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PleasuresOfTheSole – Puerto Rican Foot Worship

Paula is a sexy 20-something Puerto Rican hottie who is visiting NYC. She's NEVER had her size 8.5 feet worshipped before, but after being tickle t0rtured on our sister site Tickle Intensive, her sensitive soles are sore and a massage/worship session sounds perfect. Paula's never experimented with girls before (she's very religious), but this experience may change her mind…

Bianca loves a pair of hot latina soles and Paula's are no exception. Her soles are gorgeous – silky soft and extremely sensitive to boot! BIANCA SENSUALLY KISSES THE SOLES AND BALLS OF HER FEET, MAKING THE SEXY LATINA GASP AND BITE HER LIP WITH AROUSAL! Even though she's a little embarrassed by her reactions, it's obvious that another woman worshipping her feet makes her wet with excitement. She gasps and sighs, cooing with pleasure when Bianca takes her each of long toes into her mouth individually. “MMM, THAT FEELS GOOD…” she whispers as Bianca sucks on her big toes and massages her arches. When she takes Paula's entire foot into her mouth, the sexy Puerto Rican closes her eyes and rocks back and forth in time with Bianca's movements, biting her lips hotly. WORSHIPPING ALL TEN OF HER TOES AT ONCE CAUSES THE LUSTY LATINA TO GASP AND ARCH HER BACK WITH PLEASURE!

Of course, it isn't all pleasure for Paula. At the end of the session, Bianca easily tricks this foot worship newbie's feet into an inescapable headlock. ONCE HER ANKLES ARE SECURE, BIANCA TICKLES HER FEET WITH WITHOUT WARNING, USING HER SHARP FINGERNAILS TO VICIOUSLY TICKLE HER SENSITIVE SOLES! Paula bursts into uncontrollable laughter, begging for Bianca to go back to kissing her feet, but the mischievous redhead tickles her sexy soles to her heart's content.

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Princess Peach Foot Worship

Princess Peach has been walking all over the castle in her royal heels and her pampered size 6 feet are really sore. Lucky for Peach, she's a princess, and she orders one of her female servants to service her feet… WITH HER TONGUE, OF COURSE!

The servant is honored to be able to worship Peach's feet, and she gets right down to business, running her long tongue up and down the princess's silky arches. PEACH GIGGLES AND SIGHS WITH PLEASURE, ENJOYING THE SIGHT OF ANOTHER WOMAN WORSHIPPING HER SEXY FEET. The servant pops each of the princess's tiny toes into her mouth, sucking on each one individually, while Peach looks on with lust and just a hint of snobbiness.

Princess Peach soon tires of her servant's technique and summons another girl. This girl is a sexy redhead and just as skilled in the art of foot worship. She covers every inch of her feet with her tongue, coating her soles in saliva. Princess Peach is really enjoying herself… but it could be better. Suddenly, she has an idea – SHE SUMMONS THE FIRST SERVANT BACK INTO ROOM AND COMMANDS BOTH SERVANTS TO WORSHIP HER FEET AT THE SAME TIME!! Two warm tongue sliding up her soles and between her toes feels divine, the erotic sensations satisfying even Princess Peach's standards. She moans with pleasure as the girls go to work on her sensitive feet, firmly sucking on her toes and teasing her arches with a flick of their tongues.

One of the servants nibbles on Princess Peach's soles and discovers the princess's feet are not only sensitive, but incredibly TICKLISH!! “No tickling,” warns the princess, but the servants aren't listening!! One of them traps her ankles in a head while the other tickles her trapped soles with her sharp nails! Peach squeals with uncontrollable laughter, promising punishment for the rebellious servants. She shouldn't have said that, because now the girls want to change her mind! ONE OF THEM GRABS THE ROYAL HAIRBRUSH AND TICKLES PRINCESS PEACH'S FEET WITH IT! The brush tickles so bad the princess can only gasp and laugh hysterically as the servants have their way with her ticklish feet!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Make Me Cum

Sahrye is TOPLESS and making out with Storm on the bed. She loves how Storm's soft lips feel on her mouth but she REALLY wants to feel those lips on her extremely sensitive size 5.5 feet!

