IWantFeet – Run……Smell…..Worship!!

Unbelievably sexy scene!!! Amazing! Danica and Gia just got back from a grueling long distance run. They’re tired and collapse on the bed. Danica has something else on her mind and asks Gia if she wants to rest or if she wants to play? Danica knows that their feet aren’t going to get any warmer or more sweaty than they are right now! Gia is new to Danica’s “foot fun” activities but she’s ready to try. Danica is excited and has Gia roll over so she can climb on top and go to town. Gia’s long 6’2″ frame and therefore very long legs makes it easy for Danica to get Gia’s feet close to her face. Gia’s big (size 10) high-arched, flexible, pointy, soft feet are enough to drive anyone out of their mind! Danica removes her sneaker and takes a few deep whiffs before smelling her socks and then her warm bare feet! Then Danica dives in with her soft sexy lips and tongue licking, sucking and just devouring Gia’s wrinkly soles and sexy toes!!! Danica is really enjoying Gia’s sexy feet and Gia is loving the attention!! After a while Gia tells Danica that she wants to have a go at her feet! Gia removes Danica’s sneakers and socks, smelling all along the way. Then Gia passionately begins to worship Danica’s sexy, soft wrinkly bare soles and luscious toes! There is no doubt that Gia really and truly is turned on by Danica’s bare feet and is loving her first time getting to devour them!! Gia, like all girls, has her own “brand” of worship and we have to say that hers is definitely a genuinely sexy one at that! Every lover of sexy foot worship is going to love BOTH Gia’s feet and watching her worship!! Again, a VERY sexy scene!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 26:41

Download –┬áRun……Smell…..Worship!!

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