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TAWorship – Practice Makes Perfect

After Step-Mom Ama Rio introduced Tyler Lynn to the joys of foot worship, Tyler thought it may be fun to experience a bit of toe sucking fun as well! Being as shy and timid as she is especially coming face to face with Ama’s perfect feet, she certainly tries her best. Along with encouragement Ama doesn’t stop her and let’s Tyler Lynn explore her soft, sensitive feet, because after all, practice makes perfect!

Length: 10:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SolesScreamExperience – Ama and Paisley Worship Each Others Feet

Ama and Paisley are in bed together wearing sexy lingerie and Ama tells Paisley that she’s has the sexiest feet she’s ever seen. Ama takes her foot and sensually starts to suck on her toes. Then she really gets into worshipping her feet. She licks her soles, puts her foot in her mouth and sucks on her feet. But now it’s Paisley’s turn. Paisley sucks on Ama’s toes and also licks her soles. But now they really want to have fun and worship each other’s feet together. They both moan with pleasure as they lick and and suck on each other’s toes and feet.

Length: 8:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TAWorship – The Ultimate 3Way Explosion

Natalia knows how much her friend Ama loves foot play, so after meeting Honey and seeing how gorgeous her feet were, she had an idea! Thankfully, Honey was just as adventurous as Natalia and came home with her to spice things up with Ama. It didn’t take long at all for all three beautiful women had their pretty feet to each other’s lips and clits giving each other a series of amazing orgasms!

Length: 11:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TMFFantasies – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Stinky Condition” Shoe Smell Mesmerize Worship

Ama and Ashlynn have returned from a full on workout at the gym this morning. They kick off their sneakers to relax when Ashlynn gets a whiff of a strange smell. She tries to ignore it but it’s driving her mad. Finally she jumps up and is determined to figure out where it’s coming from. She wanders near Ama’s feet when Ama begins to confess there’s a problem and Ashlynn needs to stop right now. Ashlynn picks up Ama’s shoe to investigate as Ama begins creaming “No, Ashlynn don’t do it”… but Ashlynn puts the sneaker to her nose and takes a deep breath. She becomes entranced by Ama’s stinky foot condition. The stench was just too powerful for Ashlynn to withstand and her mind is now broken. Ama sighs as this happens to everyone who smells her beautiful feet. She tried to warn her friend, but now she’s nothing but a mindless obedient foot slave. Ama puts Ashlynn to work fulfilling her one sole purpose… to worship feet. Ama makes herself comfortable as Ashlynn smells and worships her stinky post-gym feet from all angles, making sure to clean them up nice.

Length: 17:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Stinky Condition” Shoe Smell Mesmerize Worship

VincesFetishAdventure – Tickle Worship – Kody Evans, Ama Rio, Jade Ash

Ama signed up to be a model for a local masseuse to teach different techniques to her student. Little does Ama know that masseuse Kody was a bit misleading in her Ad. The only part that was legit is that the model needed to have beautiful feet, which Ama Rio definitely meets that criteria. Kody wastes no time as she and student Jade begin to play with Ama’s pretty feet. Kody and Jade use different items to tickle Ama’s soles from a hair brush to a back scratcher – even their nails and teeth! Ama squirms and bounces about as she endures the kinky masseuse and her student’s strange fixation on her feet. Ama thinks this is a weird massage parlor but needs the money so she does her best to go along….

Length: 16:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Worship – Kody Evans, Ama Rio, Jade Ash

PleasuresOfTheSole – Apologize to Ama

Age: 29

Foot Size: 10



Courtney Cummz and Sydney Paige have Ama Rio’s HOT AND SWEATY BARE FEET in their faces, and they don’t need to be told what to do with them. Ama wants them to apologize for a past transgression, but the reason doesn’t matter, the girls just want an excuse to devour this Southern belle’s sweaty feet and now they’ve got it!

Sydney and Courtney are eager to worship Ama’s feet and they don’t hesitate to latch their lips onto her soles and toes, their mouths making loud smacking and popping sounds as they suck on and release her long toes! Ama’s a little bashful and tries to hide her arousal at first, but she’s having her feet worshipped TOPLESS, and there’s no hiding how HARD HER NIPPLES GET FROM THE INTENSE FOOT WORSHIP! She succumbs to the sensations, sighing and moaning with excitement as she watches the girls devour her big sweaty size 10 feet.


The girls giggle and laugh, moaning with their own arousal while they taste Ama’s vinegary feet, LICKING EVERY LAST BIT OF SALTY SWEAT FROM HER SOLES! They passionately suck on her arches and the balls of her feet, making Ama moan and toss her head back with pleasure as the intense sensations roll through her body. She crosses her ankles to give the girls a taste of her other foot, and they eagerly worship Ama’s feet in this new position until their SALIVA’S DRIPPING OFF HER HEELS!

Satisfied that they did a good job, they ask her how they did – but Ama’s not happy yet, she wants another round of foot worship! The girls are done with worshipping her feet so subject give her a round of FOOT TICKLING INSTEAD! AMA’S EXTREMELY TICKLISH and she explodes with hysterical laughter as they rake her soles with their long nails! She begs the girls to stop, but they won’t let up until she forgives them and admits she enjoyed the foot worship!