Storm loves worshipping a sexy girl's feet and doesn't need to be asked twice. She dives right in, licking and sucking on her tasty arches and perfectly shaped toes, while Sahrye gasps and moans with pleasure. Foot worship is a huge turn on for her and she's not afraid to show it – before long, Sahrye is playing with her breasts with one hand while the other is DOWN HER PANTIES!! She moans with ecstasy as Storm aggressively worships her feet, taking all of her toes into her mouth at once, nibbling on her heels and the balls of her feet, even taking the time to worship the tops of her feet. Sahrye can't help vocalizing her desires and whispers to Storm several times during the scene. “YEAH, RIGHT THERE, BABY…” “JUST LIKE THAT…”

As Sahrye gets hotter and hotter, her toes start to twitch involuntarily, and when she finally cums she squeals with pleasure and her toes scrunch as the orgasm wracks her body. Storm continues to worship her feet as she comes down from the orgasm, with Sahrye licks her fingers and massages her breasts. Then Storm abruptly traps her feet in a headlock and, instead of worshipping her soles, she tickles them with her sharp nails! SAHRYE IS EXTRMEMLY TICKLISH AND EXPLODES WITH LAUGHTER, SQUEALING HYSTERICALLY WHILE STORM HAS HER WAY WITH HER SEXY FEET!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Licking Lindsay

Lindsay is a hot blonde babe on vacation at the Jersey shore. Bianca met her at the boardwalk, and after catching a glimpse of her perfect size 9 feet in their flips flops, she knew she just had to get Lindsay back to her place to taste her sexy soles!

Lindsay's never even heard of foot worship, she was skeptical that such a fetish even existed, but once she felt Bianca's lips on her soles, her attitude changed instantly. Bianca slowly runs her tongue the length of Lindsay's soles, fluttering her tongue in the center of her arches, tasting her salty (and slightly sweet!) soles. LINDSAY CAN'T CONTAIN HOW GOOD IT FEELS â€T TURNS OUT HER FEET ARE INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE AND HER ARCHES AND TOES ARE PRACTICALLY A G-SPOT! She bites her lip, gasping and cooing with pleasure, her toes twitching as her feet are expertly worshipped with Bianca's skilled tongue. She takes Lindsay's toes into her mouth individually, sucking slowly but firmly on each one, making her giggle and moan! BIANCA SMILES KNOWINGLY AND TAKES BOTH OF HER BIG TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT ONCE, DOUBLING LINDSAY'S PLEASURE, CAUSING HER TO MOAN IN ECSTASY! Bianca likes this blonde beauty's feet very much, so much that she crams her entire foot into her mouth! Lindsay's jaw drops – she can't believe how good it feels to have her foot in another woman's mouth! She tosses her head back and moans from the intense pleasure shooting up her legs. FINALLY, BIANCA TAKES ALL TEN OF LINDSAY'S TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME!! Lindsay is beside herself with pleasure… and her opinion of feet have been changed forever.

Lindsay is a very sensitive girl, so sensitive that her feet happen to be TICKLISH! Bianca can't let her go without seeing if her laugh is as sexy as her feet, so she wraps her arm around Lindsay's ankles, trapping her golden soles in a headlock. THE NAÏVE BLONDE HAS NO IDEA WHAT'S COMING, SO WHEN BIANCA STARTS TICKLING HER SENSITIVE SOLES, SHE SQUEALS WITH UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER! Lindsay struggles and slaps at the bed, but Bianca holds on tight, and treating her feet to a merciless tickling. Lindsay is laughing like crazy and begging for a break, but Bianca likes to hear her beg, and keeps tickling her feet until she's hysterical!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Irish Abbie’s Ticklish Toes Worshipped

