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IWantFeet – You’ll Talk You’ll Obey

**Okay, first a word about this video! This video is an entire story but it has two different parts to it. "You'll Talk" and "You'll Obey". This is the entire video as it was intended to be. Below it has been broken up into it's two segments so you can choose. The video is cheaper in it's entire form than if the two segments are purchased separately. Now time to enjoy this really sexy, hot show!! ** Part1 Sierra has been caught. She's a spy and Tay knows it. Sierra is a freelance spy so she could be working for anyone. Tay wants to know who. Britton and Tay also have some very important information that they've gathered about this spy and how best to get under her skin. Sierra of course denies she's a spy. Tay isn't buying it. Tay inserts her tongue between Sierra's arch and her shoe. Sierra reacts a little bit but remains very coy and tells Tay she's wasting her time. Tay isn't convinced as she removes the shoe and begins licking and nibbling and sucking on Sierra's sexy wrinkly soft bare sole! Sierra is responding little by little. She can't resist the foot worship. It's her weakness and it turns her on immensely. Sierra wonders what Britton's purpose is in this whole thing. Britton is about to show her. Tay does soles, that's her specialty. Britton specializes in toes with her sexy luscious lips! Quite a combination. Britton works her way to Sierra's other foot and begins sucking her toes passionately. With one girl on each foot it's beginning to get to Sierra. She's losing it. The girls continue to worship her feet. Tay and Britton switch places and Tay does the other sole while Britton does the other toes. Then they decide to work together. Both girls worshipping one foot. Sierra is euphoric, in a state of total bliss. How would you ever get anyone to give up information with this tactic???? Why not just lay there and enjoy what you love and keep your mouth shut? Simple, stop the foot worship!! The girls stop. Sierra is so turned on she wants more. Tay tells her she can have more but she needs to talk AND she also needs to agree to be her personal employee. Sierra thinks for a minute and the girls act as if they're going to leave. She cracks! "I'll do anything, anything just please don't stop!!" Tay agrees but tells her she needs to come to her office…. Part 2 When Sierra arrives at Tay's office Britton and Tay are waiting. Sierra has become Tay's employee now and will be used at Tay and Britton's discretion. Tay wants to test her new employee's ability to obey and puts her to work immediately. Tay tells her to kneel in front of her. She forces Sierra to smell her stinky feet that have been in her shoes all day every day. Sierra's nose is engulfed in Tay's toes and the scent that lives there. One foot then the other, Sierra is forced to take large whiffs of Tay's sweaty, stinky feet. Sierra is then told to get on the floor under Britton's chair. Britton removes her heels and forces Sierra to do the same to her. Laying her toes right over her nose forcing her to take in the scent of Britton's feet. Tay watches for a little while but has the need to torment her and she goes down to Sierra's feet to tickle them while she's being forced to smell Britton's. After the girls are satisfied with that they both sit facing each other and force Sierra to be their foot stool. The put their feet all over her face and then they command her to worship their feet. Sierra has to lick, kiss, suck and nibble both girls' feet. They drag their soles over her tongue and shover their toes into her mouth. Sierra is becoming very turned on by it as she is covered by their feet and forced to worship them. The girls abruptly stop her and tell her to leave as they sit and laugh. They have a new toy and no more worries about any more spying.

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IWantFeet – We Will Convince You!

Poor little Ava is bound to the bed and gagged. Tay is just finishing up her capture when Danica enters the room to inquire just what the heck is going on. Tay is upset and believes that Ava isn't being reasonable about playing foot worship fun with her and Danica. She decided that the girls just have to force her to give in. Ava is clearly resistant but she is tied up and both Danica and Tay corner one foot and begin to go to town. Mmmmmphing through her gag, Ava continues to protest as the girls lick and suck and nibble her tiny, sexy, wrinkly little foot. The girls don't forget about the toes either as they share the toes of Ava's foot. The girls eventually move over to tackle Ava's other foot with the same sexy, passionate worship. Sucking, nibbling and kissing Ava's foot as Ava continues to protest the girls again move to the toes to share. Ava is still trying to resist so the girls up the ante by splitting off and each taking a foot. The girls each take a foot and dive in, passionately worshipping as Ava begins to give in to what Tay knew all along. Tay knew that Ava really did like to have her feet worshipped but just didn't want to give into her "inner-freak". The foot worship assault from Tay and Danica was just too much and the "mmmmphing" protests under her gag turn to moans of pleasure as she begins to writhe in ecstasy. Ava can't resist as she twists and pulls against her bonds as she's overwhelmed with pleasurable sensations. In the end she's moaning and arching her back as she's now loving every lick, kiss and nibble!

