PleasuresOfTheSole – Best Friends With Britney

Britney is a beautiful blonde who works as a booth babe for a major video game company and also happens to be BEST FRINEDS WITH BIANCA! They grew up together and lost touch when they took their own career paths so theyre happy to see each other again. BRITNEY'S GORGEOUS AND INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE SIZE 9 FEET ARE PERFECT – silky soft soles, deep arches, long toes! Bianca loves the red nail polish her friend used on her toes and she asks where she got it, but Britney isnt going to give up her secret without a price, she'll have to WORSHIP HER BEST FRIEND'S FEET TO FIND OUT!! Fans of erotic foot worship WILL NOT want to miss this scene.

Britney's NEVER had her feet worshipped before, not even a foot massage, and she is completely unprepared how good her best friends mouth feels on her sensitive feet! THE SECOND BIANCA'S TONGUE SLIDES UP HER SOLE BRITNEY'S ENTIRE BODY SHIVERS AND SHE LETS OUT AN INVOLUNTARY MOAN OF PLEASURE! Shes shocked and embarrassed that she made a sexual sound in front of best friend, but Bianca likes her reactions and just smiles knowingly, continuing to worship her feet without missing a beat. She worships every last inch of Britneys bare feet, making her toss her head back and moan with ecstasy, AND PRETTY SOON HER BRA COMES OFF TO REVEAL HER PERKY BREASTS AND ROCK HARD NIPPLES! Bianca moans with her own waves of pleasure as she goes down on her best friends feet, sucking hard on her arches and heels, even licking the tender spaces between her toes! Everything Bianca does makes Britney moan with pleasure. "OOOOH… THIS FEEL NICE… OH, OH MY GOD…" MOANS BRITNEY AS BIANCA DEEP-THROATS HER ENTIRE FOOT, SUCKING ON ALL FIVE OF HER TOES AT ONCE! Shes impressed with her friends foot worshipping skills, and when she wonders what it would feel like to have all ten toes worshipped at once, Bianca is more than happy to show her by cramming both of her feet into her at the same time! BRITNEY'S MOUTH DROPS OPEN IN DISBELIEF AT THE INTENSE PLEASURE SHOOTING THROUGH HER LEGS, SHE HAD NO IDEA HER FOOT WORSHIP COULD FEEL THIS GOOD, AND YOU CAN TELL SHE WANTS MORE! Britney crosses her ankles and watches with fascination as Bianca worships her accessible arches and toes, licking and sucking until she's moaning loudly and begging Bianca not to stop!

Britney's feet aren't just incredibly sensitive, theyre also DESPERATELY TICKLISH, and when she refuses to tell Bianca where she got her nail polish, her friend decides she wants to see laugh rather than moan! THE EVIL REDHEAD TRAPS HER ANKLES IN AN INESCAPABLE HEADLOCK AND TICKLES HER SENSITIVE SOLES WITH HER SHARP FINGERNAILS! Britney shrieks with hysterical laughter and begs to go back to the foot worship, but maybe she shouldve kept her promise about the nail polish, because Bianca ignores her protests and tickles her sexy feet to her heart's content!

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