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PleasuresOfTheSole – Storm’s Topless Hot & Horny Double Tease!

Storm's been worshipping A LOT of sexy feet, and she's not complaining, but her own sensitive tootsies are feeling pretty neglected!! She loves the feeling of a hot woman's mouth on her toes, so she asks Marissa and Stephie to help her out, and they're more than happy to oblige!! The girls gobble up Storm's sexy feet, licking and sucking her sensitive soles, toes and heels! The sight of two beautiful women worshipping her feet AT THE SAME TIME is almost too much for Storm to handle!! She's turned on almost INSTANTLY, biting her lip, moaning, and flirting with Marissa and Stephie as they go down on her feet! But the girls remember how cruel Storm was, tickling their feet just when they were really starting to enjoy themselves, AND THEY INTEND TO GIVE STORM A TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE!!! When Storm's good and wet, they start teasing Storm's soles with their sharp nails, causing Storm to break out into hysterical laughter! Whenever Storm's feet are worshipped, it makes them EXTRA SENSITIVE, and it doesn't take much tickling to drive the poor girl wild! She pleads with them to stop, but the girls don't care!! They're going to make sure Storm remembers this! They alternate between worshipping Storm's sexy feet and VICIOUSLY tickling them! Eventually, they flip Storm over and treat her soles to an INTENSE DOUBLE TEAM TICKLING!! And with two girl's straddling her ankles, there's nowhere for her to go!! All she can do is laugh, beg, and plead with Marissa and Stephie as they punish her sensitive feet!!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Marissa Wants Cali’s Sensitive Soles!

Marissa has wanted Cali's feet for quite some time, so when she found out she was shooting with us, she BEGGED to have a foot worship session with Cali! Of course, Cali was all-too-happy to have an anxious, hot girl to worship her feet! Marissa sucks on Cali's toes and soles with PASSION. It's obvious the girl enjoys her work, and with Cali moaning and biting her lip from the start, it's obvious Cali is enjoying it as well! Marissa concentrates on each toe, sensually stimulating it with her mouth, then moving onto the next toe and the spaces in between! She LICKS EVERY INCH of Cali's sensitive soles, making sure to nibble on her heels and arches. Cali's in heaven as Marissa does her level best going down on her feet… but no pleasure comes free, and Marissa soon discovers Cali's feet are TICKLISH! She teases Cali's feet with several quick tickles during the session, eventually flipping her over onto her tummy, straddling her ankles to give those wrinkled soles a proper workout!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Japanese Foot Worship

Emily is a hot Japanese-American college student with big and crazy sensitive size 10 feet. She discovered at our sister site, Tickle Intensive, that having her feet tickled is t0rture… but it also makes her wet! IF FINGERNAILS TICKLING EMILY'S SOLES TURNS HER ON, SHE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT BIANCA MOUTH AND TONGUE CAN DO TO HER DELICATE FEET!

Bianca has a thing for Asian girls and Emily is no exception. Her gorgeous soles are right in Bianca's face and she can't help but dive right into those big arches, burying her face in those wide soles. EMILY BITES HER LIP AND GASPS WITH AROUSAL – A TONGUE SLIDING UP AND DOWN HER SOLES DEFINITELY FEELS BETTER THAN FINGERNAILS, AND PRETTY SOON SHE'S MOANING WITH PLEASURE! Emily isn't embarrassed that foot worship makes her hot and she isn't afraid to show it. She smiles hotly and moans as Bianca devours her big soles and long toes. EMILY ESPECIALLY LIKES IT WHEN SEVERAL OF HER TOES ARE SUCKED ON AT ONCE. SHE MOANS LOUDLY, WHISPERING WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT WHEN BIANCA TAKES FIRST ONE, THEN TWO, THEN THREE, THEN ALL FIVE OF HER TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME! Extremely aroused, Emily crosses her ankles so that the most sensitive areas of her feet, her silky arches and long toes, are completely exposed for Bianca's eager mouth to explore! The lusty redhead finds herself in Asian heaven as she aggressively sucks on Emily arches and crams her entire foot into her mouth all at once several times! EMILY TOSSES HER HEAD BACK IN ECSTASY, GIGGLING AND MOANING WHILE EVERY SQUARE INCH OF HER GORGEOUS SOLES ARE WORSHIPPED.