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IWantFeet – Suck Em Good

Khloe and Holly in a toe sucking fest. Not much to say here. Just two really sexy girls with incredibly sexy feet going after each others' toes and really really enjoying it. Toe sucking lovers will revel in the sights and sounds of two foot loving beauties who clearly love giving and receiving! Not to mention two life long friends doing something that we can probably assume they've both thought about privately for a long time

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IWantFeet – Stop it…..I’m On The Phone!!

Tay calls Hollis from her office as it's the end of the day and the whole place is deserted. No one around to interrupt them from having their sercret daily meeting!!! At least that's what they thought. Just after Hollis arrives to Tay's office to engauge in some foot worship fun, the phone rings. It's the big boss man and Tay has to talk to him. Hollis doesn't want to wait though. She dives in to Tay's feet licking, sucking and nibbling away while Tay tries desperately to maintain her composure. Torn between the overwhelming sensation of Hollis' soft, moist lips and mouth and her obligation to her high paying employer, Tay tries to not let on and acting interested in her boss' comments even though she's not. Hollis is relentless even though Tay is quietly trying to get her to stop. But after a while the conversation with her boss turns to her other co-workers like Hollis. Tay sees a chance to put her through the same ordeal and tells her boss that Hollis just happened to walk in the office and forces Hollis on the phone. Hollis takes the phone and Tay goes to town!!! Tay decides to add some tickling into her passionate worship to make it as difficult as possible for Hollis to talk to the boss!!! Awesome video!!!

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Duration: 20:14.012
Size: 138,637 Mb

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IWantFeet – Fateful Phone Call