Length: 11:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Apologize to Ama

BrokenShellFantasies – Akira Sensually Sucks Ama Rio’s Size 9 Soles

Akira is absolutely smitten with Ama Rio’s luscious feet! Can’t blame her for drooling and singing praises over those perfectly arched beauties. They’re so good, they’ll make you want to kick the bucket. She’s got a real knack for making those long arches, soft wrinkled soles, such delectable toes, and those toe fingers crunch and curl. It’s a nonstop feet affair!

Head over heels for Ama Rio’s flawless feet, Akira goes above and beyond to give them the royal treatment. From tenderly touching and caressing every inch of her soles to indulging in a little toe-sucking and sole-munching, Akira is all about worshipping those fabulous feet!

Her size 9.5 soles fit perfectly on Akira’s warm hungry mouth, smoothly going in and out of her throat – the joy of Ama Rio’s feet being treated to a refreshing saliva shower from Akira’s enthusiastic sucking is such a sight to see and Akira really knows how to give her a thorough tongue bath, leaving no space untouched by her saliva. Ama Rio really gets a kick out of Akira’s foot fetish watching her expertly lick and suck on her feet gets Ama Rio all hot and bothered. It’s safe to say that her excitement is off the charts!

Obsessed with this rare opportunity to indulge in Ama Rio’s flawless feet, Akira simply can’t resist sucking on them, gagging as many toes as possible into her mouth. She’s practically creating a saliva tsunami, drenching those toes until they shine like a wet dream!

Tickling Ama Rio’s feet with Akira’s saliva is a wet and wild sensation that’s foot-tastically good. Foot gagging takes it to the next level, making this foot-sucking experience a perfect 10/10!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Akira Sensually Sucks Ama Rio’s Size 9 Soles

TMFFantasies – Ama & Ashlynn – “Sweat Princess” Brat & Nerd Turn Lesbian Lovers

Ama gets home from school with her feet sweaty from being in high heels all day. Ama sits on the coach snapping her fingers and yells for her nerdy roommate Ashlynn. She asks Ashlynn if her Thesis is ready, Ashlynn says yes and hands it over to Ama. Ama warns Ashlynn that she better get an A* this time. Last time she got an A- which is unacceptable.

Ashlynn asks Ama if she is able to get her an A* this time if can she hang out with Ama and all the cool girls in college. Ashlynn really wants to sit with Ama and her girlfriends at the cool table at lunch time. Ama thinks it’s hilarious that a nerd such as Ashlynn would even think Ama would ever consider this. As a punishment for thinking this Ama attaches a collar and leash to Ashlynn’s neck. Ama sits back down on the couch and holding Ashlynn’s leash orders her onto her knees.

Ashlynn is reluctantly made to remove and inhale Ama’s stinky high heels and describe the sour vinegary smell to Ama who is laughing. Ama informs Ashlynn that she hasn’t washed her feet in weeks. Ama makes Ashlynn inhale her stinky socks then remove them with her teeth. Ama places the socks on Ashlynn’s head to make a Tiara and calls Ashlynn her “Sweat Princess”. Ama orders Ashlynn to rub and massage her sweaty bare feet whilst wearing her Tiara. Ama takes some videos of her Sweat Princess Ashlynn with her Tiara massaging her feet to upload to TikTok. Ama makes Ashlynn rub inbetween her toes then reluctantly smell her own hands which now stink of Ama’s sweaty feet whilst Ama videos her laughing at the poor nerd.

Ama tells Ashlynn not to refer to her as Ama but as Miss Rio or Ma’am. Ama’s social status is a lot higher than Ashlynn’s and Ashlynn really should get to know her place. Ama sticks her feet in Ashlynn’s face and makes Ashlynn inhale them then Ama rubs them all over Ashlynn’s face whilst Ashlynn is crying/whimpering. Ama hopes that her sweaty smell will stick to Ashlynn’s face like a perfume. Whilst Ashlynn is whimpering Ama is teasing her saying things like “Awww you poor thing”.

Ashlynn tries to resist so Ama threatens to take Ashlynn to the bathroom and flush Ashlynn’s head down the toilet like Ama and her friends usually do to Ashlynn at school. Ashlynn is afraid of Ama so she stops resisting an begins to comply with Ama but she still cries, whimpers and begs Ama to stop. Ama sadistically tells Ashlynn that she is adorable when she is whimpering.

Next Ashlynn is reluctantly made to inhale and worship Ama’s feet whilst massaging them. Ashlynn is crying and whimpering whilst Ama is seductively and sadistically teasing Ashlynn about being her Sweat Princess. Ama videos Ashlynn wearing her sock-Tiara some more during the foot worship and uploads the videos onto TikTok.