Irish Abbie is a sexy 19 year old redhead who LOVES it when her feet are massaged. Kelli tells her she hasn't lived until she knows what a woman's tongue feels like on her sensitive soles. Abbie was intrigued, and pretty soon she was relaxing on the bed in her underwear, with Kelli worshipping her butter soft size 7s. Her toes are especially sensitive and EXTREMELY expressive. Every time Kelli's tongue touches her wrinkled soles, Abbie's toes wiggle seductively. She bites her lip and gasps with pleasure as every inch of her feet is covered by Kelli's tongue. But when her toes are gently nibbled, Abbie starts to giggle uncontrollably. Her feet are ridiculously ticklish and it doesn't take much to set her off. Kelli LOVES how much her toes wiggle when she tickles her feet, so she teases them with her nails, then her teeth and tongue. Eventually, almost everything tickles Abbie, so there is A LOT of toe wiggling in this clip. With a girl as ticklish as this, Kelli can't resist tricking Abbie into flipping over onto her stomach so she can tickle her feet. She straddles her ankles, locking them between her thighs, and proceeds to treat Abbie's upturned soles to a healthy dose of tickle t0rture! Abbie completely freaks out, but she can't get away! Kelli can't get enough of her laughter and keeps tickling her, no matter how much Abbie struggles!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Erotic Foot Worship

This is quite possibly the hottest scene Pleasures of the Sole produced to date.

Sahrye is a gorgeous Latina with unbelievably sensitive size 5.5 feet. Her hypersensitive soles are simply gorgeous – silky smooth arches that wrinkle beautifully when she scrunches her cherry-painted toes. She's had her feet massaged and occasionally kissed, but she's never had them worshipped before.

Bianca and Storm play with Sahrye's feet, tickling her hypersensitive soles with their nails for a bit, then get down to business. They each take a foot and start worshipping her feet aggressively, sucking on her soles and toes. At first, Sahrye giggles and laughs because the sensation of two warm tongues sliding up her soles tickles like crazy! But giggles quickly give way to sighs, gasps, then moans of pleasure! SAHRYE IS SHOCKED BY HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO HAVE TWO WOMEN WORSHIPPING HER FEET. She tries to hold back, but the sensations are so intense, she can't stop herself from moaning!

Sahrye surrenders to the building pleasure. She takes off her bra to “get more comfortable” but her true intentions are soon revealed when she starts squeezing her BARE BREASTS. Her coos and moans grow louder, encouraging Bianca and Storm to worship her feet with more passion. Sahrye's hands stray between her legs, fingers absently massaging her steaming mound through her jeans, making herself hotter and hotter. She huskily whispers words of encouragement to the girls, first in English, then in Spanish as the sexual sensations overwhelm her. Finally, Sahrye can't take it anymore. SHE PLUNGES HER HAND DOWN HER PANTIES, FRANTICALLY RUBBING HER CLIT TO SATISFY THE BURNING BETWEEN HER LEGS! Sahrye's toes twitch in time with the movement of her fingers. As she gets closer and closer to climaxing, she fucks girls' faces with her feet by sliding her toes in and out of their mouths. Sahrye BEGS the girls to suck on her toes harder and harder, finally cumming HARD, eyes rolling up in the back of her head as the powerful orgasm racks her entire body.

Sahrye continues to massage herself, enjoying the aftereffects of the orgasm… that is, until Storm and Bianca decide to have a little fun. They've heard girls are twice as ticklish after cumming and they intend to put that theory to the test. Bianca locks the sensitive Latina's feet in a headlock, trapping her soles so Storm can tickle them with her pointed nails! STILL SENSITIVE FROM CUMMING, SAHRYE EXPLODES WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER, SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS FOR HER CAPTORS TO STOP TICKLING! The girls ignore her desperate pleas for mercy and tickle her hypersensitive soles until she's hysterical!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Can I Play With Myself

Laci Lynn is a hot 20 year old blonde with a smoking body, big tits, and to–for size 10 feet. Storm and Bianca are flirting with a TOPLESS Laci on the bed, complimenting her on her sexy soles, and it's not long before her toes wind up in their eager mouths.