Extremely long, wonderfully sexy foot worship scene for you guys! You're going to love the very sexy newbie Paige. She's a true lover of female feet and by the end of this you'll have no doubts! The fateful phone call comes in to Paige as she's sitting with her laptop. She starts typing as she's told to do over the phone. What she finds is a little slice of heaven and an opportunity she never thought she'd have. Paige has two very sexy roommates, who's feet she adores. She's kept quiet about her fetish, her desire, for a long time. Today she sees that her roommies have been on foot worship websites and sees the chance to open the door to her closet and "come out". The girls are due home any moment and she's not going to waste any time. When Honey and Lola come in they sit down and Paige confronts them. The girls are "busted" and have a giggle about it. What they didn't expect was what Paige would say next. She tells them about her fetish and begs them to allow her to worship their feet. The girls whisper a bit and then tell her she needs to get down on the floor. They tell her that they don't do this stuff for free and that she'll have to repay them in some way. Numerous chores and duties are laid out for barter and her her desperation Paige agrees to anything they say, "I'll do anything!". When she's given the okay you can see it in her eyes, the joy. Paige is going to savor it. She's not fast and crazy, no not Paige. She takes Honey's shoe off and puts her pointed toe and wrinkled sole on her face. First, Pagie just wants to feel the wrinkles and unique texture of the skin on a girl's bare sole on her face. She gawks, holding them up and looking at them admiring. Paige soaks it in as her mouth opens and her tongue begins to touch Honey's foot. She savors every lick, slowly and with passion she pauses feeling every sensation. It's beautiful. With each foot she carefully and passionately devours, licking every wrinkle, pulling the feet into her mouth. Sucking on the toes slowly and with care. Honey's feet are first then Lola's feet get their due. If you love feet and can imagine waiting and waiting for a chance to get your hands on some particular feet that you've wanted then you'll see it in Paige. After a very long worshipping Paige has hopes that she'll have a chance to have these two goddesses give back some of the love she gave. That bubble is quickly burst and you can see the disappointment in her face. The girls imply she's "not up to par" with them and as if that would be beneath them. Paige's heart is broken. We return, however, to find Paige's friend Dixie with her and her roommates bound on the bed. Dixie doesn't think what they did was very nice and Paige is going to get her way if Dixie can help it. Dixie demands they worship Paige's feet and they're going to do it! Paige is so excited and begins to become a little bit dominant. Honey is forced first and told she better do it right! Dixie forces her face onto Paige's sole giving her no other choice. Honey must kiss and lick and bite and anything else to satisfy the heartbroken Paige. Paige is SUPER SEXY here as you can see that her love of being worshipped is the same as her love of worshipping. Paige is clearly turned on and loves to look back and watch as the girls are forced to give her what she wants. Lola gets the same treatment and eventually both girls are licking and sucking on her feet as Paige is euphoric with plesaure. Dixie has an evil streak and decides the girls should have to undergo some torture too as she goes back to tickle torture their feet while they worship. Paige demands that they must focus on her feet regardless of whether or not the tickle torture is distracting them, enjoying a little power position for once. In the end Dixie and Paige leave them to think about their actions and are forced to tell Paige they love her before Dixie and Paige leave. A brief conversation as the scene closes shows that the two girls haven't learned much from their ordeal. But hey, Paige is a happy girl. Wouldn't you be? ***** NOTE***** Per many people's requests we've made this available in the full version and two parts. The full version is availabe at a savings over buy the two parts separate. Hope this makes everyone happy.

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IWantFeet – Caught By The Boss!!!

Here's a long SUPER HOT custom from a wonderful fan who deserves a thanks from everyone that enjoys this type of scenario!!Jazmin thinks her boss is saying bad things about her to the "brass". She sneaks in after Lea has gone home for the evening to get on her computer and check her email for evidence. Well, it would seem Jazmin should've maybe waited more than a few minutes after Lea left or at least watched her car drive off because guess who shows up in the office to get something she forgot? Yep, you guess it Lea! Lea asks what Jazmin is doing, Jazmin is clearly scared and begins to fumble around saying she was….uh…..looking for staples. Lea leans over and takes the keyboard. Lea is a smart, powerful and beautiful woman. She's not fooled and with a few keystrokes and determine that Jazmin was snooping in her email. Lea threatens Jazmin with her job. Jazmin says she'll do anything. Lea has an idea for some punishment for her and if Jazmin complies maybe she can keep her job. We return to find Jazmin kneeling with her hands bound behind her back and Lea putting some tape over her mouth as they can't be making too much noise. Lea sits on the desk, crosses her leg and begins to dangle her shoe. "Let's put our face in there and get a good whiff of my feet inside my shoes." Lea intends to make Jazmin smell her "sweet scent" at the end of every day. With her mouth taped shut and her job on the line Jazmin must sniff up all the smell of Lea's sexy feet! After smelling in the shoe Lea then takes her feet and rubs them all over Jazmin's nose and face. She tells her that she had better hear her deeply smelling her bare foot scent. "Is this turning you on?" Lea inquires. "Do you like my sweet scent?" Lea persists. This of course is rhetorical as Jazmin can't speak. Lea encapsulates Jazmin's nose with her toes pinching it shut and making it impossible for Jazmin to breath. Lea controls her breathing letting her go to take big whiffs of Lea's feet when she inhales. One foot then on to the other Lea makes her do it all over again. Then Lea removes the tape with her toes and tells Jazmine that she will "get a taste of what she's been smelling!" Lea is clearly enjoying her position of power as she is a powerful woman who's worked her way up the foot chain at a fairly young age. Jazmin is forced to worship her feet, one then the other until Lea decides that she's satisfied. Then Lea takes on foot, pinching her nose shut and forces Jazmin to take the other foot in her mouth. There's just not enough air going in and Jazmin on the floor. Lea gets off the desk and slides her sexy feet into her shoes as her long beautiful legs extend down from her skirt and walks out leaving Jazmin in her foot scent induced slumber!

