RealBareSoles – Poor Little Mii’s Soles!

Oh no, poor little Mii! Mii is a Japanese girl with a vlog who did requests and so on, and just about right away she noticed most of her requests asked to see her feet, her feet tickled or otherwise tormented, or barefoot in bondage! So being eager to please, she complied! And now her YouTube vlog is almost entirely foot related. I’ve often watched it and enjoyed her stoically enduring sharp fingernails on her adorable sensitive little soles — the one thing I would have preferred to see different was a much better view of her bare soles, both in glamour posing and being tickled.

So I just decided to ask her to do it for me — and for you! She is Japanese so communications were often a bit halting, but we eventually came to an agreement and she delivered like a pro. The first five minutes is little Mii wriggling her size 24.5 (size 6.5 US) soles in your face —- at last so clearly visible! Then her devious friend tickles her soles for the second five minutes. Oh no! As a Japanese person she has a strong sense of duty and commitment and I had told her she had to keep her soles in frame the whole time, and she kept them there despite the agony of too much sensation! Actually the most ticklish feet I’ve ever stroked have been the soles of a Japanese girl, tied with a Jewish girl. Poor little Mii’s little Japanese soles are so vulnerable! Her YouTube is: I can’t post a link here but paste that in and you should find her cute face and her vlog. She’s got that cheerful spunkiness that is so endearing ….

Length: 10:01
Resolution: 406×720

Download – Poor Little Mii’s Soles!

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