IWantFeet – So, You Want To Be A Foot Model Too

Luminous wants to be a foot model for I WANT FEET and to do that you have to go through Danica. Danica is going to put her through the paces to see if she can cut the mustard. She lets Luminous know that basically she’s had her feet worshipped by many a sexy girl and that she knows good foot worship when she feels it so if she’s not satisfied then the chance of Luminous getting to worship many more feet is slim. Luminous wastes no time getting on the floor and taking Danica’s sexy bare feet into her mouth. She worships Danica’s feet intensely not wanting to disappoint. Licking her wrinkly soles and sucking on her toes, Luminous is quickly convincing Danica that she’s a genuine foot lover. Danica is duly impressed and turned on to boot. Danica decides that she needs to sample Luminous’ feet to be thorough as well as to find out if Luminous really and truly gets turned on by having her feet worshipped. Well….she does 🙂 Danica laps her sole and devours her toes as Luminous squirms on the desk with pleasure. In the end Danica is convinced and we have no doubt you will be too!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 24:33

Download – So, You Want To Be A Foot Model Too

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