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Duration: 31:57.764
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IWantFeet – Britney Lovin’ Tay’s Feet

Britney can't contain herself. She wants some of Tay's feet and today she's particularly hot with desire. Tay's wrinkly soles look so inviting and Britney wants to lick over every one of them. Britney devours Tay's soft round heels and sucks her toes as if she's trying to remove her toenail polish. No doubt about it, feet are high up on Britney's menu today!

Video: WMP v8, 1280×720,, 798 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 44100Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 10:33.535
Size: 236,38 Mb

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IWantFeet – Poison Ivy Plotting A Coup

Hold onto your butts!!! This is one SUPER sexy video that kicks off a three part scene. Poison Ivy is at it again!!! She's the mayor and aims to get her under Poison's spell. You see Poison knows that she'll never get into power politically in the city. The only option she has to rob the city blind and gain access to it's wealth and control of its resources is with inside help. The Mayor, Honey, is the best way to do that. Of course, this is going to take some serious powers of persuasion and Poison knows just how to do it. We find the Mayor tied up in Poison's hide out. Poison explains to Honey what she wants and as expected Honey refuses to help her. Unforunately she's in no position to resist Poison. Poison explains that for her it's a win-win situation. Poison absolutely LOVES beautiful female feet and it just so happens that it's a great part of the body to use to infuse her mind bending powers! Mayor Honey, muffled through her gag, tells Poison that it won't work but Poison knows otherwise! She removes the sexy Mayor's shoes to bare her beautiful feet. What a wonderful little bonus, getting to have your way with such a powerful and beautiful woman's feet. Poison takes one of the Mayor's toes in her mouth and immediately she begins to break her down! Honey tries to resist but with each long lick of her sexy bare soles and deep sucking of her beautiful toes only serves to weaken the Mayor. As Poison enjoys her work the Mayor becomes weaker and begins to turn into one of her minions! Poison can tell that the Mayor is broken so she removes the gag before moving on to her other foot so she can listen to the proud Mayor as she moans under the touch of Poison's mouth on her feet! As Poison enjoys her spoils, she hears a noise so she quickly hides in case it's the authorities. It is! Sexy chief Lela enters the room and rushes to the Mayor's side. They Mayor is deleriously saying Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy due to being overwhelmed and Tipsy with her powers of worship. Lela shakes her trying to get the Mayor to come around. Lela tells her she knows it's Poison and asks where she is. Lela doesn't see the knock out blow coming from Poison as she sneaks up from behind. Another bonus!!! Lela comes to, bound face down in horizontal stocks. Her feet sticking straight up and totally vulnerable to Poison. Lela is angry and threatens Poison but Poison knows she can do nothing. As Poison removes the shoes of Lela she notices that Lela is particular threatened by it. She can tell that it's already a weak spot for the sexy cop! Lela tells her she'll never give in but as soon as Poison's lips wrap around her sexy toes Lela's resistance is all but gone! Licking and sucking on Lela's sexy, pointy, wrinkly soles and little toes brings Poison great. Beautiful feet to worship and having control of the Mayor and the Chief is about the best scenario she could ever want! Poison's coup is well under way and she's got all the power she needs for it! What'll happen next?!?!?! What effect with this spell have on the two heroines? Tune in next time!!!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 923 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 30:52.016
Size: 232,095 Mb

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IWantFeet – Oh Yes I can….. Too (Two)