Emily is extremely ticklish, and Bianca should know, being she tickle t0rtured her in a previous scene. She wants to see if Emily's feet are more ticklish after being worshipped, so she convinces the naïve girl to slip her ankles into an inescapable headlock. Once she has the Emily'sfeet trapped, Bianca attacks her soles with sharp fingernails, causing her to burst into uncontrollable laughter! SHE BEGS FOR BIANCA TO GO BACK TO SUCKING ON HER TOES, BUT THE EVIL REDHEAD WANTS TO HEAR THIS ASIAN HOTTIE BEG SOME MORE, SO SHE TICKLES HER SOLES UNTIL SHE'S FRANTIC WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Goth Girl Gina

Gina is a gorgeous and open-minded Goth girl with EXTREMELY SENSITIVE size 7.5 feet sounds like our kind of girl! Her feet are very well kept, her soles are silky soft and her toenails are immaculate. Other than the occasional foot massage, Ginas never had anyone kiss her feet before, BUT THE IDEA OF ANOTHER WOMAN WORSHIPPING HER FEET TURNS HER ON, and she cant wait to get started.

Bianca cant resist Ginas hot feet massages them from the very start, complimenting her on her incredibly soft soles. Its not long before Bianca talks her way into worshipping her feet and her soft lips are pressed against her gorgeous soles. GINA GASPS WITH SURPRISE AND STARTS MOANING WITH PLEASURE THE MOMENT SHE FEELS BIANCAS WARM TONGUE SLIDE UP AND DOWN HER SENSITIVE SOLES! She isnt embarrassed by her arousal and openly bites her lip and coos with pleasure as she watches Bianca devour her feet! Bianca licks and sucks her tender arches, the balls of her feet, even her heels are thoroughly worshipped, making Gina moan with excitement. She especially loves it when several of her toes are worshipped at once so she tosses her head back and moans loudly when BIANCA CRAMS HER ENTIRE FOOT IN HER MOUTH! Gina cant stand how having her feet teased like so she REMOVES HER TOP, REVEALING HER BARE BREASTS AND PIERCED NIPPLES! She massages her breasts and pinches her hard nipples as Bianca continues to devour her feet, worshipping those sensitive soles and perfect toes until shes practically dripping with desire! The height of the pleasure comes when BIANCA SANDWICHES BOTH OF GINAS FEET TOGETHER AND SOMEHOW FITS ALL TEN TOES OF HER INTO HER MOUTH AT ONCE! The gorgeous Goth girl moans and shakes with pure pleasure, thighs twitching from the incredible sensations.

Ginas feet are not only extremely sensitive, theyre also EXTREMELY TICKLISH! Bianca wants to see if this gothic hotties begging is as hot as her moans of pleasure, so she places her ankles in an inescapable headlock, trapping her ticklish soles! GINA HAS NO IDEA SHES ABOUT TO GET TICKLED AND CONTINUES TO MOAN WITH PLEASURE UNTIL BIANCAS SOFT MOUTH IS REPLACED BY SHARP FINGERNAILS RAKING HER BARE SOLES! The poor girl bursts into hysterical laughter and struggles like crazy, immediately begging for Bianca to stop, but theres no way shes going to stop now! The sadistic redhead tickles her feet until Gina is laughing so hard she can no longer protest, SHE CAN ONLY SCREAM WITH HYSTERIA WHILE HER FEET ARE SUBJECTED TO A MERCILESS TICKLING!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Foot Worship Makes MILF Jackie Wet

