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IWantFeet – Running Late? Let’s Make a Deal!!!

Wow!! Enough said. Mia is disasterously late. She has to fit her doctor's appointment in before her flight though. As usual the doctor's office is running behind. Her frantic state grabs Honey's attention as soon as Mia enters and sits down next to her. She can't help but ask and Mia explains her dilemma. Honey, seemingly being kind but actually trying to capitalize on an opportunity, offers her spot to Mia to go next in the rotation. Mia is very grateful but she hasn't gotten all the details to this kind offer. Honey tells her that she needs Mia to do something for her. "Okay, whatever you want.", famous last words LOL! Honey says that she'll let her have the spot but she wants Mia to worship her feet. Mia is taken by surprise and gives Mia pause. Mia needs this appointment really bad though so she agrees, but is concerned about people walking in. Honey says that she'll keep an eye out. Mia begins to sheepishly lick Honey's arches which are literally popping out of her shoes!! After a little bit Honey tells her to remove her shoe and Mia complies. Mia continues to worship but in a very conservative way. Honey pulls her foot away, "You don't have to do this, if you don't want the appointment…..", Mia interrupts "What? What's wrong? I'm doing it." Honey tells her that she's got to put more into it and really enjoy it. Mia, needing the appointment badly, dives in and gives Honey's sexy little wrinkly, powerfully pointy, archy feet the worshipping of a lifetime!! Mia eats her soles and sucks her toes very passionately for a nice long time. So long and so passionately that they forget the time as well as looking out for other people!!! The nurse, Ocean, comes in and catches them!! As one would imagine Ocean asks what the hell is going on. The girls, embarrassed and disheveled, explain the situation. What happens next, though, is quite unexpected. Ocean explains that if Mia needed a faster appointment she should have been worshipping HER FEET and that Honey can do nothing for her. Ocean isn't without some sense of justice though. Ocean says that Mia can go before Honey but first Honey must worship Ocean's feet and Ocean will worship Mia's feet for being taken advantage of!!! The three climb on the sofa and Ocean's devours Mia's soles while Honey dives into Ocean's unbelievably sexy, soft feet and toes!!! Who wants an appointment to go to this doctor's office?!?!?!?!?! YEAH!!! (40 Mins long!!!)

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IWantFeet – I Need That Appointment

Heidi is sitting patiently in her Doctor's office when nurse Lexi comes out to greet her. Unfortunately she has bad news. Lexi explains that the Dr is behind and overbooked and that Heidi just isn't going to get in today. Heidi is beside herself. She really needs that appointment and it's gotta be today. She tells Lexi desperately that she really has to have the appointment today! She begs Lexi telling her she'll do anything. Lexi confirms, "anything?" and Heidi says yes. Lexi says well you could worship my feet. Heidi is stunned, she's speechless. She doesn't know what to say. Heidi's lack of understanding is clear so Lexi explains what it is she wants done. Heidi is still shocked but knows she's GOT to have the appt so she agrees. Lexi lays on her stomach and gives Heidi her tiny, super wrinkly, pointed little feet and looks back over her shoulder to explain that she must like it and she must believe that Heidi's enjoying too. Heidi starts slow and timid but Lexi doesn't allow that for long. She instructs Heidi to be more aggressive and Heidi really does. Before long Heidi's sexy tongue is bathing Lexi's entire wrinkly soles with her saliva and Heidi's worship IS REALLY HOTT! She is passionately licking up and down her deeply arched, super wrinkly feet as the moans of plesaure begin to seep out of both of them, VERY SEXY! Heidi licks and sucks and kisses Lexi's super sexy feet, devouring them with a slow determined passion that will drive you insane! This goes on for a long time but before Lexi can tell Heidi she's done a good job Dacy enters the waiting room, "what are you doing?"…….How will the girls explain this one?

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IWantFeet – Honey’s Maid Is Not For Sharing!

