IWantFeet – Super Succulent Stockings

You all have asked for it, well here it is!! A sexy stocking foot worship scene!! Come comes home looking just stupid sexy with her little dress and pantyhose with her strappy heels showing off her shapely legs and feet! God help us! She removes her shoes and rubs her feet a bit as she’s clearly tired from her day. She stands up to take her pantyhose off BUT in walks Lela. Dressed in hose herself she asks Honey what she’s doing. She states she’s going to remove her pantyhose and Lela says NO! She has a better idea. Both having tired sweaty feet, Lela thinks it’s the perfect time for some foot lovin’, pantyhose style! The girls being with a very sexy footsie as they talk about how good it feels and they love the sound of the pantyhose rubbing together. Then it’s foot worship time! The girls simultaneously devour each others’ silky stockinged feet! Taking pointed toes deep in their mouth and licking and sucking the soles to the point you can see the color difference as the saliva soaks into the hose! Lost in what they’re doing Lisa walks in unnoticed. She surveys the situation and then makes it known she wants to jump in. Lying on the floor she takes one of each girls foot on her face, worshipping and eating them. The girls each take on of her feet and continue their enjoyable task of worshipping sexy stockinged feet. The girls do a three way, only to end later as Lela’s evil streak kicks in. She tells Honey there’s another cool thing you can do with, now wet from saliva, stockinged feet. Tickle them! The girls dive in and tickle Lisa’s feet for a little bit before the fun ends!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 21:55

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