MILF Jackie is relaxing on the bed in a sexy workout outfit. Her huge, sensitive size 11 feet are front and center. She was intrigued when Kelli asked to worship her feet. She's never even kissed a girl on the lips, let alone let one kiss her toes! She thinks it's going to tickle more than anything, but she's wrong. Kelli pops Jackie's foot worship cherry by popping her big toes into her mouth. The moment she feels Kelli's warm tongue wrapping around her toes, Jackie's eyes widen in surprise as pleasurable sensations shoot through her legs. She is VERY vocal and honest, letting Kelli know how much she's enjoying herself and how surprised she is at the intense sensations. She tries to hide how sexual it is for her at first, but within a minute or two, this sexy MILF can't help but moan and gasp with pleasure. IT'S OBVIOUS FOOT WORSHIP MAKES JACKIE EXTREMELY WET AND EXCITED! She watches the younger woman go down on her feet with a mixture of lust and fascination. Kelli is somehow able to take her entire foot in her mouth, cramming those long toes into her mouth, making Jackie arch her back and moan with pleasure. Kelli tickles and teases her feet a couple times with her nails and tongue, but she mostly worships them, enjoying Jackie's reactions. Totally into each other by the end of the session, the girls allow themselves to become totally consumed with the scene – if there wasn't a time limit, I think these two would still be at it!

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Duration: 10:27.560
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PleasuresOfTheSole – Barely Legal Lisa

LISA IS A GORGEOUS 18 YEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR whos a foot worshippers dream come true. Her immaculate size 8 feet are incredibly sensitive and she has HUGE DDD BREASTS to boot! This dark-haired beauty has never had her feet worshipped before, never even so much as a foot massage (she says theyre much too sensitive for that!), but all thats going to change today.

Lisa is relaxing on the bed in a sexy bra and panty set. HER BARE FEET FRONT AND CENTER AND THOSE SEXY SIZE 8S WITH THOSE PERFECT SOLES AND LONG TOES ARE PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE! After a little girl talk, Biancas eager tongue is sliding up and down Lisas silky soles, popping this high school seniors foot worship cherry! Lisa bites her lip and gasps with surprise at the intense pleasure rushing up her legs. She sighs and coos with arousal as Bianca explores every square inch of her feet, her lips sucking on her tender arches and soft heels, her tongue licking her toes and sensitive space in between. LISA IS SO TURNED ON THAT SHE TAKES OFF HER TOP JUST A COUPLE MINUTES INTO THE SCENE, EXPOSING HER HUGE BREASTS! She cant help playing with her hard nipples while watching Bianca devour her bare feet first by sucking on one toe, then several at once, THEN CRAMMING HER ENTIRE FOOT IN HER MOUTH! Lisas eyes pop out with surprise and she coos with pleasure as she watches Bianca deep throat her feet, her breathing hot and heavy, making her big tits sway with a rhythm. THAT WAS HOT she says. BUT CAN YOU SUCK ON ALL TEN OF MY TOES AT ONCE? Bianca doesnt need to be asked twice! She sandwiches Lisas feet together and worships all ten of Lisas toes, causing her to gasp with arousal and arch her back with waves of involuntary pleasure.

Bianca loves how sensitive Lisas feet are, but she knows that her feet are DESPERATELY TICKLISH from tormenting her on our sister site Tickle Intensive, and she wants to see if her feet are even more ticklish after being worshipped. She easily tricks Lisa into placing her ankles in an inescapable headlock, and once she has her bare soles trapped under her arm, she viciously tickles them with her sharp nails! LISA EXPLODES INTO BOUTS OF HYSTERIA the second she feels Biancas nails on her sensitive soles and begs and pleads for the tickling to stop! But theres no way Biancas stopping now SHE LOVES HOW HER HUGE TITS SHAKE AND DANCE WHEN SHE STRUGGLES, SO SHE TICKLES LISA EVEN HARDER, LAUGHING SADISTICALLY AS THE POOR GIRL SHRIEKS WITH HYSTERIA AND STRUGGLES LIKE CRAZY!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – West Coast Foot Worship

Cheryl is a gorgeous college student from the West Coast. She's never had her size 6.5 feet worshipped before, but the thought of another woman worshipping her feet is a surprising turn on for her. Cheryl models nude and feels most comfortable without any clothes on, so she is doing her first foot worship session NAKED!

