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PleasuresOfTheSole – The Price of a Pedicure

Jadore Leah is a SMOKING HOT 23 year old foreign exchange student from Korea with a GORGEOUS, SENSITIVE pair of size 7 feet. Bianca is admiring how soft and perfect this Asian girl's feet are and she can't help but ask – how do you keep your feet so nice? Pedicure is the answer, but that disappoints Bianca, because she can't afford one. “THAT'S OKAY,” SAYS JADORE, “I WORK AT A SALON AND I'LL GIVE YOU ONE FOR FREE… IF… YOU SUCK MY FEET!”

Bianca rarely gets a chance to dine on Asian soles and she doesn't need to be asked twice. She just really want that free pedicure, because she goes down on Jadore's feet like she hasn't eaten in days. She aggressively lick and sucks her soles and toes while Jadore closes her eyes and moans with pleasure. FOOT WORSHIP IS OBVIOUSLY A TURN-ON FOR THE ASIAN HOTTIE AND SHE TAKES FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION –SHE MAKES THE LUSTY REDHEAD WORSHIP EVERY INCH OF HER SOLES, WATCHING INTENTLY AS SHE DEVOURS HER FEET. Bianca loves suck on her toes, and with good reason – Jadore can't help tossing her head back and moaning with arousal almost every time she does it! Her reactions get even more intense when Bianca suck on several of her toes at once, then SHE CRAMS HER ENTIRE FOOT INTO HER MOUTH ALL AT ONCE! Jadore loves her technique, whispering “YOU'RE SO GOOD…. MMM…” again and again. She even makes Bianca suck on all ten of her toes at once, pressing both of her feet together and forcing Bianca's mouth to stretch WIDE to accommodate her sensitive toes.

Both Jadore and Bianca are really enjoying themselves and go well past the session's time limit. “DO I GET THAT FREE PEDICURE?” asks Bianca. “KEEP SUCKING,” breaths Jadore. Looks like these two ladies won't be stopping any time soon…

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Selena’s Sensitive Soles

Selena is the perfect girl next door – innocent, sexy, with EXTREMELY SENSITIVE SIZE 7 FEET TO BOOT! This good girl's never had her gorgeous feet kissed before, so the idea of a woman worshipping her feet intrigues her and makes her nervous at the same time, always a hot combination.

Bianca loves popping cherries and Selena's foot worship cherry is no exception. THE LUSTY REDHEAD DIVES INTO HER PILLOW-SOFT SOLES, TASTING HER ARCHES AND ENJOYING HER SALTY SCENT! Selena's feet are extremely ticklish, and at first she giggles uncontrollably, especially when Bianca flutters her tongue in the center of her arches… but her ticklish reactions slowly diminish as the sensations shooting up her legs become more and more arousing. Soon, Selena's gasping more with pleasure than with laughter, and she stares at Bianca with a mixture of lust and fascination as she sucks on each of her plump toes individually. SHE COOS WITH AROUSAL WHEN BIANCA TAKES HER ENTIRE FOOT INTO HER MOUTH, SUCKING GENTLY ON ALL FIVE OF HER TOES AT ONCE. “CAN YOU SUCK ON ALL TEN TOES?” whispers Selena, and Bianca is only more than happy to oblige. She sandwiches her feet together and devours all ten of her toes at the same time, causing Selena to break out into a huge grin as she moans with pleasure.

Selena's in trouble – her sensitive soles are RIDICULOUSLY TICKLISH, and Bianca wants to see if her laughter sounds as hot as her moans. She easily tricks this newbie into placing her ankles in an inescapable headlock, and once she has her feet trapped, she starts tickling them with her sharp nails! Selena shrieks with surprise, immediately bursting into bouts of cackling laughter, screaming for Bianca to stop! IT TURNS OUT FOOT WORSHIP HAS MADE SELENA'S FEET WAY MORE TICKLISH THAN USUAL, but Bianca doesn't care, she wants to hear this hot girl next door beg for mercy, so she tickles her to her heart's content! 

