PleasuresOfTheSole – Sweetheart Stella teased & Worshipped

There's nothing Bitchy Marissa loves more than being sweet to a pair of soles just after t0rturing them, and man did she workout on Stella's soles at our sister site, Tickle Intensive. Now she wants to give Stella a taste of pleasure while getting a taste of her size 5 soles for herself! Stella's feet are every bit as sweet as they look. Marissa takes the time to savor her taste. Stella's toes flex and curl slowly as Marissa gently licks and sucks them. At one point, Marissa gently takes both of the hot blonde's big toes into her mouth at the same time. She sucks aggressively, causing Stella to gasp and moan. Her GORGEOUS soles are given plenty of attention as well, with Marissa covering every inch of her soles with licks and kisses. She even nibbles on her sensitive arches, making the sensitive girl squeal with laughter! Marissa knows how ticklish Stella's feet are, and she sometimes takes a break from worshipping her feet, only to scrap her sharp nails up and down the girl's soles, eliciting desperate laughter mixed with pleadings to stop. But Marissa is nicknamed bitchy for a reason – she tricks this innocent blond into flipping over onto her stomach. Then she straddles her ankles and gives her trapped soles a final dose of tickle t0rture!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Mindi’s Virgin Soles

Mindi is a beautiful Japanese/Korean girl with GORGEOUS virgin size 6.5 feet that are kissably soft and extremely sensitive. She is lying on the bed in an incredibly sexy silk robe straight from Korea and NOTHING ELSE!! Her large breasts and pussy are visible throughout the scene.

Mindi's feet are about as virgin as they come. She's very shy about them and doesn't let anyone touch her feet, not even her boyfriend. Mindi's NOT into women, so this girl-to-girl contact is another first for her as well!

STORM CAN'T WAIT TO POP HER CHERRY AND DIVES RIGHT IN, SUCKING ON MINDI'S TOES AND RUNNING HER SOFT TONGUE UP AND DOWN HER WRINKLED SOLES. Mindi is confused at first, then shows obvious signs she's enjoying herself. Her nipples almost immediately become ROCK HARD. Then Mindi starts sighing with pleasure. She tries to hide her reactions, but she soon gives up, the sensations are just too strong. Mindi twitches and moans openly. Her moans are a sexy combination of coos and giggles that turns Storm on, making her more and more eager to worship Mindi's feet. She methodically worships every last square inch of Mindi's soles, making sure to get between each of her toes. She uses her tongue to smooth out the wrinkles on Mindi's soles, slowly and firmly dragging her tongue down the center of her arch. WHETHER SHE LIKES IT OR NOT, MINDI LOVES HAVING HER FEET WORSHIPPED BY ANOTHER WOMAN!

After getting Mindi all hot and bothered, Storm decides to have a little fun with her sensitive feet. SHE LOVES MINDI'S LAUGH JUST AS MUCH AS HER MOANS, SO SHE TRAPS THE FOOT WORSHIP VIRGIN'S ANKLES IN A HEADLOCK, AND PROCEEDS TO PUNISH HER SALIVA-COVERED SOLES WITH AN INTENSE TICKLING! Storm's sharp nails tickle like crazy and Mindi begs her to stop, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Storm tickles her feet until she's hysterical with laughter.

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Kiko’s Ticklish Asian Soles Worshipped

Kiko is a GORGEOUS Asian woman of Korean descent with a pair of to–for size 6 feet. She good friends with Tia, who loves getting her feet worshipped, and recommended Kiko give it a try. She's always loved having her sensitive feet massaged and wants to see if having her feet worshipped is as much of turn on as her friend says it is. Kiko is on the bed in a sexy bikini that shows off her hot body. Kelli ADORES a pair of sensitive Asian feet eagerly gets starting, aggressively licking and sucking her silky soft soles. Kiko reacts immediately with loud gasps, moans, and giggles. THE SENSATION OF KELLI'S SOFT TONGUE CARESSING HER SENSITIVE SOLES IS A BIG TURN ON FOR KIKO, BUT IT ALSO TICKLES LIKE CRAZY! She's REALLY enjoying herself, but the tickling almost too much to bear, and it's hot to watch her struggle between the two sensations. Kelli alternates between aggressive and sensual techniques, keeping Kiko guessing what she's going to do next. The intense foot worship seems to make her feet even more sensitive, and towards the end of the clip, Kelli's got this Asian hottie moaning and laughing with just the flick of a tongue! Of course, Kelli can't let a pair of feet as ticklish as Kiko's go without a good tickling! She uses her nails and teeth to tickle her feet several times throughout the clip. She easily tricks a lusty Kiko into flipping onto her stomach for a healthy dose of TICKLE T0RTURE. Kelli straddles her ankles and attacks the ticklish girl's feet with her manicured nails, forcing Kiko to laugh hysterically!

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Fresh Out of the Shower

Tina is a petite hottie in her late 20s with big breasts and INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE size 7.5 feet. She's never had her feet worshipped before, but she's into women, and can't wait to see what it feels like to have a younger woman worship her feet.

Tina came to the shoot straight from work and took a shower at the studio. She paid special attention to her feet so her soles were extra soft for the scene. She is on the bed in a GORGEOUS silk robe and NOTHING ELSE! Bianca likes Tina's robe, but she likes her soft and fragrant feet even more, and she aggressively worships her soles. Tina gasps with surprise at the shock of pleasure that shoots from her feet up her legs. She sighs and coos as Bianca explores her feet and finds her most sensitive areas. TINA GETS SO TURNED ON SHE MOANS WITH PLEASURE AND OPENS HER ROBE TO REVEAL HER BIG BARE BREASTS!! She massages her breasts and plays with her nipples as Bianca sucks on her toes and licks up and down her smooth soles. She giggles and gasps when Bianca licks between each of her toes and SHE THROWS HER HEAD BACK IN ECSTASY WHEN THE LUSTY REDHEAD TAKES HER ENTIRE FOOT INTO HER MOUTH!

Bianca is really enjoying worshipping Tina's feet, but soles as sensitive as her are also EXTREMELY TICKLISH, and she can't help tickling her soles with her teeth and sharp nails! Tina responds with a mixture of lust and laughter whenever Bianca teases her feet. Thinking she's being playful, Tina allows Bianca to trap her ankles in a headlock to worship her feet better, but the sadistic girl just want to tickle her captive soles! SHE TICKLES TINA'S FEET WITH HER NAILS UNTIL THIS NEARLY-NAKED HOTTIE IS SQUEALING WITH LAUGHTER AND BEGGING FOR HER TO STOP!

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