PleasuresOfTheSole – Janine Jericho’s Soles

Age: 42

Foot Size: 6



Janine Jericho is a big-breasted hot blonde all the way from Canada. Her petite size 6 feet are just as sexy as the rest of her, and because she keeps her feet locked up in boots 9 months out of the year, they’re EXTREMELY sensitive!

Courtney and Ari are more than happy to find out what this hot Canadian’s soles taste like (maple syrup, perhaps?) and they dive right in, kissing and sucking on her silky soft soles and sensitive toes. Janine tries to hold back at first, moaning and sighing softly, but within a minute the girls have her out of her shell – they suck firmly on her big toes and she throws her head back, MOANING WITH PLEASURE! Courtney and Ari really get into it and basically try to suck to nail polish off Janine’s toes, sucking on each individual toe before SUCKING ON ALL TEN OF HER TOES AT ONCE!! Janine gasps with surprise at the shocks of pleasure shooting up her legs – her muscles shaking and quivering as the girls devour her feet with ravenous attention! She arches her back every time the girls run their tongues up and down her sensitive soles, and when they suck on her arches with their soft lips, Janine moans with satisfaction.

“MMMM…. YES, I LOVE IT…” whispers Janine.

Courtney and Ari smile at each other knowingly and continue to worship her feet until they’re satisfied. Then they ask Janine how they did worshiping her feet, but when they don’t like her answer, the girls decide to give her feet a different kind of stimulation – TICKLING! They spider their fingernails in the center of Janine’s sensitive soles, making her laugh and beg for mercy, but the girls don’t stop until she admits that she loves having her feet worshipped!

Length: 11:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Janine Jericho’s Soles

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