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Innocent Island Girl

Frieda is a hot, innocent 19 year old island girl from the Dominican Republic. ALL THAT WALKING BAREFOOT ON THE BEACH MUST HAVE PAID OFF, BECAUSE HER SIZE 8.5 FEET ARE SOME OF THE SMOOTHEST AND SOFTEST WE'VE EVER COME ACROSS. Being an island girl through and through, she's never heard of foot worship before. Her feet are EXTREMELY SENSITIVE and she never lets anyone touch them, so she has no idea what to expect.

Bianca wants to see how this island girl's feet taste and doesn't waste any time getting started. She sensually licks the soles of her feet, tasting her sweet skin and slightly salt skin. Frieda giggles at first, then her expression abruptly changes, AND SHE COMPLETELY MELTS! It's obvious foot worship feels amazing for Frieda but she has no idea how to process it. She tilts her head and her lips part in lustful fascination as she watches Bianca take one, two, three, them all five of her toes into her at once! Pretty soon Frieda relaxes and really begins to get into the sensations. She sighs and moans with genuine pleasure. Her foot twitches randomly from the sensations shooting up her legs. WHEN BIANCA TAKES ALL TEN OF HER TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT ONCE, SHE TOSSES HER HEAD BACK AND MOANS WITH AROUSAL, HER ARMS GETTING SO WEAK SHE CAN BARELY HOLD HERSELF UP! Bianca smiles knowingly and continues to seek out and concentrate on Frieda's most sensitive spots on her soles and toes. She sucks on her arches and just under the toes, making Frieda's eyes flutter and voice coo softly. She even licks between all of her toes, getting a genuine sense of her scent and taste.

Unfortunately for Frieda, her feet are not only extremely sensitive, they're EXTREMELY TICKLISH, and Bianca wants to see if this island girl laughs as hot as she moans. BEFORE FRIEDA CAN PROTEST, SHE TRAPS HER ANKLES IN A HEADLOCK AND TICKLES HER GORGEOUS SOLES WITH HER SHARP NAILS, MAKING HER BURST INTO HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! Frieda can't stand to be tickled and begs for Bianca to stop, but the evil redhead won't stop tickling her until she's had her fill of her sexy laughter!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Hot Puerto Rican Soles

Krissy is a hot Puerto Rican princess from Brooklyn. This feisty Latina has been dancing night the away with Bianca and her size 7 feet are incredibly sore. Bianca knows just what to do with a hot girl and a pair of sore feet, and it's not long before she's sucking on Krissy's toes.

Krissy feet are wide with plump toes and buttery soft soles. Bianca flutters her tongue under her toes and licks up and down her soles – Krissy's feet are salty, but she loves the taste. Getting her feet worshipped by a woman is a new experience for Krissy and one that she REALLY likes – SHE PULLS HER TOP DOWN TO PLAY WITH HER BARE BREASTS, SQUEEZING HER PIERCED NIPPLES AS BIANCA GOES DOWN ON HER SEXY FEET! Krissy sighs and coos with pleasure. The action only gets sexier when she spreads her toes so Bianca can give each of Krissy's sensitive digits the attention they deserve. She especially enjoys it when the lusty redhead crams her ENTIRE FOOT into her mouth, sucking on all five of her toes at once! She lays back and plays with her nipples, moaning with pleasure as Bianca worships her feet long into the night…

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PleasuresOfTheSole – High-Arched Heather

Heather is a 20-something hot blonde college student with VERY HIGH-ARCHED SIZE 7 FEET! She's never had her feet worshipped before, but she's into girls, and she can't WAIT to see how good another woman sucking her toes will feel.

