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BrokenShellFantasies – Jasmin Foot Worships Akira

Jasmin’s got a serious case of foot obsession with Akira’s bare tootsies. Her French manicure is absolutely gorgeous, and those glistening toes are like a snack for Jasmin’s hungry mouth!

Jasmin’s got a serious case of foot obsession with Akira’s bare tootsies. Her French manicure is absolutely gorgeous, and those glistening toes are like a snack for Jasmin’s hungry mouth! Never having worshipped a foot before, Jasmin can’t resist tasting her perfectly delectable tootsies.

Tongue out, Jasmin licks the wrinkles on Akira’s soles, beginning at the gorgeous arch and working her way up to the curves. Her intense and eager toe-sucking clearly demonstrates her strong desire to explore every inch and corner of Akira’s feet. The softness of Jasmin’s lips pressing sensually on Akira’s soles creates an almost electric, ticklish sensation. She simply can’t resist snacking on her crinkled soles, chomping on her heels with her teeth, giving Akira a ticklish tingle.

Reaching up toward her feet, Jasmin eagerly sucks on Akira’s big toe, placing it in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it to ensure it is coated with just the proper amount of saliva. Then, her tongue deftly navigates the nooks and crannies between Akira’s toes before she crams all five of them into her mouth at once, sucking and spitting on them like a cock. Not content to leave any part of Akira’s foot unsucked, Jasmin sucks on the other foot as well, this time focusing her nibbles and soft sucking on the heels and soles.

Akira is absolutely tickled pink by the toe-tally tantalizing experience of having her feet pampered to perfection! She’s really savoring the never-ending foot bliss, relishing in the delight of having her naturally moist and ticklish feet adored by the incredible foot connoisseur, Jasmin. Undoubtedly, Jasmin takes the crown for being the ultimate foot sucker, eagerly devouring every morsel of those feet until they shine with her own saliva.

Jasmin’s such a foot slut for Akira’s gorgeous feet, and she’s sucking it like a sensual pro, deepthroating it until Akira reaches the sweetest orgasmic climax of her life.

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Akira Sensually Sucks Ama Rio’s Size 9 Soles

Akira is absolutely smitten with Ama Rio’s luscious feet! Can’t blame her for drooling and singing praises over those perfectly arched beauties. They’re so good, they’ll make you want to kick the bucket. She’s got a real knack for making those long arches, soft wrinkled soles, such delectable toes, and those toe fingers crunch and curl. It’s a nonstop feet affair!

Head over heels for Ama Rio’s flawless feet, Akira goes above and beyond to give them the royal treatment. From tenderly touching and caressing every inch of her soles to indulging in a little toe-sucking and sole-munching, Akira is all about worshipping those fabulous feet!

Her size 9.5 soles fit perfectly on Akira’s warm hungry mouth, smoothly going in and out of her throat – the joy of Ama Rio’s feet being treated to a refreshing saliva shower from Akira’s enthusiastic sucking is such a sight to see and Akira really knows how to give her a thorough tongue bath, leaving no space untouched by her saliva. Ama Rio really gets a kick out of Akira’s foot fetish watching her expertly lick and suck on her feet gets Ama Rio all hot and bothered. It’s safe to say that her excitement is off the charts!

Obsessed with this rare opportunity to indulge in Ama Rio’s flawless feet, Akira simply can’t resist sucking on them, gagging as many toes as possible into her mouth. She’s practically creating a saliva tsunami, drenching those toes until they shine like a wet dream!

Tickling Ama Rio’s feet with Akira’s saliva is a wet and wild sensation that’s foot-tastically good. Foot gagging takes it to the next level, making this foot-sucking experience a perfect 10/10!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Private Foot Worship Session With Reagan

Ready and excited to have you here for another session with her, Reagan greets you with her delectable feet when you come in! You’re going to be really happy that you booked with her as she immediately starts to make herself comfortable as she strips down to her lingerie when you walk in the door. She presents herself to you in her lacy underwear but her shoes still on, just for you as she knows how much you love her feet. She has you pull off her shoes to get to her stinky feet, nice and ripe just for you. She lets you get in close to sneak in little smells and whiffs of her delicious feet as you pull off her socks to get to her wet, sweaty and tasty feet. Reagan gets excited with the smells coming from her own feet, as she instructs you on how she wants you to take care of her feet, getting you to lick and taste her feet, all the way from her heels, up her arches and in between her toes. Reagan continues to get more and more excited as she gives more and more specific instructions for you to follow.