Cheryl is looking hot naked on the bed, her soles ready and waiting to be worshipped, and Bianca is turned on by her sexy body. She gently nuzzles her soles, sniffing and taking in their salty/sweet scent, gently kissing her toes with warm lips. CHERYL BITES HER LIP AND COOS WITH PLEASURE, SURPRISED BY HOW GOOD BIANCA'S LIPS FEEL WRAPPED AROUND HER PLUMP TOES! The sexy redhead just giggles knowingly and proceeds to go down on her West Coast soles, worshipping every square inch of her arches, heels, and toes. Cheryl's nipples are rock hard as she watches Bianca take her entire foot into her mouth. She sways and moans when Bianca runs her tongue up her sensitive soles, but she really starts to moan when her toes are sucked. Bianca pays special attention to Cheryl's toes, licking between each one, and sucking on them in different combinations. Cheryl loves every second of it… except when Bianca occasionally tickles her soles with her sharp nails!

Bianca decides to show this foot worship virgin that there's always a price to pay for foot worship, so she tricks Cheryl into placing her ankles in a headlock. After kissing her feet for a bit longer, Bianca cruelly tickles her soles with her sharp nails, eliciting squeals of surprised laughter from the lusty girl! CHERYL BEGS FOR HER TO STOP TICKLING HER, BUT BIANCA CAN'T DECIDE WHETHER SHE SOUNDS HOTTER MOANING OR SCREAMING, AND SHE'S NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL SHE FIGURES IT OUT!

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Duration: 11:20.166
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PleasuresOfTheSole – Tara From Texas


Tara is a sexy 20-something from Texas who happens to have big and incredibly sensitive size 10.5 feet! SHE'S RELAXING ON THE BED TOPLESS WITH AMPLE BREASTS COMPLETELY EXPOSED, enticing Bianca to flirt with her for a chance to suck on her big nipples. But Tara's interested in her sucking on her something else. "IF YOU WANT TO KISS MY BREASTS, YOU HAVE TO KISS MY FEET!" TEASES TARA. HER BIG FEET ARE REALLY HOT – long and slender soles with deep arches and perfectly-shaped toes, so it doesnt take much convincing before Biancas worshipping her sexy peds!

TARA'S NEVER HAD A WOMAN WORSHIP HER FEET BEFORE SO THIS IS A FIRST FOR HER AND HER REACTIONS DO NOT DISAPPOINT! The tall Texan bites her lip and moans with excitement the moment Biancas lips touch her silky soles. She sighs, coos, and moans with pleasure as EVERY SQUARE INCH OF HER SOLES AND TOES ARE EXPERTLY WORSHIPPED. She particularly enjoys it when Bianca deep-throats her toes so youll find plenty of deep-throat action here. Tara's jaw drops in a mixture of amazement and arousal when Bianca somehow CRAMS HER ENTIRE FOOT INTO HER MOUTH, SUCKING ON FIVE TOES AT ONCE! "THATS HOT," SAYS TARA. "BUT IF YOU WANT MY BREASTS, I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCK ON ALL TEN OF MY TOES." Bianca doesnt need to be told twice. She presses Taras feet into a sandwich and eats all ten of her toes, licking, sucking, and nibbling on the sensitive appendages UNTIL SHE'S TOSSING HER HEAD BACK IN SEXUAL ECSTASY!