Iliana is Honey's own private slave maid. Simone is the new roommate in the house and she's not aware of all the rules. As Iliana comes in and does some cleaning she asks Simone if she needs anything. Simone brings up the fact that she's seen Iliana worshipping Honey's feet and Simone would like to experience some of that herself. Iliana, very subordinately, informs her that that type of service is for Honey and Honey alone as she is the house master. Simone balks at that and tells her that there are plenty of slave maids out there to replace her for not being compliant. Iliana is reluctant but not ready to challenge a house member. She makes Simone promise that she just won't tell Honey. Simone agrees and then Iliana is off to work. IF YOU''VE NOT SEEN ILIANA WORSHIP THEN YOU NEED TO! She totally devours Simone's feet with a passion unrivaled by anyone you've seen. After a while of this Honey comes walking in. She's pissed and explains the rules to Simone. Honey believes that the only reparation is that Simone worship Honey's feet. Now if you think Iliana is a hot worshipper then wait till you see Simone's mouth and tongue all over Honey's sexy feet. After Honey is satisfied she agrees to let Simone stay but also comments that she herself likes feet and noticed Simone's are quite nice. Honey dives in making them soaking wet. But just a few seconds into it she demanding looks back at Iliana and reminds her "my feet are bare back there so you had better get busy". Iliana jumps on Honey's feet and just totally devours them with long luscious licks and kisses. Smashing her face into Honey's feet as if she might not live if she doesn't while Honey pleasures herself with Simone's. In the end Honey reminds Simone of the rules and agrees that maybe on a special occasion she can have the services of Iliana. HOT HOT SCENE!!

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IWantFeet – Geeky Girl Gets Even!

Super sexy LONG custom video request that you'll no doubt love!!! Poor little nerdy girl Dre is fed up!! She's tired of being pushed around and and picked on and bullied by her older, sexy sister and her sister's friends. Fear not though as the big brain that has made Dre such a target is exactly what is going to help her get her revenge!! Dre has been in the lab for a long time creating a mind controlling toe ring!!! Yep that's right!!! A toe ring that when placed on a sexy girl's toe will make her a totally obedient slave to Dre and make Dre her mistress. A toe ring that the makes the wearer want nothing more than to be a Dre's feet being her little foot slave! Dre knows her bratty sister will, as usual, come home and expect her daily foot massage and that's when she'll put her plan into action!! As planned Honey asks for a foot massage and Dre puts the ring on. In seconds Honey complains of feeling dizzy and all of a sudden BAM!!! Honey is a total robot, zombie, mindless slave! Dre programs her telling her that she wants nothing more than to be her obedient slave which Honey repeats without hesitation. She tells Honey to call her friend Jessica over and when Dre tells her Honey will place the ring on Jessica's toe. When Jessica arrives and realizes something is amiss. When she tries to leave Dre grabs and and Honey pulls up her friend's foot and places on the toe ring. Same story…..Jessica is quickly rendered a slave willing to do Dre's bidding and be her obedient foot slave. Dre directs the girls to her feet and then forces the girls to lick and suck and kiss and nibble and devour her feet as Dre lays back in euphoria. Dre even takes pics with the girls' camera phones to show everyone!! After the girls are forced to worship mindlessly for a long time Dre wants to get some feet of her own. The girls are made to kneel with the sexy soles ready for her to eat. The girls moan mindlessly as Dre gets to have the girls' feet in her mouth the way she's always dreamed!! Eating and licking and sucking them to wetness, Dre has a wonderful time before then telling the girls that they must call all their friends when instructed for Dre to put her new toe rings on them!!! A feast of feet and foot slave for life upcoming for Dre. Who says it sucks to be a Geek????

