PleasuresOfTheSole – Tennis Trainer’s Tender Soles

Blonde bombshell Alysa is a professional tennis trainer with HUGE AND INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS SIZE 11.5 FEET! Bianca's been getting tennis lessons from her for a few weeks, and after letting it slip that she worshipped women's feet for a living, Alysa reacted with a mixture of surprise and intense curiosity. She couldn't stop asking questions about her unique job, so Bianca offered for Alysa to come see for herself what foot worship was all about. She was reluctant at first, but Bianca has a way with words, and before THIS HOT TENNIS INSTRUCTOR KNOWS IT KNOWS IT SHE'S BAREFOOT ON THE BED, SOLES READY AND WAITING FOR HER STUDENT'S EAGER TONGUE!

For a woman who spends a lot of time on the court, Alysa's feet are practically PERFECT! Deep-dish arches, long toes, and soles that are incredibly sensitive! Bianca begins by sensually running her tongue to length of her silky soles and Alysa reaction is an immediate mixture of arousal and shock! She had no idea that a little “foot kissing” was going to feel this mind-blowingly good. Alysa's feet twitch as her leg muscles clearly spasm and shake while Bianca sucks on her arches and the balls of her feet. “OH… MY GOD… THIS IS AMAZING,” she whispers as Bianca sucks on her toes, paying attention to each one. WHEN HER STUDENT TAKES ALL FIVE OF HER TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT ONCE, ALYSA'S JAW DROPS AS SHE MOANS WITH AROUSAL, HER HEADING LOLLING BACK FROM THE INTENSE WAVES OF PLEASURE! She's practically dripping with arousal as she watches Bianca worship every square inch of her soles.

All this foot worship is making Bianca hot and excited too. She becomes more aggressive with her tennis teacher's big feet, nibbling on her soles with her teeth, making Alysa moan and jerk from the abrupt change in technique. SHE DEEP THROATS FIRST ONE FOOT, THEN THE OTHER, SOMEHOW CRAMMING THE BLONDE BEAUTY'S HUGE FOOT INTO HER OPEN MOUTH! Alysa enjoys this technique in particular and wants to see if Bianca can take all ten of her toes at once. The lusty redhead is only more than happy to oblige, making Alysa's feet into a sandwich and eating all ten of her toes at once! ALYSA GASPS AND MOANS HOTLY AS HER ENTIRE BODY SHAKES FROM THE INTENSE SENSATIONS, UNABLE TO TAKE HER EYES OFF BIANCA'S MOUTH! Neither girl wants to the scene to end and they go well past the session limit… something tells me this won't be last we see of Alysa's gorgeous soles…

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