Bianca loves how smooth and soft Heather's soles are and dives right in, aggressively licking and sucking on her silky arches. HEATHER TRIES TO CONTAIN HERSELF, BUT AFTER SHE GETS COMFORTABLE, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR HER TO HIDE HOW GOOD IT FEELS! She bites her lip and sighs with pleasure while watching Bianca go down on her feet. Her arches and her toes are particularly sensitive and that's where Bianca concentrates most of her efforts. She licks between each of her toes and pays attention to each toe individually before cramming Heather's ENTIRE FOOT INTO HER MOUTH! THIS HIGH-ARCHED HOTTIE TOSS HER HEAD BACK AND MOANS IN ECSTASY AS BIANCA DEVOURS FIRST ONE FOOT, THEN THE OTHER! Heather loves this technique and moans about how good it feels while watching Bianca worship every square inch of her delectable feet. Finally, she takes both of heather's feet, puts them together, and she somehow manages to SUCK ALL TEN OF HER TOES AT ONCE!

Much to Heather's delight, Bianca continues to worship her soles and toes, and she coos and moans without restraint. It looks like these two will be enjoying each other's feet for quite awhile…

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Boardwalk Babe Foot Worship

Bridget is from the Jersey shore. She loves the boardwalk and the beach. Her only experience with modeling is for our sister site, Tickle Intensive, where she underwent intense tickle t0rture. Her size 8 soles are silky soft, almost perfectly smooth (she swears by her barefoot beach walks), and extra sensitive from all the tickling they've endured.

Bianca has been looking for a shot at Bridget's feet the second she spotted her on the boardwalk. Now that she has her on the bed, her sandals dangling off her sexy toes, there's no way shes letting opportunity slip by. Bianca takes her sandals off and convinced this shore town girl to let her kiss her feet. BRIDGET'S NEVER EVEN KISSED A GIRL BEFORE, LET ALONE HAD HER FEET WORSHIPPED! She giggles nervously as Bianca eagerly goes down on her feet, but her nervous soon gives way to fascination. She can't take her eyes off Bianca as she licks up and down the soles of her feet and gently suck on her toes.

Bridget tries to hide it at first, but it's obvious she's REALLY enjoying herself. She's soon cooing and sighing with pleasure as Bianca expertly worships every square inch of her sexy soles. She gasps with lust when Bianca fits all her toes into her mouth at once. She looks on with a smirk as she feels Bianca's warm tongue sliding up her sles and between her toes again and again. Bridget even laughs and giggles when her ticklish soles are teased by Bianca's sharp nails.

Of course, feet as ticklish as Bridget's aren't getting away with a free foot worship session. Bianca easily tricks the newbie into an ankle lock and MERCILESSLY TICKLES her captive's soles with a hairbrush!! Bridget laughs like crazy and begs frantically, but Bianca doesn't care, she's having WAY too much fun to stop!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Tennis Trainer’s Tender Soles

Blonde bombshell Alysa is a professional tennis trainer with HUGE AND INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS SIZE 11.5 FEET! Bianca's been getting tennis lessons from her for a few weeks, and after letting it slip that she worshipped women's feet for a living, Alysa reacted with a mixture of surprise and intense curiosity. She couldn't stop asking questions about her unique job, so Bianca offered for Alysa to come see for herself what foot worship was all about. She was reluctant at first, but Bianca has a way with words, and before THIS HOT TENNIS INSTRUCTOR KNOWS IT KNOWS IT SHE'S BAREFOOT ON THE BED, SOLES READY AND WAITING FOR HER STUDENT'S EAGER TONGUE!

For a woman who spends a lot of time on the court, Alysa's feet are practically PERFECT! Deep-dish arches, long toes, and soles that are incredibly sensitive! Bianca begins by sensually running her tongue to length of her silky soles and Alysa reaction is an immediate mixture of arousal and shock! She had no idea that a little “foot kissing” was going to feel this mind-blowingly good. Alysa's feet twitch as her leg muscles clearly spasm and shake while Bianca sucks on her arches and the balls of her feet. “OH… MY GOD… THIS IS AMAZING,” she whispers as Bianca sucks on her toes, paying attention to each one. WHEN HER STUDENT TAKES ALL FIVE OF HER TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT ONCE, ALYSA'S JAW DROPS AS SHE MOANS WITH AROUSAL, HER HEADING LOLLING BACK FROM THE INTENSE WAVES OF PLEASURE! She's practically dripping with arousal as she watches Bianca worship every square inch of her soles.

