Extracting video from the archive

Each video is placed in the archive, you should extract it, you can use any compression program. For example, 7zip it is free. And you can download it on the official website.
If  the video does not work, then, at first you should check whether the size of the downloaded file with the size of the search of the file on the server. If the size of the “ok”, then try to download the file again. I think  this will be enough for the normal extracting of  of the video from the archive.
Otherwise, you should comment under the relevant post in the near future I will check and fix the problem.

Video Playback 

In most cases, the video playback is enough already built into Windows players. However, in identifying problems with playback, we recommend the latest version of K-Lite Codec Pack, you can donload it from the official site, or use the player with its own codecs, such as KMPlayer, these programs are free.
If the problem persists, then write about it in the comments to the appropriate video.

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