Laci's feet are extremely sensitive. She gasps and moans with arousal almost as soon as the girls' lips touch her toes. STORM AND BIANCA FIND THE MOST SENSITIVE SPOTS ON LACI'S SOLES AND CONCENTRATE ON THEM WHILE THE TOPLESS BLOND TOSSES HER HEAD BACK IN ECSTASY AND CLUTCHES AT HER BARE BREASTS! She bites her lip and sighs with pleasure as the girls suck on her toes and nibble on her arches.

The foot worship is turning her on, and a few minutes into the session, Laci can no longer contain herself. SHE ASKS THE GIRLS IF THEY DON'T MIND IF SHE PLAYS WITH HERSELF, AND OF COURSE THE GIRLS DON'T MIND, SO LACI SLIPS A HAND DOWN HER PANTIES AND WORKS HER CLIT! Her moans get louder and louder as the girls really get into worshipping her feet, devouring her toes and sucking on her soles, covering every inch of her feet in saliva. Laci rubs herself harder while she watches the girls go down on her feet. Storm and Bianca get so horny they share a few passionate kisses, swapping Laci's foot taste while she moans and plays with herself in the background. When they go back to worshipping her feet, they are as aggressive as ever, and Laci's moans reach a crescendo a couple times throughout the session.

Laci's feet are also VERY TICKLISH and the girls can't help but tease Laci's soles with their teeth and nails, making her giggle and burst into laughter a couple times during the session. The girls enjoy teasing and tickling Laci's feet, but Laci's moans of pleasure are addictive, and they concentrate on worshipping her feet until the sexy blond is satisfied.

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PleasuresOfTheSole – After the Fashion Show…

Aleksandra is a smoking hot Ukrainian fashion model with HUGE and gorgeous size 10.5 feet, extra wide. Bianca met her at a fashion show she was working and the girls hit it off. Bianca invited her back to her place to relax after the show and Aleksandra winds up relaxing on the bed in her bare feet. A HOT FASHION MODEL BAREFOOT ON HER BED?? That's something Bianca can't ignore.

Aleksandra's big and soft feet are very sore from all that walking in six inch heels for the fashion show, so when Bianca starts massaging her aching soles, she sighs with pleasure. Bianca confesses how much she likes worshipping another woman's feet, and because her massage is working wonders on Aleksandra's feet, she's more than willing to let Bianca worship her sensitive soles. Bianca dives in, licking her soles and gently sucking on the arches, while Aleksandra gasps in surprise and coos with pleasure. ALEKSANDRA'S NOT AFRAID TO SHOW HOW MUCH SHE'S ENJOYING HERSELF AND REMOVES HER TOP, REVEALING HER PERT BREASTS AND ROCK HARD NIPPLES!

Now without any doubt that Aleksandra is turned on, Bianca aggressively worships her feet, popping several toes into her mouth at the same time, and EVEN MANAGING TO CRAM HER ENTIRE FOOT (EXTRA WIDE!) INTO HER MOUTH! Aleksandra is impressed with Bianca's foot worshipping skills and crosses her ankles so Bianca can worship her feet more easily. The lusty redhead eagerly sucks on her soft heels and the sensitive balls of her feet while Aleksandra moans with arousal. When Bianca aggressively sucks on her toes or the sensitive skin just beneath her toes, the pleasurable sensations reach a climax, and she can't help but toss her head back in ecstasy.

Of course, all this foot worship comes with a price. Aleksandra's feet are not only sexy and sensitive, but EXTREMELY TICKLISH AS WELL! Bianca places her ankles in a headlock, and after licking her toes for a few seconds, she tickles Aleksandra's trapped soles with her sharp nails! THE TICKLISH FASHION MODEL SQUEALS WITH SURPRISE AND LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY, BEGGING FOR HER TO STOP, BUT THERE'S NO WAY BIANCA STOPPING NOW! Aleksandra has a hot laugh and the evil redhead won't stop tickling her feet until she's heard her fill!

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