IWantFeet – She Owes Me Big So She Owes You Big!

Okay there’s normally a long description on these types of long scenes but there’s really almost nothing that can be said to capture what happened here. SERIOUSLY!!! So, Dre has her friend Jasmine over to visit and her study friend Honey is on her way over to study, or so she thinks. You see Dre tells Jasmine a wonderful story about Honey and her absolutely legendary feet!!! She tells Jasmine just how amazing Honey’s feet are but that Honey isn’t “into the feet thing” and that one night she just couldn’t take it anymore and she got her drunk and got down on her feet and convinced her that she liked it and she just took total advantage of her and went to town!!! Jasmine is loving this story BUT what she’s about to learn is that Honey’s visit to study is really a gift for Jasmine. Honey doesn’t know it but Dre is about to cash in on a favor that is owed. This is a favor that she CAN’T back out on. Dre did her such a solid that was so big that she owes her to such a degree that whatever Dre asks of her Honey must do to repay. Well Honey shows up and it’s revealed that it’s time to pay up and that repayment is to let Jasmine have her feet! From here for most of you it will be a blur of…..well……you know! Just be prepared to have to watch this video over a couple of hours or maybe days. You’ll likely NOT make it through it in one sitting!!! DO NOT fast forward through it as you’ll only end up ruining a wonderful experience for yourself! Anyway, Jasmine eats Honey’s feet wonderfully! Then Dre comes in to get some along with her. Then the two take turns eating while the other “takes care” of her friend. We’d give you a better description……..but frankly it’s not possible LOL! No way, no how, not in a million years. Absolute insanely wonderful action. If you don’t LOVE this scene……you either don’t have a foot fetish or you should call the morgue to come pick you up because you’re !

Duration: 43:42
Size: 1 285,259 Mb

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