All this foot worship is making Bianca hot and excited too. She becomes more aggressive with her tennis teacher's big feet, nibbling on her soles with her teeth, making Alysa moan and jerk from the abrupt change in technique. SHE DEEP THROATS FIRST ONE FOOT, THEN THE OTHER, SOMEHOW CRAMMING THE BLONDE BEAUTY'S HUGE FOOT INTO HER OPEN MOUTH! Alysa enjoys this technique in particular and wants to see if Bianca can take all ten of her toes at once. The lusty redhead is only more than happy to oblige, making Alysa's feet into a sandwich and eating all ten of her toes at once! ALYSA GASPS AND MOANS HOTLY AS HER ENTIRE BODY SHAKES FROM THE INTENSE SENSATIONS, UNABLE TO TAKE HER EYES OFF BIANCA'S MOUTH! Neither girl wants to the scene to end and they go well past the session limit… something tells me this won't be last we see of Alysa's gorgeous soles…

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Devouring her Asian Soles

Storm and Kelli have hot Korean babe Kiko on the bed for a double foot worship session. Her size 6 soles are silky smooth and incredibly sensitive.

The girls don't dine on Asian often so they devour Kiko's toes with enthusiasm, enjoying their unique taste. Her toes are painted ruby red and they fit perfectly into the girls' mouths. Kiko bites her lip and looks on with a mixture of fascination and lust as her feet are expertly worshipped. When the girls start sucking on her sensitive arches, she gasps and moans with pleasure. The sensation quickly intensifies and Kiko is soon arching her back tossing her head back while the girls' soft tongues do their work. THE SEXY BEAUTY GETS SO WRAPPED UP IN THE WORSHIP THAT SHE MOANS WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT IN KOREAN! This turns Storm and Kelli on so much they share several passionate kisses during the course of the session. At one point, the girls find the G-spot on the sole of Kiko's foot, and they lick and suck that spot until the horny Asian hottie is alternately moaning in English and Korean.

Of course, there's no way the girls are letting go of Kiko without teasing her ticklish soles a little. They tickle them occasionally while they worship her feet, but at the end of the session, they get mean. STORM PUTS KIKO'S ANKLES IN A HEADLOCK WHILE KELLI GOES AT HER TRAPPED SOLES WITH HER SHARP NAILS AND A HAIRBRUSH, MAKING THE TICKLISH GIRL SQUEAL WITH LAUGHTER!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Boardwalk Hottie Foot Worship

Jessica is a tall, sexy beach babe that Kelli spotted at a club on the boardwalk. She was out dancing and her HUGE size 11 feet caught Kelli's eye. After a few drinks and some chit-chat (and an impromptu foot massage!), Kelli convinces her to come back to her place for some sexy foot worship action, even though Jessica “hates feet!” Jessica is looking HOT on the bed in her skimpy boardwalk outfit. Her sandals are still on, so Kelli removes one, lifts Jessica's foot to her nose, and takes in her scent. She looks on skeptically as Kelli pops her big toe into her mouth and starts sucking. Jessica is surprised and embarassed all at once – it feels good, and she doesn't know how to handle it Her other sandal comes off and Kelli practically DEVOURS this sexy babe's huge feet. JESSICA SOON GIVES INTO THE SENSATIONS AND LEANS AGAINST THE BED, GASPING WITH PLEASURE AS KELLI'S TONGUE COVERS EVERY INCH OF HER SEXY SOLES! Jessica bites her lip and runs her fingers up and down her inner thighs as she becomes more and more excited from the foot worship. Kelli is also wet and excited – there's just something about breaking a foot worship virgin in that she can't get enough of! By the end of the session, this boardwalk hottie's opinion of feet have changed forever!

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