RealBareSoles – Picnic Perfection — real sole tickle!

Ok i have finally restored this corrupted file — took months! It’s the part of “Picnic Perfection” at the very end, where I tickle her vulnerable sensitive little sole!!! She let out a startled little whoop when I did it. She thought it was funny though and said “ha ha, you got me!” She had noticed I was filming her bare soles. Also in the clip are a few minutes of the footplay on display by her curvy, beautiful little feet. Note this is REAL TICKLING OF A STRANGER so that part only lasts a second. When I enjoy that it’s usually via the pause button, imagining what that must have felt like in the ultra-soft bottom of her bare foot!

Length: 3:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Picnic Perfection — real sole tickle!

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