this as she never liked Ashlynn and she would be much more use as a foot cleaner than a sister in law!

Length: 14:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alexis James & Ashlynn Taylor – “From Step-sis to Sole Slave” Lesbian Mesmerize Foot Worship

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Foot Perv Academy

I always love when new girls visit me in hopes of attending my special academy. The opportunity to have fun with fresh new feet! Mia and Rae are my newest applicants and they’re very eager.

But in order to be accepted, I tell them they must agree to go through a little experiment of mine. They happily agreed. So we begin.

I use my powers to put a spell on both girls and they become immediately mesmerized. I have Rae move to the floor where I instruct her to remove Mia’s socks and shoes. Then i have her kiss and lick and worship both of Mia’s soft feet. Even while under my spell, Rae is somewhat reluctant.

Watching Rae worship Mia’s feet was too much for me to handle. I wanted to taste the girls’ feet myself, so I instruct Rae to move back to the chaise lounge. Now I get to have fun with both girls feet! 4 beautiful soft bare feet all for me!

Both girls have been accepted to the academy!

Length: 12:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Perv Academy

RFStudioProduction – Sensuous Foot Worship Games with Anna Luna and Elmira

Anna Luna indulges in playful fun with Elmira , who is lying on the bed dressed as a cheerleader, her feet swaying. Anna sensually nibbles on Elmira’s toes and licks her feet, eliciting ticklish giggles and moans from Elmira as she smiles in delight.

Then, Anna Luna removes her friend’s top, and the girls lie facing each other’s feet. They’re savoring and licking each other’s soles and toes, thoroughly enjoying the intimacy.

Next, the girls sit in a reverse position and stretch their feet towards each other, continuing to sensually savor the moment by licking each other’s soles and heels.

Towards the end, Elmira extends her feet while Anna Luna, lying on her stomach, licks them and stretches her legs towards Elmira. In response, an excited Elmira grips the bed and moans.

Length: 21:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sensuous Foot Worship Games with Anna Luna and Elmira

RFStudioProduction – Astrid Has Fun with Foxy’s Bare Feet – Light Bastinado, Tickling, and Licking

In this clip, lovely Foxy lies on a bench, secured with ropes. Her bare feet, painted with red-burgundy nail polish, are in a vulnerable position and ready for some tickling and bastinado.

Astrid is right there, sitting next to Foxy’s bare feet. The tickler is beautiful and playful, radiating energy as she is thrilled about the opportunity to play with Foxy’s feet.

In this video, Astrid improvises, she spanks Foxy’s feet with a paddle, tickles them with her nails and combs, and also licks them with her tongue. Both girls enjoy the activities.

Length: 16:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Astrid Has Fun with Foxy’s Bare Feet – Light Bastinado, Tickling, and Licking

LesbianFootFetish – SABRINA SCOTT – vol 06

Starring : Sabrina Scott Foot size 7 USA

Sabrina Scott is back.

This young woman is very successful in the world of foot fetish, she knows how to show off her feet and drive you crazy, very beautiful and sweet, Sabrina really likes to do this and does it very well, and that’s what she does in this new scene. Lesbian Worship.

Don’t miss it.

Length: 14:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – SABRINA SCOTT – vol 06

LesbianFootFetish – MIRELLA BRANDAO – vol 01

Starring : Mirella Brandao Foot size 10 USA

Another new model debuting here.

Mirella is a tall and very beautiful young woman, her feet are big and delicious, Ayla Sabe said that she really liked the idea of ??being able to smell Mirella’s big feet with her socks on and then taste her feet.

After Ayla removed her sneakers and smelled Mirella’s socks, she tasted the taste of this beautiful woman’s big feet, licked her big soles a lot and sucked her toes very eagerly.

This video was incredible! don’t miss it!

Length: 15:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – MIRELLA BRANDAO – vol 01

LesbianFootFetish – KEMYLE – vol 02

Starring : Kemyle Foot size 7 USA

Kemyle enjoyed the first experience and asked to come back and have her feet worshiped again, her request was granted and Isabelle wasted no time.

In this scene, Isabelle finishes smelling the socks a lot and then decides to taste Kemyle’s feet once again, who was waiting a long time for this moment, she really liked Isabelle’s tongue on her feet and that’s why she asked to return.

Length: 14:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – KEMYLE – vol 02