IWantFeet – I Need Feet In My Life

Dre and Jasmine thought it a good idea to open an urgent piece of mail for Katie. It turns out they were right. While the details are not disclosed you can tell by their reaction while reading that it’s something pretty shocking and something that Katie would likely want to keep quiet. They are a bit bummed lately as Katie’s new fiance has kept her away from them. He doesn’t like her “getting feet” with the girls. So abiding by his wishes she’s not been worshipping their feet anymore nor have they had access to hers. Dre sees this as an opportunity to “persuade” Katie into getting a little foot action with the girls. Furthermore, Dre wants her boyfriend to videotape it for “memory’s sake” LOL! Katie shows up and the girls drop the bomb. Katie is shocked but not as much as when they tell her what it’ll take to keep her mouth shut. She asks about the “cameraman” and Dre explains that with the new fiance this will likely be their last chance together and she wanted a memory of it. Yeah right! With a little pushing Katie agrees to one last fling with the girls and their feet. They have her lay down and Jasmine and Dre go to town tagteaming one foot at a time. The girls devour her getting her feet SOAKED in the process. They give her an amazing worship session and Katie is all worked up and ready to eat their feet. Jasmine is first and Katie goes off!!! She eats her feet with an amazing passion remembering what she’s been missing. Dre coaxes her and while in near delerium she admits “I need sexy feet in my life!” while she’s worshipping. The girls are breaking her will to swear it off. It’s not done yet though and the girls aren’t going to play fair. Katie next begins to totally consume Dre’s feet with wreckless abandon while Jasmine pulls out the vibrator. Combined with Dre’s sexy feet the vibrator pushes her over the edge reminding her how much she absolutely loves feet! Katie eats and eats Dre’s feet and has a huge orgasm. Exhausted at the end she knows in her hear that what she said was true. She NEEDS sexy feet in her life.

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 48:48

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