IWantFeet – Sorority Snots Learn…. To Love Feet!!!

This one is HOT!!!! A sexy LONG CUSTOM you do NOT want to miss! Iliana is a good girl. A hard working college student that studies and pays attention in class. She’s very often asked for help from a struggling student. But it’s usually someone that WANTS to learn. In this particular case we have a few snotty sorority girls that basically just want to pass their exam and want to use her as quickly as possible and move on! They come in looking for answers treating her with a condescending tone and insults. Iliana has on confidence whatsoever so she takes it because she just likes being around sexy sorority girls, truth be told. Neither of them have brought a book along. Iliana decides that she could at least go grab some notes she has for them to use. While she’s gone she overhears them talking about how if they fail they’ll get kicked out and have to go home and miss out on all the parties and boys and maybe even get a real job, god forbid! Iliana knows now she’s in the driver’s seat and she’s going to take advantage. She goes in and confronts them. She tells them she knows they just want the answers and she can do that for them but they need to do something for her. Worship each others’ feet! The girls are shocked and not sure what to say but it’s not anything they had planned. She makes them worship feet passionately and deeply as she watches each of them. She even instructs them during it. After they each take a turn they have to do her. She insults the “high and mighty” sorority girls a few times enjoying her power position before she eventually gets what she really wants which is their feet! Iliana gets down with all four feet and goes crazy!!! She gives them an AMAZING AND DEEP WORSHIP that is just unbelievable and in the end the girls haven’t learned a damn thing about the subject the came to study but they did learn to truly LOVE feet!!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 1:02:49

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