PleasuresOfTheSole – Queen Dalvina’s Delicious Soles

Age: 19

Foot Size: 7.5



Queen Dalvina is a hot, young, and BOSSY 19-year-old Italian Domina with a pair of 7.5 feet that are absolutely FLAWLESS! She also has an extensive sock collection, and Kitty Quinn and Simone want to know where she shops, but Dalvina’s not telling… unless they worship her feet!

Kitty and Simone are a little hesitant to worship Dalvina’s feet, but their attitude soon changes when their long tongues get a taste of Dalvina’s DELICIOUS sweaty buttery soft soles. The scent of her salty soles are irresistible and THE WOMEN HUNGRILY DEVOUR HER FEET , sucking on her sensitive arches and plump toes! Dalvina gasps and moans with arousal, the aggressive foot worship causing shock of pleasure to shoot up her legs!

“MMM, I LOVE THAT… YOU LADIES JUST… JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING…” teases Dalvina, biting her lip with arousal.

Kitty and Simone exchange a knowing glance and proceed to worship every last inch of Dalvina’s sweaty soles, licking from heel to toes and back down again, sucking on her soles and toes, and each of them even try to see how much of Dalvina’s feet they can SHOVE DOWN THEIR THROATS! The girls are gagging on her toes and Dalvina just laughs at their predicament, obviously relishing in their discomfort.

Finally, after covering Dalvina’s feet in kisses and saliva, the girls ask her where she got her sock collection – but she’s still not telling, and the girls are tired of this 19-year-old’s bossy attitude, so they lock her feet in a headlock and TICKLE HER BARE FEET until she talks! The foot tickling breaks this bratty Italian Domina almost IMMEDIATELY and she starts cackling with uncontrollable laughter!

“OKAY, OKAY! I’LL TELL!” she yells, but it’s too late, and the girls tickle her until they’re satisfied she’s changed her attitude!

Length: 11:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Queen Dalvina’s Delicious Soles

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