KaylaJaneDanger – roommate reprogrammed to surrender

Good morning roomie – We are finally getting into a rhythm as roommates – but I can tell that as usual with men you’ll always be distracted by your lust for me, the question of ‘what if’ … so instead of leaving you hanging, wondering, letting the sexual tension build, let me break the ice, come closer, get comfortable and start to rub my feet, let your guard down, and just get into it. Don’t resist, as you relieve the tension from my feet you simultaneously breakdown your defenses and find yourself slipping into a mesmerized subspace. You sniff my feet and deeper you go, I slip off my knee socks and you take my feet into your mouth as instructed and deeper you go. I reprogram your mind from craving sex to surrendering to my feet, being the best foot slave you can be. You will pay rent, you will start your days with worship, you will make me your priority and find your true purpose, a dream come true for you.

Length: 18:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – roommate reprogrammed to surrender

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