Length: 11:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Private Foot Worship Session With Reagan

BrokenShellFantasies – Oiled Amazon Feet JOI

Beautiful sisters Honeydew and Kendra likes spending time bonding with each other. But what’s more exciting than spending their free time with a foot party! Honey Dew, the younger sister, gradually rubs her soft, tender, and pale-looking feet to Kendra while you slowly stroke your firmly erect cock on your pants. The naughty girls play with each other’s feet as they enjoy the warmth of their hands stroking and gliding on their skin. The party is about to start as they pour in the slippery coconut oil to their soles. They look at each other with an extreme desire to feel and touch their feet. You could not handle the sexiness of their connection as Kendra slides her fingers slowly in and out of the soles of her little sister’s feet – entirely soaked in gushing grease. They seem to be in control of you as they keep their foot touches passionately steamy. They curl their feet and bend their toe nails as you continue stroking your huge manhood – extremely delighted from what you are witnessing. Just think about the softness and tenderness of their feet as your cock slides across the bottom of their soles and you surely should be going nuts! Together, they flap their feet at the same time as they order you to keep jacking off… and in the count of 10, you’d surely cum all over the place!

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Oiled Amazon Feet JOI

BrokenShellFantasies – Fire Vampire’s Foot Tease

The sexy immortal Vampire Goddess Brandon prepares to drain your balls, every last drop, with the most dangerous body part that makes you weak. Showcasing her elegant, tight, and ancient body from head to toe, she notices your particular interest in her piercing fangs & slender soft soles. Grinning with sadistic pleasure and excitement, she taunts teases and mesmerizes you into a complete trance before leaning in close…

Length: 11:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fire Vampire’s Foot Tease

BrokenShellFantasies – Good Girl’s Slobbery Foot Worship

Akira instructs her eager foot slut Jae Lynn to lick up and down her soft pink soles. Jae Lynn jumps right into it, enjoying the taste of Akira’s delicious soles. Jae Lynn gives Akira’s feet some soft kisses and starts to kiss and lick her toes, covering Akira’s toes in thick juicy saliva, really enjoying all the sensations. Jae Lynn licks Akira’s feet from heel to toe, drooling all over her feet as Akira is enjoying the euphoria from all of the worshipping as her feet are getting coated in Jae Lynn’s spit. Jae Lynn starts to get even more into it as she starts to gag herself on Akira’s feet, fitting all of her toes into her mouth and spitting up more saliva than ever. She rubs the spit all over her feet and continues to drool all over Akira’s soft pink saturated feet.

Length: 9:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Good Girl’s Slobbery Foot Worship

BrokenShellFantasies – Dacey Worships Ella’s Feet

Dacey & Ella both love to have their feet touched. Rubbing their sensitive soles on each other, they get excited and heat up their footsie game. Getting turned on, Dacey moves down towards Ella’s elegant arched feet, wiggly long toes, and wrinkled scrunched soles. Sensually, Dacey takes extra care to lick, suck, and worship every single inch of Ella’s beautiful feet.

Length: 9:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dacey Worships Ella’s Feet

BrokenShellFantasies – Sablique Makes Indica Her Foot Bitch

Sablique has invited Indica to come over and hang out with her, but little does Indica know that Sablique has an ulterior, stinky motive for inviting her over today… Sablique really wants Indica to smell her feet. Indica is hesitant at first but decides to do it for her friend. Sablique isn’t quite satisfied by the sniffing and has to convince Indica to start licking her feet. Indica at first doesn’t really like it until she really gets a rhythm going and starts to receive pleasure from hearing Sablique’s gentle moaning as she is licking her feet. Indica starts to love licking her feet and doesn’t want to stop sucking and licking her soles and every part of her feet.

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sablique Makes Indica Her Foot Bitch