RealBareSoles – Mara is shy Alay’s Argentine Adevntures

Here’s the first of “Alay’s Argentine Adventures!” Alay is a friend of mine who used to work in NYC but then she returned to her native Argentina. She’s very adventuresome and openminded, and it eventually became known that I like feet, and that I film them! (Long story how that all happened.) Recently she asked me if I thought I would like content from her friends and acquaintances, who are from the population of beautiful girls in Argentina mostly of Italian ancestry.

The first girl is MARA. She started off very shy! She knows what the video is for (LOL!!!) and was a little reluctant at first to talk or look at the camera. She asked if it was ok if she just read a book as Alay filmed the bare soles of her feet. I got one look at Mara’s soles and said, “THAT’S FINE!!!”

Length: 16:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mara is shy Alay’s Argentine Adevntures

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