PleasuresOfTheSole – Twenty Toes to Worship

Courtney Cummz

Age: 37

Foot Size: 8.5


Age: 27

Foot Size: 8.5


Kitty Quinn and Simone have the wiggling toes of Courtney Cummz and Bree Brooks before them to worship, and after a quick apology, they waste no time in getting started with devouring their toes. They eagerly worship Courtney and Bree’s feet, sucking on their toes, licking their soles, and nibbling on their heels. Both TOPLESS girls react to the erotic sensations shooting up their legs with HARD NIPPLES moans and coos, but this is Bree’s FIRST TIME HAVE HER FEET WORSHIPPED, and her facial reactions to Simone worshipping her feet are HOT! Courtney in particular loves having her toes sucked, so when Kitty decides to SUCK ON ALL FIVE OF HER TOES AT ONCE, her eyes go wide and she squeals with pleasure, biting her lip as Kitty passionately sucks on her slender foot. Simone gives Bree’s feet the same treatment, sucking on all five toes at once, and she has much the same reaction.

“OH, THAT’S SO HOT… MMMMH… MY TOES IN YOUR MOUTH…” says Bree, a bratty smirk on her face.

Courtney and Bree cross their ankles and settle in for a long foot worship session. They watch with smug satisfaction as Kitty and Simone worship EVERY INCH of their bare feet, covering their soles and toes in saliva, even sucking on their soft heels. Much to the surprise of Bree and Courtney, the girls take their entire foot into their mouths MULTIPLE TIMES! They moan hotly as they enjoy the sensation of Kitty and Simone’s hot wet mouths on their feet!

Finally finished with worshiping their feet, the girls aske Courtney and Bree how they did – but they just rudely demand more foot worship! Kitty and Simone aren’t having it, and they TICKLE THEIR BARE FEET until the girls admit they enjoyed having their feet worshipped!

Length: 11:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Twenty Toes to Worship

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