IWantFeet – Our Feet Are Perfect!

Stupid sexy video!!! Lea and Honey are lounging on the bed enjoying their victory. Both accomplished dancers they aced their auditions this week and take some time to admire their perfect feet. That is until Stella enters the room. She tells them it’s time to clean up the house to get ready for the weekend. The girls inform her that their perfect feet cannot be doing such things. They aced their auditions and their feet are far too important to risk them being injured in any way. “OMG, you two and your feet. They’re just feet. Your feet are stupid.” Stella proclaims. The girls are not happy with these comments and decide that Stella needs to learn just how amazing their feet are. They toss her on the bed. Amber gets behind Stella, putting her in a full nelson as Honey begins to put her feet in Stella’s face. Stella is not intersted but Honey doesn’t give her a choice shoving her feet in Stella’s face. Honey makes her give them a kiss which Stella reluctantly does. Then Honey places her foot in Stella’s mouth. She reluctantly begins to worship Honey’s feet. It isn’t long though before Stella reaches out to grab Honey’s ankle and take charge. Stella slowly gives in and begins to willingly worship Honey’s sexy soles and toes with building passion. Before you know it the perfect feet begin to turn her into almost submissive slave. The girls begin to dominate her a little more making her agree to take care of everything around the house. She agrees mindlessly as she is almost in a trance eating Honey’s feet. Then it’s Lea’s turn. To be sure she’s still compliant Honey grabs the back of her head pulling her hair back and forcing her face into Lea’s sexy wrinkly soles. Not necessary though as Stella has clearly been won over and loves eating feet! The girls then intertwine their feet and Stella feasts on both of them! All four perfect wrinkly soles for her to lick and suck! The girls decide they’re tired and send Stella away to do her work. Stella is almost giggly and confirms she can worship them again tomorrow. The girls tell her it depends on how good she does with the house! Freakin’ HOT!!!

Duration: 28:19
Size: 841,507 Mb

Download – Our Feet Are Perfect!

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