You guys asked for it!! Here it is!! New girls, new action, same great style! Danica is our teasing little devil, with her amazingly beautiful, soft feet, incredible body and a face that could launch 1000 ships 🙂 The desperate and pitiful foot lover is Annabelle. She wants Danica's feet and Danica knows it. Danica goes out of her way to tease and torment Annabelle with her sexy feet knowing full well that she has no intention of letting her play with them. She dangles and pops her shoes on and off. She even lets a dangling shoe fall off and asks Annabelle to place it back on her foot. No touching allowed. Annabelle is so sad looking as she gazes longingly at Danica's sexy feet. She can't take it, she can't. She leaves. Danica just lays there mindlessly playing with her shoes and Annabelle returns. She endures more teasing and torment before she reaches her limit. She jumps her roommate placing something over her face and just like that, Danica is out! We return to find Danica still with her legs taped to the bed, gagged and her hands bound. From this point forward it's all about Annabelle's desires. She licks, sucks, sniffs, nibbles and kisses Danica's feet getting every inch of them in her mouth! A very long very hot session goes on while Danica complains in her gag. After a while, a visitor shows up. It's Neptune. She asks what's going on and Annabelle explains. Neptune asks if she thinks Danica has learned her lesson. Annabelle says no. Neptune suggests that there may be another way to teach her a lesson. Wonder what that means? Very hot foot worship in this one!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 4099 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 41:57.363
Size: 1 261,993 Mb

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IWantFeet – Oh Yes I Can!

Awesome forced worship custom!!! We enter to see the always beautiful Honey sitting on her bed, reading quietly. Her roommate Jessica enters and climbs on the bed with Honey. She positions herself so that Honey's feet are close to her face and within reach. Honey is more interested in reading as she dangles, flips and pops her feet in and out of her ballet flats. Her amazing and revealing shoe play is driving Jessica crazy and Jessica reaches out to touch Honey's feet. As if she had eyes in the back of her head, Honey knows what Jessica is doing and moves her feet out of reach as she smiles an evil smile. Jessica offers a nice foot rub but Honey declines. "I'm not really into you touching my feet. I know you have a weird foot thing and I don't really want to be any part of it." Honey is VERY aware of Jessica's attraction to feet and doesn't share her enthusiasm for it. What Honey also knows is that what she's doing is torturing Jessica and so she continues with her evil teasing shoe play, loving every minute of the torment she's putting Honey through. Jessica makes a move again and Honey again dodges it. Jessica then decides to leave the room. After leaving Honey comments to herself that Jessica won't be getting any of her feet but if she returns Honey will definitely continue to tease, torment and deny Jessica any shot at her feet. Jessica does return, holding something suspiciously behind her back. When she moves past Honey and out of her view she pounces on Honey knocking her out with something 🙂 Jessica is about to have her way with Honey's feet. Honey awakens to find her feet duct taped to the and of the bed with her soles up in the air. Her hands are duct taped behind her back and there has also been some tape placed over her mouth. Jessica begins to enjoy her victory and plans on taking a nice long time with Honey's feet. She first partially removes her shoes so she can take a nice whiff of her feet and shoes at the same time. Then Jessica removes her shoe so she can bury her nose in it. After doing the same with both feet she then begins to rub her face on Honey's bare soles and buries her nose in Honey's toes taking huge whiffs of her sweet smelling feet! Jessica spends a very long time kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking Honey's feet until they're nice and moist. Honey struggles and complains under her gag but there is nothing she can do. After a long session of completely devouring her feet Jessica moves up to Honey's head. Tay happens in to see what's going on. She's shocked as Jessica tells her she did this to Honey because Honey wouldn't let her play with her feet as she doesn't like it. Tay, instead of helping Honey, joins Jessica and helps her as she tries to make Honey learn to like feet. Jessica takes off her sock and gets on her knees on the bed. Tay lifts Honey's head by her hair as Jessica places her wrinkly soles right in front of Honey. Tay then takes Honey's head and forces it down on Jessica's sexy soles making her breath in Jessica's feet! They then remove the tape and force Honey to spend a little time licking and sucking on Jessica's feet! Honey is powerless to stop Jessica and she knows for sure now that when she tells Jessica she can't have her feet, Jessica will simply say OH YES I CAN!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1280×720,, 4036 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 25:53.300
Size: 766,304 Mb

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