IWantFeet – Jasmine’s Perfect Plan

The most intense scene at I WANT FEET EVER! Beyond any doubt this is a video that is too hot to miss. Hot girls, amazing feet, wonderful worship and amazing action with a few orgasms to boot! HOT HOT HOT! An EPIC, long video that you'll want to sit down and take your time working your way through. It's almost hard to describe this and do it justice. We start with a foot crazed boss at a cosmetics company, Jasmine. She invites her assistant over for a private meeting. Jackie is confused why she's at Jasmine's house after hours but Jasmine explains that she's developed a new purfume and wanted to introduce Jackie to it and get her feedback. Jasmine says it's a highly sensitive issue and she wants to protect her new product from all competitors. It's top secret and that's why she had to do it away from the office. She puts the perfume on a rag for Jackie to "sample". When Jackie goes in to smell it Jasmine forces it on her nose. It's NOT perfume. After a little struggle you can see Jackie go to sleepy! Jasmine is like a in a candy store as she pulls up Jackie's foot and removes her shoe. A quick sniff and then it's time to take a few licks of something she's been coveting for years! Jackie's sexy, soft feet. Jasmine tries not to get too caught up in it and takes this time to tie up Jackie so when she comes to, Jasmine won't be disturbed. We return with Jackie tied up and Jasmine goes to town. It's hard to describe the passion she worships with but suffice to say Jackie's sexy wrinkled soles get a tongue bath with passionate worship leaving them DRIPPING from Jasmine's foot love. That's JUST THE BEGINNING! Jasmine then calls over some sexy young girlfriends she plays with regularly. Dre and Candice Marie show up and now with Jackie on her stomach the girls dive in attacking her soles with great passion. The two young beauties take some time to make out passionately as well. Dre decides she wants to really pleasure Candice Marie so she rolls her over and removes her panties and begins to stimulate her with her fingers as Candice Marie continues eating Jackie's feet. Jasmine is eating Candice Marie's feet and pleasuring herself!! After Candice Marie gets to the "pleasure zone" then Dre turns to making herself feel good! She takes her position straddling Jackie's sexy pointed bare foot for some "foot loving"! Candice Marie's feet are being worshipped by Jasmine while she reaches in to hold Jackie's foot up to Dre's wet pussy as she rides away! Dre and Candice Marie are making out VERY passionately as Dre works towards a massive orgasm and then melts into making out with Candice Marie. Finally they finish with Dre and Jasmine eating Candice Marie's feet while she turns her attention back to Jackie's sexy soles. This scene IS AMAZING!!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 2007 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 50:55.855
Size: 778,003 Mb

Download – Jasmine's Perfect Plan

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