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SolesScreamExperience – Mia Get’s After Bri and Sushii’s Feet

Things start with Sushii and Bri on their knees in booty and soles position. Mia begins sucking, licking, and rubbing her face all over the ladies’ pillow soft soles. The camera pans to catch the action.

3/4 of the way the ladies decide to adjust so they could watch Mia work their pretty feet.

Length: 13:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mia Get’s After Bri and Sushii’s Feet

SolesScreamExperience – As Seen On TV – The Feet

On the Home Shopping Network, Stella presents the newer versions of feet displays. She goes on to talk about the features of these decorative pieces. The camera gets close to show the wrinkles, toes, and subtle features of these newer model pairs of feet.

Eventually she takes some calls from the viewers who have additional questions about these works of art. Stella takes those calls and answers them each in a way that won’t get the segment booted off the air.

One of the callers happens to catch on to a surprise feature.

Length: 12:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – As Seen On TV – The Feet

RFStudioProduction – Saisha Enjoys Licking and Tickling Dark Ariel’s Feet + Mutual Foot Worship

Dark Ariel approaches the sofa, elegantly seating herself and stretching her long legs, delicately curling her toes. Meanwhile, Saisha , eager to pamper her friend’s feet and tickle them, gracefully kneels beside her. She begins to playfully tickle Ariel’s soles, who is drifting into a blissful relaxation, smiling and giggling through her dreams.

Saisha tenderly kisses Ariel’s feet, her tongue softly caressing each toe with shy enthusiasm. The tickling resumes.
As the scene shifts to the bed, Ariel lies on her stomach, and Saisha continues to tickle her soles. She then licks Ariel’s feet with gentle submission.

The roles soon reverse as Ariel turns to lie on her back, and Saisha lies beside her. Ariel gently removes Saisha’s socks, joining in the caress of her friend’s soft, peach-hued soles.

Returning to the sofa, Ariel’s feet rest higher on the armrest, and Saisha persists in her tickling and licking. Eventually, the girls lie on the bed facing each other, engaging in mutual foot caressing. Ariel eagerly caresses Saisha’s exquisite soles, and Saisha, in turn, lovingly licks Ariel’s feet with humble devotion.

Saisha then lifts Ariel’s feet, tickling them slightly before tracing her tongue along the soles and covering them with kisses. She concludes by lying beside Ariel, their feet entwined.

Length: 23:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Saisha Enjoys Licking and Tickling Dark Ariel’s Feet + Mutual Foot Worship

RFStudioProduction – Saisha and Anna Luna Pamper Milf Lusinda’s Big Feet with French Pedicure

Lusinda lay on the bed, stretching out her well-groomed, smooth, and long legs with large feet. She enjoyed the sight of her French pedicure and awaited the moment when two girls ( Anna Luna and Saisha ) would lie down next to her feet and caress them.

Two barefoot cuties lay down next to her and began licking the MILF’s long toes, teasing them with their tongues. The girls lay with their bare feet tucked towards them, and in the middle was Lusinda, tilting her head back in pleasure.

Lusinda wanted to lie on her stomach, and the girls quickly positioned themselves at her feet, continuing to lick the MILF’s feet. The woman began to moan and clench her hands into fists in pleasure.

In the final position, the lady sat on the bed and spread her legs wide – each of the girls held one and continued to kiss and lick.
In the end, they exchanged final kisses and lay down next to Lusinda’s long, tanned legs.

Length: 21:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Saisha and Anna Luna Pamper Milf Lusinda’s Big Feet with French Pedicure

RFStudioProduction – Pandora drives Guzel crazy with pleasure from foot worship

Two friends, Pandora and Guzel , are lying on a bed and browsing an online store for socks. They discuss the socks, and Guzel wants to order them. Pandora gets turned on by the photos of the socks and has a strong desire to see what kind of socks Guzel is wearing right now.
Pandora approaches Guzel’s feet, takes off her sneakers, and then begins to examine and touch Guzel’s white socks with her long toenails.
It turns out that Guzel has very sensitive foot soles, and she flinches and moans at the touch of Pandora’s toenails on her soles. This fact intrigues Pandora, and she smells the socks on Guzel’s feet, as well as takes them off and starts playing with her bare feet.

Guzel is ecstatic from the pleasant sensations, she genuinely enjoys it when Pandora begins to lick her feet soles. Guzel’s delicate feet are under the control of Pandora’s tongue and lips. Seeing the reaction to her actions, Pandora becomes even more inspired and starts lavishly licking her friend’s feet.

In the second scene, Pandora continues passionately lick Guzel’s bare feet, but the girls are now in a different pose. Guzel lies on her stomach with her eyes blindfolded, and Pandora sits on her knees at the bare feet, savoring their pleasant taste and aroma. Enjoy!

Length: 16:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pandora drives Guzel crazy with pleasure from foot worship

KaylaJaneDanger – Seeing Red

This festive yet timeless quickie JOI will trigger you into an instant erection for my long glossy pantyhose legs and high arched feet dangling these stiletto slides from the tips of my toes, my nipples topped with glittering pasties and you’ll be lucky if you can last the duration of this short stroke session, it’s all so hot you’re seeing RED in the best way!

Length: 5:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Seeing Red

KaylaJaneDanger – My Foot Sub

Every morning – every night you’re at the foot of my bed to worship my gorgeous feet. You get to sniff, kiss and lick them to your hearts content, as you worship your way deeper into service for my feet, into a complete fetish for my feet alone, you worship yourself deep into subspace, pulsing with pleasure, no touching and somehow you’re more turned on , you’ve known no greater pleasure than completely giving in to the power of these feet.

Length: 11:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My Foot Sub

KaylaJaneDanger – Her mindfucked boy toy

You’ve been caught watching me again, it’s truly gross. I’m going to teach you a lesson on consent by taking away your free will, I mind fuck you with my wiggling toes, bringing you into a deeply relaxed state where you’re nothing more than an obedient drone, driven by my commands. While you’re under I will reprogram that twisted mind of yours and make you a better roommate, a respectful, worthy, productive, useful roommate who can contribute to our dynamic and serve ME as I deserve. It’s only right … You’ll seal the deal by worshiping my pretty feet making the bond unbreakable, your mind is completely controlled by ME now!

Length: 13:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Her mindfucked boy toy