Tara's feet aren't just extremely sensitive, theyre also EXTREMELY TICKLISH, SO WHEN THE FOOT WORSHIP IS OVER AND SHE REFUSES TO LET BIANCA KISS HER BREASTS, THERE'S HELL TO PAY! She traps Taras ankles in an inescapable headlock and pays a different kind of attention to her feet – TICKLISH ATTENTION! She rakes her sharp fingernails up and down the soles of her bare feet causing her to burst into peals of hysterical laughter! Tara begs Bianca to stop, BUT THE EVIL REDHEAD DECIDES SHE LIKES HER DESPERATE LAUGHTER EVEN MORE THAN SUCKING ON HER NIPPLES, and she cruelly tickles her bare feet until this hottie from Texas is screaming at the top of her lungs with agonized laughter!

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Duration: 10:58.924
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PleasuresOfTheSole – Sweetheart Stella teased & Worshipped

There's nothing Bitchy Marissa loves more than being sweet to a pair of soles just after t0rturing them, and man did she workout on Stella's soles at our sister site, Tickle Intensive. Now she wants to give Stella a taste of pleasure while getting a taste of her size 5 soles for herself! Stella's feet are every bit as sweet as they look. Marissa takes the time to savor her taste. Stella's toes flex and curl slowly as Marissa gently licks and sucks them. At one point, Marissa gently takes both of the hot blonde's big toes into her mouth at the same time. She sucks aggressively, causing Stella to gasp and moan. Her GORGEOUS soles are given plenty of attention as well, with Marissa covering every inch of her soles with licks and kisses. She even nibbles on her sensitive arches, making the sensitive girl squeal with laughter! Marissa knows how ticklish Stella's feet are, and she sometimes takes a break from worshipping her feet, only to scrap her sharp nails up and down the girl's soles, eliciting desperate laughter mixed with pleadings to stop. But Marissa is nicknamed bitchy for a reason – she tricks this innocent blond into flipping over onto her stomach. Then she straddles her ankles and gives her trapped soles a final dose of tickle t0rture!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 1988 kbps, 30.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 152 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 10:25.666
Size: 159,636 Mb

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Mindi’s Virgin Soles

Mindi is a beautiful Japanese/Korean girl with GORGEOUS virgin size 6.5 feet that are kissably soft and extremely sensitive. She is lying on the bed in an incredibly sexy silk robe straight from Korea and NOTHING ELSE!! Her large breasts and pussy are visible throughout the scene.

Mindi's feet are about as virgin as they come. She's very shy about them and doesn't let anyone touch her feet, not even her boyfriend. Mindi's NOT into women, so this girl-to-girl contact is another first for her as well!

STORM CAN'T WAIT TO POP HER CHERRY AND DIVES RIGHT IN, SUCKING ON MINDI'S TOES AND RUNNING HER SOFT TONGUE UP AND DOWN HER WRINKLED SOLES. Mindi is confused at first, then shows obvious signs she's enjoying herself. Her nipples almost immediately become ROCK HARD. Then Mindi starts sighing with pleasure. She tries to hide her reactions, but she soon gives up, the sensations are just too strong. Mindi twitches and moans openly. Her moans are a sexy combination of coos and giggles that turns Storm on, making her more and more eager to worship Mindi's feet. She methodically worships every last square inch of Mindi's soles, making sure to get between each of her toes. She uses her tongue to smooth out the wrinkles on Mindi's soles, slowly and firmly dragging her tongue down the center of her arch. WHETHER SHE LIKES IT OR NOT, MINDI LOVES HAVING HER FEET WORSHIPPED BY ANOTHER WOMAN!

After getting Mindi all hot and bothered, Storm decides to have a little fun with her sensitive feet. SHE LOVES MINDI'S LAUGH JUST AS MUCH AS HER MOANS, SO SHE TRAPS THE FOOT WORSHIP VIRGIN'S ANKLES IN A HEADLOCK, AND PROCEEDS TO PUNISH HER SALIVA-COVERED SOLES WITH AN INTENSE TICKLING! Storm's sharp nails tickle like crazy and Mindi begs her to stop, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Storm tickles her feet until she's hysterical with laughter.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 1003 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 10:40.239
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