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IWantFeet – Dr Boxx’s Devious Plan

So when we left Dixie and Dre they were hot and heavy into each others' feet trying desperately to satisfy an insatiable desire! Dr Boxx walks in on the two and has a shocked look on her face. She tries to break up the action and get the girls to stop but no matter what she says the girls ignore her. Dr Boxx then reaches in her bra and pulls out a syringe. She leans in to Dixie to administer the mysterious injection and when she does Dixie bats her arm away. The syringe plunges into Dr Boxx's leg and she falls to the floor. Dr Boxx displays a look of frustration along with an attitude of acceptance as to impending effects of the serum she was inadvertently injected with. In seconds Dr Boxx looks with wild desire at her own foot. Removing her shoe and taking a whiff she then pulls up her foot and begins to feverishly worship her own foot!!! She's going wild with desire attacking her own feet and Dre and Dixie can't help but notice. The girls sit up in amazement as they look on to see their respectable, conservative doctor become an insanely driven lover of her own feet. The girls notice the syringe that they didn't see before. They realize that something is going on and get up to scour the office for an explanation leaving us to watch Dr Boxx devour her feet. After a while the girls return with answers and more syringes. It seems Dr Boxx first gets the girls hooked on feet with her foot fetish serum. Then when they come in for treatment she converts them to a serum that makes them insane with desire for Dr Boxx's feet. It's quite genius on Dr Boxx's part. She is developing a bevy of slaves to her feet. Unfortunately this time it backfired. The girls decide that they really don't want to rid themselves of their desires for feet and would like some attention from the doctor herself. They inject her with the basic serum and then display their feet as the call Dr Boxx in to them like a cat to milk. Dr Boxx's desires turn towards both ladies' feet and she goes to town! Licking, nibbling, sniffing, sucking and biting all four feet as if she's insane with foot fetish desires. The worship goes on for a while before the girls realize they're in Dr Boxx's office and she must have appointments that are going to show up. They take their feet away from Dr Boxx who reluctantly stops worshipping as the girls try to get her to come around. They know for sure that they both want follow up appointments for a future date!

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IWantFeet – Doctor, I Hate Feet!

We know we say this a lot but seriously, you don't want to miss this one. An unbelievably sexy custom that will drive you nuts!!! Honey is meeting with the Psychiatrist today. Dr Boxx is going to help her with her phobia. When Honey enters the doctor asks her to lie down on the obligatory "shrinks sofa". Honey begins to tell Dr Boxx about her fear of feet. She doesn't like them and she doesn't like anyone touching or even looking at her feet. Dr Boxx is taken aback and surprised a bit as she herself has a bit of a foot fetish. She teases Honey a bit slipping off a shoe and putting her foot in her face. She even touches her with her beautiful stockinged foot. Honey is frozen in fear. Dr Boxx admits to acting unprofessionally and stops. She tells Honey she can help her with special therapy. Using a pendant Dr Boxx puts Honey in a deep sleepy trance. Dr Boxx was staring at Honey's feet from the very beginning and wants to take advantage of this opportunity. She programs her to do anything she tells her to do and also ensures that Honey will have no memory of it. Dr Boxx begins to worship Honey's sexy shoes a bit before removing them one at a time for a deep whiff and a very long sexy foot worshipping. First one foot, then the other, the doctor takes her time. Dr Boxx doesn't just have a little foot fetish SHE HAS A RAVENOUS FOOT FETISH! Watching Dr Boxx devour Honey's feet is AMAZING!! The sexy doctor even gives Honey commands as she worships so that Honey's feet are just as she wants them. Dr Boxx says "point" and Honey points her toes as she admires and worships her wrinkly soles. She then commands "arch" and Honey pushes her foot out to accentuate her arches so that Dr Boxx can have her way. After a very long and very sexy worship Dr Boxx programs her to be infatuated with the doctor's feet and that she'll have no memory of anything that just happened. When Honey awakens she can't wait to get her hands on Dr Boxx's feet. She initially licks and sucks on her stocking covered feet before pulling off her stockings so that she can revel in the doctor's bare soles and toes! Dr Boxx is loving it and wants more of Honey's feet as they both lay mutually worshipping each others' bare soles and sexy toes. Incredibly, incredibly sexy.

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