PornStarFeet – Sophia Smith finds Amy Wynters is the perfect foot fetish partner

Sophia has been looking for a new foot model with small, perfect feet to work with and satisfy her own sordid foot fetish. When she meets Amy she thinks her search may be over and she examines her feet closely, comparing them with her own. Sophia measures Amy’s feet, paying particular attention to her beautiful long toe nails – she wants to know exactly how long they are.

Sophia then asks if Amy would be up for sucking them; Amy is more used to having her feet worshipped and wasn’t expecting this and is far from sure – she’s never done anything like this before. Amy agrees to make a few private selfies for her husband as Sophia promises to not put her feet too close to her face. Sophia agrees but when it comes to it she cannot resist putting her toes to Amy’s lips and then into her mouth. Amy is too shocked to resist and quickly begins sucking strongly, pushing her tongue between Sophia’s toes. Sophia even takes the opportunity to enjoy Amy’s feet, sucking on her gorgeous big toe.

There are some great angles to see Amy enjoying Sophia’s feet and you can see how much fun both girls had making this one.

Length: 11:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophia Smith finds Amy Wynters is the perfect foot fetish partner

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