Ama grabs Ashlynn’s leash and makes Ashlynn stand up. Ama walks Ashlynn to her bedroom whilst being made to hold Ama’s sweaty high heels in her hands. Ama lies on the bed and makes Ashlynn lick and kiss her sweaty bare feet whilst describing the vinegary taste to Ama. Ama makes Ashlynn stick her fingers in between Ama’s toes then inahale her own fingers and suck the sweat off them. Then Ama makes Ashlynn lick the toe jam inbetween her feet. Ama asks Ashlynn what her toe jam tastes like and Ashlynn replies that it’s very bitter and sour, very vinegary.

Ama is so impressed with Ashlynn’s dedication that she stops being mean and teasing Ashlynn. Ama starts to kiss and make out with Ashlynn. Ama removes the leash from Ashlynn’s collar then then Ama and Ashlynn undress eachother whilst making out until they are wearing nothing except their sexy lingerie.

Ama removes and inhales Ashlynn’s high heels then inhales and worshipping Ashlynn’s sweaty bare feet whilst Ashlynn is inhaling Ama’s high heels. Ama and Ashlynn make out. Ama seductively lies Ashlynn down and sensually kisses Ashlynn from her feet to her head, removing Ashlynn’s bra and worshipping her breasts. Ashlynn and Ama make out then Ashlynn kisses Ama all over her body. Whilst making out Ashlynn removes Ama’s bra and worships her breasts then Ama rubs Ashlynn’s feet all over her breasts then worships Ashlynn’s feet some more.

Ama and Ashlynn passionately make out then worship eachother’s sweaty feet at the same time continously switching between inhaling eachother’s feet, worshipping eachother’s feet and making out with eachother.

Whilst making out Ashlynn asks Ama if she is her girlfriend now and Ama says yes. Ama tells Ashlynn that on Monday in school she will introduce Ashlynn as her girlfriend to all her cool friends. At lunch time Ashlynn will be sitting with Ama and the other girls at the cool table. If any girl tries to bully or be mean to Ashlynn they’ll have to deal with Ama who is the leader of the girl-gang.

Ashlynn is worried about the TikTok videos but Ama tells her not to worry as no one will be mean to Ashlynn once they realize Ama is dating Ashlynn. In fact Ama suggests making some more videos and selling them online. Ashlynn agrees with Ama and they continue to make out. Ama and Ashlynn video eachother taking turns putting gummy sweats on eachother’s toes and eating them off whilst describing the taste of the sweets mixed with eachother’s toe jam.

Ashlynn tries to tell Ama something but then hesitates. Ama asks Ashlynn what it is. Ashlynn says it’s nothing…Ama wouldn’t be interested anyway since it’s so geeky. Ama probes Ashlynn some more and she tells Ama that she has two tickets to Comic-Con and was wondering if Ama would want to cosplay with her. Before Ama can answer Ashlynn interrupts Ama and tells her it’s a stupid idea and to forget that Ashlynn mentioned it. Ama presses her finger against Ashlynn’s lips to stop her from talking and tells Ashlynn she’d love to go to Comic-Con and cosplay but only on the condition that she gets to go with her girlfriend Ashlynn.

Ashlynn and Ama make out some more then worship/inhale eachother’s feet and kiss eachother all over their bodies. Ama tries to remove Ashlynn’s collar but Ashlynn stops her and tells Ama to leave it on as it signifies Ama’s ownership of her and she loves being a submissive for Ama. This turns Ama on so she grabs Ashlynn and passionately makes out with her.

Finally both ladies get into bed under the covers and make out. Ashlynn is really happy to be one of the cool girls now. Whilst making out Ashlynn tells Ama she doesn’t know how to be tough or bully other girls. Ama kisses Ashlynn and tells her to relax, from now on Ama will protect Ashlynn from the other mean girls but it would help if Ashlynn could find a nerd who she could pick on and bully for herself. Ashlynn suggests that girl Indica from her maths class who is such a nerd. Ama tells Ashlynn that Indica would be perfect for Ashlynn’s first victim.

Ama and Ashlynn passionately make out then fall resting snuggled together under the covers as the scene fades out.

Length: 32:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama & Ashlynn – “Sweat Princess” Brat & Nerd Turn Lesbian Lovers

TMFFantasies – Ama & Ashlynn – “Gummy Soles PT 2” Toe Sucking & Sole Licking Worship

Ama and Ashlynn would be sitting down at a table or desk in bikinis with their feet in flip flops having a discussion about how their fetish careers have gone so far.

Ama would then reveal to Ashlynn that Mia told her about their lifesaver gummy “situation” and her and explain how she’s jealous that Mia was the one to experience it instead of her. Ashlynn embarrassed by this would would then agree to worship Ama’s feet in the same manner as she did Mia. Ama would then remove one of her flip flops and place LifeSavers gummies around each of her toes.

Ashlynn would then began to suck each LifeSaver gummy off of Ama’s toes one by one. Some sole licking in between eating the gummies would be appreciated. They would then do the same exact thing with the other foot until all of the gummies have been eaten. After all the gummies have been eaten off of Ama’s feet, Ama would then return the favor to Ashlynn by eating lifesaver gummies off of her feet in the same manner.

Length: 30:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama & Ashlynn – “Gummy Soles PT 2” Toe Sucking & Sole Licking Worship