TMFFantasies – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Stinky Condition” Shoe Smell Mesmerize Worship

Ama and Ashlynn have returned from a full on workout at the gym this morning. They kick off their sneakers to relax when Ashlynn gets a whiff of a strange smell. She tries to ignore it but it’s driving her mad. Finally she jumps up and is determined to figure out where it’s coming from. She wanders near Ama’s feet when Ama begins to confess there’s a problem and Ashlynn needs to stop right now. Ashlynn picks up Ama’s shoe to investigate as Ama begins creaming “No, Ashlynn don’t do it”… but Ashlynn puts the sneaker to her nose and takes a deep breath. She becomes entranced by Ama’s stinky foot condition. The stench was just too powerful for Ashlynn to withstand and her mind is now broken. Ama sighs as this happens to everyone who smells her beautiful feet. She tried to warn her friend, but now she’s nothing but a mindless obedient foot slave. Ama puts Ashlynn to work fulfilling her one sole purpose… to worship feet. Ama makes herself comfortable as Ashlynn smells and worships her stinky post-gym feet from all angles, making sure to clean them up nice.

Length: 17:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor – “Stinky Condition” Shoe Smell Mesmerize Worship

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