BrokenShellFantasies – Akira Sensually Sucks Ama Rio’s Size 9 Soles

Akira is absolutely smitten with Ama Rio’s luscious feet! Can’t blame her for drooling and singing praises over those perfectly arched beauties. They’re so good, they’ll make you want to kick the bucket. She’s got a real knack for making those long arches, soft wrinkled soles, such delectable toes, and those toe fingers crunch and curl. It’s a nonstop feet affair!

Head over heels for Ama Rio’s flawless feet, Akira goes above and beyond to give them the royal treatment. From tenderly touching and caressing every inch of her soles to indulging in a little toe-sucking and sole-munching, Akira is all about worshipping those fabulous feet!

Her size 9.5 soles fit perfectly on Akira’s warm hungry mouth, smoothly going in and out of her throat – the joy of Ama Rio’s feet being treated to a refreshing saliva shower from Akira’s enthusiastic sucking is such a sight to see and Akira really knows how to give her a thorough tongue bath, leaving no space untouched by her saliva. Ama Rio really gets a kick out of Akira’s foot fetish watching her expertly lick and suck on her feet gets Ama Rio all hot and bothered. It’s safe to say that her excitement is off the charts!

Obsessed with this rare opportunity to indulge in Ama Rio’s flawless feet, Akira simply can’t resist sucking on them, gagging as many toes as possible into her mouth. She’s practically creating a saliva tsunami, drenching those toes until they shine like a wet dream!

Tickling Ama Rio’s feet with Akira’s saliva is a wet and wild sensation that’s foot-tastically good. Foot gagging takes it to the next level, making this foot-sucking experience a perfect 10/10!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

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